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2017-03-27 Astronomy - Fair Market Value:

Hi James    It was Sir Isaac Newton who first came up with this idea.  Instead of using a lens, he used a concave mirror that collected light and brought it to a focus---like a shaving mirror.  Just about

2017-03-27 Archaeology - Indian Artifacts?:

Hi Deanna,    Using the pic showing all 5 items top row from left to right.  #1 is hard to tell, not enough detail. #2 the hole does appear drilled.  This could be a net weight used for fishing or netting

2017-03-26 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - What is this?:

Dear Rebecca - You needn't worry about this one - it is the detached abdomen of an insect in the order Hymenoptera, either a large ant or a small wasp. See for an image of an

2017-03-26 Wildlife Damage Control - crop theft:

You have given precious little information. Where do you look be, what time of day did the damage occur? Over how many days? What kind and height of fence?   I would think if deer was the problem you would

2017-03-26 Astrophysics - Question about the color of sunlight:

Your eyes do indeed not have the high-end dynamic adjustability of a camera. If you overload all the cones, of course everything appears white to your eye.  Cameras can dial back their sensitivity to the


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