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2016-08-29 Zoology - Species difficult for tracing sleep period.:

I think that we would have to decide what is meant by sleep in species other then humans. ince sleep is a loss of consciousness. when is an animal no longer aware of what is happening around them. I believe

2016-08-28 Oceanography - Megalodon:

Hi Tegan,    My expertise is in physical oceanography, not marine biology or paleontology, so I'm sorry I cannot provide an authoritative answer to your question.    Nonetheless, I suggest you Google megalodon

2016-08-27 Biology - death question.:

Hi Omar    If the oxygen intake is completely cut off for an extended period, a person dies from lack of oxygen to the brain. I do not know much about rear naked choked holds but if any choke hold is maintained

2016-08-25 Hematology - Digital Portable X rays machine Interfacing with Smartphones.:

Prashant,  I don't think integrating xray machines in smart phones is good. One thing is xray radiations are teratogenic n long exposure could lead to mutations n cancer. So if such smartphone gets into

2016-08-25 Hematology - Universal Blood donor and Universal blood acceptor:

Prashant,  Blood group is determined by the presence of antigen type on the surface of RBCs. If antigen A is present then blood group would be A. If B antigen is presnt then blood group will be B.  If


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