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2014-10-23 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Mark on my penis. Worried.:

Hello David,  The sore on the top of your penis may be nothing more than a scratch or zipper injury, or it may be something like a syphilitic chancre or herpes. You need laboratory testing to rule out

2014-10-23 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Vaginal "paper cuts":

Hello Beth,  If you've NEVER had any sexual contact with another person-- oral, vaginal, penile, etc., than it is very unlikely that you have an STD. Herpes is a remote possibility from the vibrator but

2014-10-22 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Blister/injury to Glans:

Hello BrokeDick,  You mentioned "...[we] were tested for STD's and... came up totally clean."  This is somewhat meaningless, as there are a whole lot of STDs and NO ONE COMES UP TOTALLY CLEAN. Tests may

2014-10-20 Hematology - Anemia and non-absorption:

CBM,  Please send your lab results if you have them. Your doctor needs to treat the issue which is causing chronic iron deficiency. Also if oral iron supplements are not working for you take iron sucrose

2014-10-20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Herpes Scared:

Hi Again, Jazee/Jason,  The pain and pin-needle sensation you are feeling is from unpleasant stimulation of the sensory nerves in the skin from the pressure of the abscess.  Now it can also be herpes,


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