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2016-10-26 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - HPV or papillomatosis or other?:

Hi Again, Emma,  As we age (not that you're old, necessarily, but our 12 year old self is different from our younger 10 year selves-- skin, organs, psyche, etc., it all changes!).  Wanting a smoother vulva

2016-10-20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STD ? Very concerned!:

Hello Merk,   If these bumps are new, than they need to be more closely examined by a knowledgeable health care provider to rule out flat warts.  However not all bumps are warts, and these may be related

2016-10-19 Hematology - High cholesterol:

Norman,  You're welcome. There are many statin drugs like atorvastatin, simvastatin, rosuvastatin. Each having their own advantage over each other. So your doctor will decide and suggest which is suitable

2016-10-19 Hematology - High cholesterol:

Norman,  SOme people are unresponsive to normal dyslipidemic drugs eg. people with familial hypercholesterolemia. Make sure she doesnt have any pathology/disease that is pushing her cholesterol high like

2016-10-19 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Sexual Disease could it be HPV?:

Hello Mark,   Warts are growths of tissue caused by human papilloma virus.  So all warts are caused by HPV, by definition.  However not all growths are warts.  Without talking to the doctor who made the


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