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2015-11-26 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Tiny flying black bugs:

Hi, Jennifer:    Thanks for including the images with your question.  I "zoomed in" on the critter, and it would appear that it is a "humpbacked fly" or "scuttle fly," family Phoridae.    Phorids are extremely

2015-11-26 Interspecies Conflict - Bison vs Bear:

Hello Trish.  Good to hear from you.      Polar Bear vs American Bison: An American bison can weigh over 45% more than a polar bear and measure 30% taller at the shoulder.  The polar bear is, along with

2015-11-26 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Shower worm:

Hi, Tiffany:    Well, I can't tell *exactly* what you have there, but I can guarantee it is nothing that will compromise the health of your family, or pets, or property.    One very likely candidate for

2015-11-26 Electronics - Adding Digital clock display in Remote controls.:

1.  Add value?  Little to none.  2.  Adds confusion.  Many consumer equipment owners complain about the complicated procedures for all kinds of consumer products.  The clock display may add to the users

2015-11-26 Electrical Engineering - Adding Digital clock display in Remote controls.:

This feature has been on some remote controls for various electronic products in times past with little perceived benefit to the users.    The added cost and to some users added confusion to the operation


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