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2016-04-30 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Is this a new species?:

Dear Bob - This is a female long-horned wood-boring beetle in the subfamily Lamiinae, possibly in the genus Acanthocinus; see for an example. I doubt very much that it would

2016-04-30 Interspecies Conflict - Elder scrools beast 2:

Hello again Roby.      I viewed some more online action sequences from The Elder Scrolls to get an idea of what Guar, Alit, and Kagouti might be capable of doing.  I'm not an active "gamer", so I'm not

2016-04-30 Electronics - ITS OPEN:

Exposed electrical cord wire poses the possibility of shock, fire or shorted circuitry that could blow the fuses or other conditions.    SO, fact or not, the exposed wires should be properly covered with

2016-04-29 Physics - Airplane cargo design.:

It's possible to design anything.  However, that's not where the cargo location is.  Bulk cargo and checked luggage are stored underneath for stability, it's usually heavy.  It only enters and exits from

2016-04-29 Interspecies Conflict - Elder scrools beast!:

Hello Roby.      I had not heard of The Elder Scrolls before now, so I read a little bit about it to become a little more familiar with the game.  I watched a few fight scenes online with Daedroth, and


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