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2015-01-26 Biology - Micro-Organisms: Friends or foe:

Hi Sami   1. Bakers use yeasts in breadmaking      Milk contains a bacillus that ferments milk       Some Farmers make cheese and bacteria are needed for the process      Parmacists supply antibiotic many

2015-01-25 Pathology - odd odor in urine and feces:

Hello Caroline:    If you are otherwise healthy, have no urinary signs and symptoms of infection (itching, leading, burning sensation) or diabetes, the odor is not worrisome.  Dehydration can cause a foul

2015-01-20 Pathology - Squamous Pathology Report:

Hello Beth:    I am sorry for this long delay in answering your query.    The report indicates that the entire tumor was removed. If there are some cells left behind there is no way of knowing if they

2015-01-19 Zoology - Pekin duck:

Hi Brenda   This looks the classical example of "imprinting". It occurs with most waterbirds. For their safety young birds must recognize their parent and follow them. It appears that to Fluff Butt you

2015-01-18 Chemistry (including Biochemistry) - Cataract Laser Surgery at Residence.:

Hi Prashant:    The issue here is one of regulation and credentials, not a technical one.    I can only speak from a US viewpoint, but here is what my answer would be.    I would not perform the surgery


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