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2017-04-24 Acoustic Guitars - Mann guitar:

Hi-probably a late 70's Japaneese copy of a Gibson Hummingbird. The metal saddle 'invert'adjustable bridge is the tell-tale sign here. Probably made at the Matsumoku or Matsumoto guitars factories in Japan

2017-04-22 Violin - 1889 Neuner Cello:

Hi Kari    Ludwig Neuner left Berlin in 1883 to take  over the  Neuner and Hornsteiner business after his father's death. That coupled with the almost new look of an over 100 year old label makes me think

2017-04-20 Antique Musical Instruments - Keefer cornet:

I'm not sure whether Keefer immediately quit putting serials on the bells when he took over the Distin company or sometime later, but at some point he did discontinue the practice.      I would estimate

2017-04-20 Flute - Airy flute:

Hello Brianna!    What you've described isn't really because the flute is old, but is most likely related to the flute's age.  Flutes don't go bad as they age.  I own several older instruments (including

2017-04-19 Violin - Violin info:

Hi Bill    While there were a few different makers with the last name of Salzard, none simply stamped the last name without a first name or at least an initial. However, in the late 1800's and early 1900's


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