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2014-09-30 Wildlife - Mourning dove:

Hi Susan,    What wonderful news! I am happy to hear he is doing so well and getting ready for release. Thank you for keeping me updated on his progress and you are doing a great job rehabilitating this

2014-09-30 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - cocoon identification.:

Dear Bryce - This is not a cocoon, but an ootheca (egg case) of a praying mantis. As the female mantis lays her eggs, she secretes a gluey substance that covers the eggs and dries to form the protective

2014-09-30 Physics - Laser light:

You would use a simple beam expander for the task of expanding the laser light.  However, first you have to ask yourself two things: 1) does laser light exposure actually stimulate hair growth and 2) since

2014-09-30 Electronics - Power Steering functions.:

I don't like the push-button idea you suggested. Braking and acceleration are dynamically based operational functions.  For emergency stopping you must have a very quick, hard stop which requires more

2014-09-30 Electrical Engineering - Power Steering functions.:

The colored buttons are too easily misused in panic or emergency situations and would compromise safety in my opinion.  Further, they do not have three degrees of freedom to handle the hard braking and


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