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2014-07-27 Careers: Physics - Ph.D Admission:

Of course your research experience and your letters of reference are extremely important once a program considers your application fully.  In fact, at that point, the GPA and GRE scores are less important

2014-07-27 Physics - Ice Reaction:

There doesn't seem to be a scientific explanation for this, probably it's a myth that has turned into a recipe.  These things happen all the time, it's basic psychology...however...if you have ice floating

2014-07-27 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Springtails along baseboards:

Dear Kristin - Two possibilities come to mind: (1) They had been moving across the floor and simply stopped when the encountered a barrier (the baseboard), or (2 - and less likely) if the baseboards are

2014-07-27 Interspecies Conflict - Matchups on the spot!:

Hello Max.      1. American Lioness vs African Lion: The American lioness is smaller than her counterpart (the American lion), but will still outweigh the African lion male by approximately 20%.  African

2014-07-27 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - leaf eating insect at backyard:

You're going to have to move immediately!!    No...just kidding!  Hee hee!    These are leaf beetles. There are many species and some are specific to a certain type of plant. The adults and larvae will


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