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2015-04-25 Advanced Math - Per Year Per $1000 & Per $1000 Per Year:

Hi Kenneth,  The expressions mean the same for both cases. I mean that, for instance, the first statement simply means $35.69 for every year for every $1000 which is the same as saying $35.69 for every

2015-04-25 Civil Engineering - composite column encased section:

Dear Batoul    If you mean a composite concrete and steel column the best refference I know is german code ( DIN). But for the calculations I suppose the theory , ACI is based on can be used in such case

2015-04-25 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - mysterious bugs:

Hi Stacy   Of course without seeing one I cannot tell you exactly what they are but I can think of a couple of possibilities form your descriptions. My first thought is that they could be mites that can

2015-04-25 Interspecies Conflict - Human Conflict:

Hello Lawrence.      Q: How would Diablotaurus and Yzenda Bear do in the Wild West?  A: There are 2 major things that make the presence of Diablotauruses and Yzenda bears a problem: They are huge, dangerous

2015-04-24 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Can you please help to identify?:

Clo:    Did you read my blog post?  It tells what carpet beetles eat, and it is *not* carpet.    I can't easily explain why I could tell it wasn't a bed bug, but here is my post on bed bugs:    http://bugeric


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