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2017-04-15 Food Safety Issues - Bacterial growth:

There is no risk that your truck or the recycle bin is contaminated with microorganisms associated with food poisoning (or anything else). Botulism can not grow under these conditions as even though the

2017-04-09 Vegetarian Foods - Mixed Vegetables:

You can take some yellow and green squash and cut them at an angle in circle about 1/4 inch. Then asparagus. Peppers all different colors, sweet potatoes peeled and sliced into 1/4 slices, green onions

2017-04-05 Running a Restaurant - Restaurant Operations Help:

Hi Mike,    I do understand your frustration. We get a great number of inquiries like yours, especially from remote owners but also from owners that are actively managing their own bars and restaurants

2017-04-05 Jewish Food - Unleavened recipes:

 Hi Icey,    You are correct, unleavened bread (and anything baked) should not contain leavening agents (yeast, baking powder, or baking soda) during the Passover holiday. You really can't make any "bread"

2017-04-03 Running a Restaurant - Laws and Regulations for restaurent:

Mr Saket Kothari,  The principal license you need    1. Shop & Establishment license.  2. Local Municipal License  3. FSSAI  4. Fire Safety NOC    All these are premise based    Shop and establishment


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