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2014-12-19 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - rash on my legs close to my penis:

Hello Dave,  It does NOT look like an STD, but it could be a skin fungus. Assuming you have no other history of chronic skin conditions (e.g., psoriasis), than a scrapping and microscopic examination can

2014-12-14 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Pennis:

Hello Tim,  Although the image is somewhat unclear, it does look like a sebaceous (oil) gland that has tunneled under the skin from previous squeezing and attempts to relieve it.  Instead of the oily material

2014-12-13 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Abrasion on Penis head, or...??:

Hello Mark,  Common issue among uncirc'd guys, and this does NOT look like an STD or anything other than a mild annoying skin condition, probably from friction. Nothing to worry about.  It will eventually

2014-12-13 Hematology - blood types:

Thelma,  Its possible that your mother's blood was Rh-. There wont be incompatibility if Mother is Rh+ and child is Rh-. Rh incompatibility occurs when Mother is Rh-, Father is Rh+ and child is Rh+. Then

2014-12-12 Hematology - blood types:

Thelma,  If your mother's blood was rh+ and you are rh- then definitely your father was rh-. But I didnt get the logic of assuming your mother was rh+ just because her children have no blood problems!rh


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