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2015-04-27 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - itchy flesh colored bumps on vulva? HPV?:

Hello Liz,  Those "bumps" really look like Fordyce spots, a normal variation in the skin, NOT HPV or squamous papillomatosis (which you abbreviated "papilloma").  These are also thought of as tiny sebaceous

2015-04-26 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - HPV warts?:

Hello Roma,  The bumps you show do indeed look like warts caused by HPV, and should respond to cryotherapy by itself or with the combination of using cryo with podophyllin 25% in a tincture of benzoin

2015-04-25 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Lumps on my glans:

Hello Alexandre,  "Lumps" are large noticeable thickenings of the skin, reflecting what feels like a compacted mass, usually 0.5cm or larger. The image show two reddish areas but I am unable to detect

2015-04-25 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Syphillis Testing:

Hello Alex,  Thanks for your thoughtful questions.  Although syphilis is thought of as the "great imitator" due to it's signs and symptoms mimicking so many other more benign conditions, a blood test can

2015-04-24 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Needle scratches and risk:

Hello James,  I agree with your assessment.  Scratching one's self any way (with a clinical needle, a nail, a piece of glass, etc.) may allow transmission of any infectious, blood or skin borne agent,


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