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2014-10-20 Science for Kids - science:

Hi Lola      This is one of the mysterious properties of water. It has to do with two things about water, the density and the geometry or shape of the molecule of water. You probably know that all molecules

2014-10-20 Wildlife - Baby rat:

Hi Mandi,    It sounds as though you are doing things correctly. How much do you feed her at each feeding? Are you keeping track of her weight via digital scale? Orphaned wild babies are a bit more difficult

2014-10-20 Physics - pulsars:

Hello Alan,    My searching results are that the fastest confirmed measurement has stood since 2005 as 716 revolutions per second. That record is held by Pulsar PSR J1748-2446ad. Using that measurement

2014-10-20 Oceanography - Water:

Hi    The color of a large body of water is derived from the fact that the water gradually filters out parts of the color spectrum, leaving only that which penetrates furthest. This only happens when there

2014-10-20 Geology - to know about sand stone and source rock reserviors:

Mati:    As much as I would like to answer your question, it would take too much time and effort to catalog reservoir and source rock parameters for all of them in the US.  There are literally hundreds


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