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2015-07-30 Civil Engineering - Etabs - Structure is Unstable -:

Dear azhar    the location of instability is given to you in the warning. Check the node and the connections in it. You know that you dont have to release all degrees of freedom in a node . For instace

2015-07-30 Civil Engineering - Columns supporting Planted Columns:

Dear mustafa    I dont know what is the policy followed by Dubei Minicipality, but we as engineers have to design the structure so that we can be sure of its behaviour in the future which is a target of

2015-07-30 Civil Engineering - Beam design:

Dear Bismillah    If the wall is used as formwork for the RC beam , you can assume the load is being transferred to the wall and you can have a minimum reinforcement according to the code ( say 0.0025A

2015-07-30 Aeronautical Engineering - brake noise:

Certain aircraft are known to exhibit this problem. For example large commercial jet pilots have reported the MD-80 occasionally has bone jarring vibration just before stopping. Small aircraft operators

2015-07-30 Advanced Math - Width - Walkways:

Suppose the walkways are w feet wide.   area of walkways = 50w + (40-w)w = 261  w - 90w + 261 = 0  4w - 180w + 261 = 0    quadratic formula  w= [90 √(90 41261)] / [21]   = [90


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