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2017-01-24 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - What are these bumps?:

Hi Again, Cassandra,  That is a good question to ask your gynecologist. External labial skin like any other skin, may develop little blemishes and bumps, as well as flat warts, and all skin constantly

2017-01-23 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Genital Warts? Inflammation?:

Hello Lacy,  BV-- bacterial vaginosis is the condition of anaerobic bacterial overgrowth with loss of normal lactobacilli and other vaginal flora.  It is NOT an infection, just the wrong germs growing

2017-01-21 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - What are these bumps?:

Hello Cassandra,  Although there is a high likely that both you and your partner have already been infected with HPV-- about 80% of all sexually active adults have already been so infected-- the images

2017-01-21 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Red Spot on Penis Head/Glans , STD ?:

Hi Thien,  No reason to worry, because your penis looks absolutely fine! The photo does NOT suggest that you have any STD.     I do see from the photograph that your penis is uncirc'd.  Uncircumcised penises

2017-01-20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - possible std:

Hello Rudy,   Your penis looks fine.  The burning and bumps (which I cannot well see in the photos) are probably related to friction or some other irritation that should go away in a few days. You didn't


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