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2014-12-18 Advanced Math - % Improvement (Corrected):

For the first question a factor of 19 translates into 1800%. To arrive at this result, consider the case where the student gets a score of 30 on the first test and a score of 60 on the second. This is

2014-12-17 Civil Engineering - counterfort retaining walls:

Dear Mohammad    1- This is an economical-technical compromise to decide about using counterforts or not.  2- counterforts can treated like moment resisting columns in a direction and supposed a slab in

2014-12-16 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Help! Bugs:

Dear Gerald - If you follow the guidelines in the last two citations in my earlier answer ( and, that should pretty much take care of things. Calling

2014-12-16 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Help! Bugs:

Dear Gerald - You have two different types of household pests here, grain/granary weevils in the genus Sitophilus and dermestids (skin/carpet beetles) in the genus Attagenus (black carpet beetles and allies)

2014-12-16 Civil Engineering - theories:

Dear Arsalan    The Mu in RC is based on plastic behaviour of concrete and steel. But this is an ultimate state for a member and no plastic hinge develops along the member. Plastic design is based on plastic


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