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2016-04-28 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Possible STDs?:

Hi Ryan,   Handjobs are one of the few sexual activities that are essentially zero risk for STDs, unless you have a fresh  cut or sore on your hand, or your partner has a fresh cut or sore on their hand!

2016-04-26 Hematology - WBC and bruising:

Victoria,  Can you please send any lab reports if you have them? Can you specify what genetic mutation you have? You told wbc goes up and down. I want to know the values. It will give me a clearer picture

2016-04-26 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Eczema or herpes?:

Hello Again, John,   Urticaria is an itchy skin condition usually associated with allergies.  It may be due to bug bites, contact irritation from a cosmetic or medication, eating certain foods, having

2016-04-24 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Is this an anal wart?:

Hello AnonA  The large purplish bump appears to be a mildly thrombosed hemorrhoidal vein. The whitish area above the bump is a defect in the skin, secondary to the hemorrhoid. It does NOT appear to be

2016-04-23 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Warts or something?:

Hello Sarah,   I see three distinct areas of "bumps" in the image. The largest one to the far left of the image, appears to be either an external hemorrhoid or an epithelial cyst.  Immediately adjacent


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