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2015-07-06 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - vagina:

Hi Again, Crystal,   Such acute and immediate symptoms sound like pressure from a mass such as an abscess or cyst, and the burning, throbbing and itching may be related to the same. Cervical cancers are

2015-07-06 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - possible hiv?:

Hello Aldrin,   Your recurrently inflamed lymph nodes may be due to lots of things, including nuisance skin infections, bug bites, syphilis and other STDs, including HIV. The best advice is to seek medical

2015-07-05 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - vaginal pain:

Hi Crystal,  Hard to say exactly what it might be since you really require a pelvic exam. You may have herpes, or an abscess or a bartholin gland cyst, possibly with a vaginal infection with yeast, trichomonas

2015-07-04 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - flat white spots/discoloration follow-up:

Hi Jon,  The fur color of pet dogs and cats gives the animals distinctive and individual character, and human skin does similar things!  The skin of the penis, like everywhere else, may have many cosmetic

2015-07-03 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - penis:

Hi Again, Hunter!  Vinegar to the skin is pretty effective but not 100% in revealing warts/HPV. If HPV is present, than they become relatively whiter compared to the surrounding skin. It works most, but


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