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2014-12-13 Hematology - blood types:

Thelma,  Its possible that your mother's blood was Rh-. There wont be incompatibility if Mother is Rh+ and child is Rh-. Rh incompatibility occurs when Mother is Rh-, Father is Rh+ and child is Rh+. Then

2014-12-12 Hematology - blood types:

Thelma,  If your mother's blood was rh+ and you are rh- then definitely your father was rh-. But I didnt get the logic of assuming your mother was rh+ just because her children have no blood problems!rh

2014-12-12 Biology - microbiology:    What are coliforms ;Coliforms are a broad class of bacteria found in our environment, including the feces of man and other warm-blooded

2014-12-12 Hematology - Blood test report help?:

Shivangi,  Your WBC and PLT levels are normal but why they have printed it in bold letter. Platelet abnormal distribution should not be a problem if other counts are normal.(Platelet distribution is how

2014-12-12 Pathology - Blood test report help?:

Hello:    The report provided does not show anything worrisome. Currently platelet distribution width has no clinical purpose. It's a calculated value produced by the automated blood analyzer.    The globulin


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