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2017-02-24 Astronomy - Probability:

Exactly! There is simply no specific way to obtain such a result given you are no longer in a deterministic realm, but a stochastic or nonlinear domain.  I don't know if you've ever taken a college physics

2017-02-23 Astronomy - Probability:

Hello,    I suspect the ongoing problem or issue is that popularized articles simply mislead laymen, lay people into believing solutions or conclusions are more straightforward than they really are. And

2017-02-22 Science for Kids - Help:

Good Evening Aishwarya,    Human beings naturally divide the things they see into categories.  Trees, flowers, water, soil etc... Why do we do this?  As a species we are not the only ones who do this.

2017-02-22 Meteorology (Weather) - Weather charts:

Hi Alex    An isobar is a line on a surface weather map that indicates atmospheric barometric pressure that is the same reading on all points on that line.    An isallobar is a line on a surface weather

2017-02-22 Astronomy - Probability:

Hello, and thanks for your question.    First, the decision to reclassify Pluto - unbeknownst to many - was not based on any objective parameters but rather on a subjective definition that was voted on


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