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2017-02-16 Cricket - Question about bouncer:

Respected Muhammed,      Your question is not clear, but still I will answer it.    There are different format of games and which carries different rule for permission of certain number of bouncers. Like

2017-02-16 Cricket - Umpire Jurisdiction for answering appeal:

Law 27.5. Answering appeals  ...  When an appeal is made, each umpire shall answer on any matter that falls within his jurisdiction.  When a batsman has been given Not out, either umpire may answer an

2017-02-15 Cricket - Mistake in Score:

Law 3.15. ... The umpires shall, throughout the match, satisfy themselves as to the correctness of the number of runs scored ...    Law 21.8. ... Any decision as to the correctness of the scores shall

2017-02-10 Cricket - Unfair Play:

What an unfortunate situation.    It is important that umpires should intervene tactfully at an early stage to prevent such deterioration.    There is nothing more they can do in MCC Law.    I would suggest

2017-02-05 Cricket - cricket statistician:

Respected Addebamadam,    You are one of the very few girls to come forward to enquire regarding cricket statistician. There is no need to apply rather than doing wonders personally and to contribute for


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