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2014-11-25 Advanced Math - Geomaths #4 Q9:

This is a basic integration by parts problem. The indefinite integral would be:    x^5 ln(x) / 5 - x^5 / 25.    Plugging in the endpoints

2014-11-25 Electronics - Connecting Smartphone Device to Cordless Phone Device.:

Is this what you are looking for?    http://www.catchoftheday

2014-11-25 Civil Engineering - summation of loads at base of the structure at different orientation of the building:

Dear Smile    Then if had just the gravity load you would not see difference in results when you applied a rotation on your structural position. But The application of seismic load will affect the strucure

2014-11-25 Advanced Math - Extrema of f(x) = ln(x) * ln(1-x):

The function f(x) = ln(x) ln(1-x) has derivative:    f'(x) = log(1-x)/x - log(x)/(1-x)    It is clear that f'(1/2) = 0, and in fact, f' is strictly decreasing on [0,1], so it can only be f'(x)=0 at one

2014-11-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - lg. leaf bug:

Patricia:    My best guess based on the general information you provided is that this sounds like a species of predaceous ground beetle or an earwig based on the pincer description. Do a google search


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