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2016-08-23 Physics - DON'T TOUCH ME:

Your shoes and carpet are made of different substances, which have different molecular structures and grab onto electrons with different strengths. One will collect more electrons. If your body collects

2016-08-23 Meteorology (Weather) - hurricane question:

Hi Ben    I think the probability is much higher than that.    Two tropical storms can merge under the right conditions:

2016-08-23 Astronomy - Celestial Coordinate Conversions:

Here is a link to a detailed discussion of how to use spherical trigonometry to convert from ecliptic to galactic coordinates, or the reverse:

2016-08-23 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - QUESTION BUGS - ANIMAL DROPPINGS:

Dear Ken - These look to me more like mouse droppings than anything insect-related. As rodent control lies outside my area of expertise, I am going to refer you to a Cornell University publication on this

2016-08-23 Electronics - Curious:

Electricity does not smell.  But it can cause odors to become evident.    Ozone is created, or can be created, when voltage reaches a high enough potential to ionize the air surrounding it.  It is a common


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