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2015-05-24 Hematology - Haematlogy:

Tom,  For males Hb of 16.4 is not a matter of concern. If only Hb is high and all other tests are normal then there is no need to worry. If it elevates further then I will order some tests for you. For

2015-05-22 Hematology - ...............:

Jeo,  Fatty liver could be due to many reasons other than hepatitis B.  Eg. Alcohol, diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis etc.    Whats your age, height and weight?    And about your other question, NO you

2015-05-13 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Follow-Up - White Spots on Penis Tip:

Albert,    They're cysts and will go away on their own. It's nothing to be concerned about because you will get them for seemingly no reason! I get them too and they can disappear just as quick and you

2015-05-12 Hematology - Blood work question:

Amy,  Elevated complements is seen in rhematoid arthritis, hashimoto's thyroiditis, heamoglobinuria etc. rheamtoid arthritis, lupus n sjogrens are all connective disorders. Sometimes these present themselves

2015-05-12 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Follicultitis or Cold Sore:

Jazee,    Those are Fordyce's spots. They are genetically inherited cysts, so it's a skin trait for lack of a better explanation. They do not go away to my knowledge although they can reduce in number


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