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2014-04-16 Physics - Can work casimir effect in fiberlight?:

I'm not sure I understand your question, either the classical part or the nearby part.  The Casimir force is a specific situation for nearby materials in a vacuum.  Variations on that have to be considered

2014-04-15 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Bugs in the kichen:

Andrius:    Thank you for including the images.  They are "booklice" in the order Psocodea.  Here's more about them and how best to control them (I'd advise against any kind of chemical treatments in any

2014-04-15 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - mounds in yard:

Tim,    You're correct, mole crickets (see for picture) do not fly and are much larger than what you describe. Ant mounds do release hundreds of winged ants

2014-04-15 Word Problems - Real Estate:

Let x = selling price of land.    Since $10,000 represents a one-fourth interest, the purchase price of of the land is $40,000.  capital gain = x - 40,000  15% capital gains tax = 0.15(x - 40,000) = 0

2014-04-15 Physics - Can work casimir effect in fiberlight?:

I don't think so.  The Casimir effect is full of vacuum fluctuations.  They can exist between dielectric plates, I'm just not sure how they work with glass between them instead of vacuum.  That would reduce


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