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2016-04-26 Hematology - WBC and bruising:

Victoria,  Can you please send any lab reports if you have them? Can you specify what genetic mutation you have? You told wbc goes up and down. I want to know the values. It will give me a clearer picture

2016-04-26 Zoology - regarding dove death:

Hi Amtry     The mortality rate of fledgling birds is very high and they are completely dependent upon maternal care. The young birds do have a high metabolic rate and need constant feeding.  Doves are

2016-04-26 Oceanography - water:

Hi,    My oceanography studies did not include learning about the origin of water on Earth. Nonetheless, I understand that space objects, in particular asteroids, are probably the source of water on Earth

2016-04-24 Evolution - progression in genes:

Firstly, evolution doesn't need any "intelligent designer".      The development of anything in any plant or animal is the process of mutations, time, and death.  When you understand that, you understand

2016-04-22 Oceanography - Large Ocean life- Death effects on environment:

Hi Elizabeth,    It is very unlikely that a boat floating above a sinking whale would be sucked down with the whale, for a couple of reasons.    First of all, the whale would probably not sink very fast


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