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2015-01-27 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Bumps on glans:

Hello Braxton,  The bumps appear to either be a normal variant of the skin, or a chronic intermittent skin condition such as  lichen nitidus. If it itches or bothers you, than by all means seek medical

2015-01-26 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - A pimple like growth on my penis:

Greetings,    That's not a pimple, it more resembles a skin tag or a more serious condition called human papilloma virus aka genital warts. The sure fire way of testing it from home is by using common

2015-01-26 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STD or something else??:

Albert,    I'm guessing since you didn't use any lubricant and a Fleshlight (especially a new one) can be very abrasive when you first use it, you received an abrasion burn. This is similar to receiving

2015-01-26 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - What is this:

Hello Tyler,  The little darkly pigmented area you see is an enlarged blood vessel, a normal variant.   The pain and irritation at the tip needs more evaluation.  I can tell you easier what it isn't than

2015-01-24 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Bumps around vaginal opening:

Hello Julia,  Get a pregnancy test and STI testing at a local Planned Parenthood or your doctor's office, to make sure you are okay.  And use an effective method of birth control, so you won't get an unwanted


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