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2015-04-01 Hematology - Consistently high D Dimer:

Allison,  Do you exercise? How intense it is? Any infections in the recent past? When you had leg pains did you have unilateral or bilateral leg pain? Any other symptoms you had 6 weeks ago other than

2015-03-31 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - possible detection of pharyngeal gonorrhea:

Hi Dale,   Sore throats can be caused by streptococcus, gonococcus, chlamydia, acid reflux, sinus drainage, and lots of upper respiratory viruses including influenza, coxsackie, and many others. Sometimes

2015-03-31 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - hpv!!???:

Hello Thomas,  The red dots on the glans (head) do NOT look like HPV or warts, however they do look very much like a benign skin condition known as lichen nitidus. See

2015-03-30 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Does this look serious:

Hello Amber,  Just below the pigmented skin on the right side of the photo, there is a small red spot. You did not specify whether you've had it for a day, month, or some other time, whether you are sexually

2015-03-29 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - What is this, possible anal warts?:

Hello Blake,  Your assessment is correct.  These do appear to be anal warts. Note, that the virus responsible for anal warts-- human papillomavirus-- had many different strains, and some of these are highly


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