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2016-02-12 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Ladybugs in winter - in or out?:

Hi, Marie:    I am making your question public since this is a question I am sometimes asked by others, and there appears to be no personal information in your query.    Personally, I don't think it matters

2016-02-12 Aeronautical Engineering - Jet engine:

I can understand your confusion. I once pondered the same question :)    Perhaps the easiest way to see where the energy is coming from is to use a balloon instead of a jet engine.    So, we take a large

2016-02-12 Geometry - Area and Perimeter:

Hi,    The entire area is 1080.  The area of one tile is 240.  To determine the number of tiles needed, you must divide the entire area by the area of one tile: 1080/240.    Think of it this way.  The

2016-02-12 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Does this Mite burrow into skin and scalp?:

These are oribatid mites. These mites don't bite, they live in soil and the leaf litter on top of soil. In this case they likely came from house plant potting soil. Oribatids are completely harmless. The

2016-02-11 Meteorology (Weather) - Snowflake photography:

Hi Janet    Size of snow flakes depend upon temperature. Very small flakes are formed and falls in very cold temperatures. Regular flakes form in cold temperatures and reach ground with temperatures in


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