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2014-04-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Std on vagina:

Hi Larissa,     Those look like papilla, which are quite normal and are on just about everyone I've ever came across here on AllExperts. They can appear just about anywhere in or around the genital area

2014-04-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Bumps on shaft of penis:

Hi John,    Those are papules, basically the hair follicles of your shaft, which don't normally contain hair, can become slightly irritated and bulge out, but its extremely common. However, its also annoying

2014-04-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Yet another herpes/std worry - pimples on penis head:

I still don't think its herpes, but it could be a flare up of dermatitis, so continue to watch it and make sure it doesn't spread or leak (pus). Make sure it stays clean and disinfected and that's pretty

2014-04-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - HPV I dont know:

Hi Yolanda,    More than likely you're describing a Fordyce's spot because of the location. Fordyce's are relatively common and almost look like acne, but come in little clusters and can come and go as

2014-04-17 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Genital warts or skin tags?:

Hi Bailey,    They do appear to be genital warts, but the only way to be for certain is to have them assessed by a physician. They may have to do perform a pap smear, but at least you'll have an answer


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