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2014-09-19 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - std or ??:

Hello Mark,  A Pap test can detect trich, and it can detect cellular evidence of HPV (but not HPV itself), and inflammation as a consequence of NGU or other infections, but not NGU (chlamydia, for example)

2014-09-19 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Wondering....:

Hello Stephanie,  There is essentially no clinical difference between infections from HSV-1 and HSV-2. Each of the viruses have affinities ("preferences") for different tissues types, however either of

2014-09-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - feeling sore on penis head:

Hello Jun,  Your penis looks fine. Guys will sometimes notice certain feelings involving the skin, including feeling cold or warm, etc., that are magnified to make you think that something might be wrong

2014-09-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STD or squamous papillomatosi:

Hello Shay,   The large "bumps" that appear at the opening of the vagina are remnants of hymenal skin tags. Squamous papillomatosis are much finer structures. STDs don't look like this at all!  It is a

2014-09-17 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Red bumps on penis head.:

Oh God Joe,    Men aren't suppose to use vaginal yeast infection cream, its to powerful! You've basically burnt the skin off your glans because Monistat is meant for an internal vaginal chemistry whereas


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