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2015-05-25 Physics - Clothes dryer - clothes ball up:

Your theory is plausible, but doesn't explain why your dryer would spin faster because the belt was replaced.  The source of the clunking noise bears some investigating.  Did that stop once the belt was

2015-05-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - what kind of bug is this:

Jennie,    This is a beetle but I'd need a clearer picture to id much further. Try using a flashlight or other light source to add a little light to the top surface of the beetle (you may need a helper

2015-05-24 Physics - Calculating work done by the gravitational force:

Normally I don't touch homework problems, but this one you did try yourself and it's an easy fix.  You mixed up your components when you chose 2660N instead of 178N.  How do I know?  A component of a force

2015-05-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Dragonfly look-alike:

Hi, Stephanie:    Ah, much better!    The organism in the image is a type of ichneumon wasp in the family Ichneumonidae, subfamily Ophioninae.  Here's more about them:

2015-05-24 Pests - Hostas; Pests:

Jessica, hostas are favorites of slugs, flea beetles, aphids, and whiteflies. Of these potential pests, the most likely culprits are slugs. Slugs are nocturnal and usually hide beneath the soil or mulch


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