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2015-03-29 Geology - question:

Nauman,    Please use the Internet for types of basins, and read the following books for the basin classification of Pakistan:    1. Stratigraphy and Historical Geology of Pakistan (Kazmi and Abbasi, 2008)

2015-03-29 Interspecies Conflict - Raccoon vs Beaver:

Hello Gian.      Raccoon vs Beaver: The American beaver, the world's 2nd largest rodent, can weigh over twice as much as a common raccoon.  Raccoons typically predate upon grasshoppers, crickets, fish

2015-03-28 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Mystery bug in my uncle's house:

Michelle:    The images depict an insect that does not occur naturally in Washington state.  It is a giant grasshopper, Tropidacris cristata, or something closely allied in the genus Tropidacris

2015-03-28 Civil Engineering - load assignment:

Dear Saicharan    There are no obligation to assign a loading to columns but you must apply loading on columns where ever needed. Usually loadings are applied on beams which in turn transfer them to columns

2015-03-28 Science for Kids - Change in the state of matter:

Hi Adarsh,    Here is the definition from Wikipedia:  Latent heat is energy released or absorbed, by a body or a thermodynamic system, during a constant-temperature process. An example is a state of matter


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