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2017-03-25 Cricket - cricketer:

Dear Sachin,    Please get your name enrolled online. You go to the Cricket Academies in Vadodara on website, it will get you all information thereby you  enrol your name. All information you will get

2017-03-22 Cricket - Question related to ering scoring.:

Respected Farhan Khan,    A result as decided on the day match ended, stands. There is no question of getting in act of rematch. Scorers, here have failed to perform, but what target was decided when B

2017-03-15 Football Instruction - Playing Zone Coverage/tackling:

Hello Jack,    Let me apologize for the slow response. Normally, we are pretty good at getting back to the "questioner" immediately.    Now, congrats!!, on being accepted to the JV football team. Once

2017-03-13 Gambling - Walking Away a Winner:

Blake,    In an game of chance, like craps, most players believe in hot and cold streaks.  During a hot streak, when the shooter is hitting your numbers and you're winning, you believe that the hot streak

2017-03-12 Cricket - Inquiry for registration!!:

Respected Umesh,    Thanks for your query.    The Baroda Cricket Association Junior Academy is closed for few days due to examination. As soon as the exams are over, the Academy will start at full fledged


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