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2016-10-25 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Bed bug control:

Dear Grace - It is very difficult to be 100 percent certain in this respect; I am going to refer you to the best publication that I have come across on the subjects of bed bug biology, prevention, and

2016-10-25 Astrophysics - Inflation & the multiverse:

Hello, and thanks for your question.    First, let me point out that the "multiverse" remains a reasonably informed conjecture more than a theory or even hypothesis.  A hypothesis, for example, must at

2016-10-24 Geometry - Like Terms:

Hi Mary,    When the exponents on a variable differ, they are not like terms.  They can not be brought together by adding or subtracting.  So 12x+10x cannot be simplified any further.    When you have

2016-10-24 Biology - Cannibalism:

Kuru was the result or ritualistic cannibalism in New Guinea. The natives were convinced that eating the brains of the departed caused the deaths of the natives. Except for isolated eating human tissue

2016-10-23 Geology - Black petrified vertebrate:

There is usually a pretty good market for fossils. This fossil is probably Pleistocene in age, that means it could be up to 2.58 million years old to 11,700 years.    At the time of peak ice, the continental


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