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2015-08-28 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Small bumps on penis head:

Hi Sean,  There are lots of variations of skin blemishes that include the bumps you have on the glans (head) of your penis. I suspect they represent a chronic skin condition such as lichen nitidus, or

2015-08-25 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Should I get tested?:

Hello Raekwon,  Yes, of course you should be regularly tested for gonorrhea/chlamydia with a urine test, and blood test for syphilis and HIV, every 3-6 months depending on what you consider your risk to

2015-08-25 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Saliva transmission?:

Hello Carl,  The question you ask somewhat reminds me of "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"  In other words, it's a tough one to answer!  Studies of course have demonstrated the most efficient

2015-08-22 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Is this HPV?:

Hello Anabel,  HPV can sometimes produce a velvety texture similar to squamous papillomatosis, but I'm in the camp that believes it is a normal variation.  It may be confused with early HPV infection,

2015-08-22 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Red bumps around vagina:

Hello Kate,   These new set of bumps look more like small pimples, and applying moist heat to the affected area, followed by some antibiotic cream or ointment, should help them go away. Nothing to worry


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