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2016-05-21 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - genital warts:

Hello ms23,    The bumps photographed on the lower part of the vaginal area look very much like warts caused by the human papilloma virus.  They will require evaluation and treatment by a knowledgeable

2016-05-08 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Do I have HPV?:

Hello Marsha,  It's always best to take URGENT health concerns to your doctor. You do NOT have HPV.  However the swelling and sore areas do look like herpes. Your doctor can let you know fairly quickly

2016-05-07 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Small Lumps on my Penis:

Hello Enmanuel,  Your penis looks fine. The tiny bumpy texture on the rim of the head (called "glans corona") are a normal variation of the skin are are called "pearly penile papules." They are NOT warts

2016-05-07 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - possible genital wart?:

Hello Mike,  No, the photo does NOT look like a venereal wart suggestive of HPV.  In embryologic development, when you were still an embryo and fetus before you were born, cells that differentiate into

2016-05-06 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Vulva pain:

Hello Joy,  You may have a urinary tract infection which is causing the burning or pain. You may also have a pelvic infection, which is usually worse during deep penetration of penis or dildo into vagina


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