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2016-02-05 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Fissure:

Hi Again, Leslie,  Healing tissue will look weird while healing. A fissure can sometimes take a long time to heal, especially if you have some constipation which complicates the healing process. It is

2016-02-04 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Could this be an STD or STI?:

Hello Again Henry,  The photo does NOT look like an acute episode of herpes.     Please see the following link for more information about herpes:    And

2016-02-03 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Fissure:

Hi Again, Leslie,  Thanks for the updated photos. That is what it looked like-- a healing anal fissure.  The various areas of red are just different areas of healing with some inflammation. Besides the

2016-02-02 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Bumps on penis:

Hello Lucas,  They look somewhat like molluscum contagiosum, a skin virus that goes away by itself ("self limited"), but may also be transmitted through wrestling, sex, etc. After another month if they

2016-02-01 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Infection on shaft:

Hello Christian,  You have what we could call a genital ulcer, and it is probably due to a sexually transmitted infection. It could be due to just a traumatic injury that is secondarily infected, but this


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