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2016-07-28 Hematology - Blood work:

Amy,  My suggestion is you meet a gynecologist and get your ovaries scanned once. What was the age when you menopaused? Elevated IgE with high ESR, C4 etc indicate problems with ovary. But still I recommend

2016-07-27 Biology - Asthma disease in Pets.:

Since asthma affects the lungs and breathing tubes and is an allergic reaction then we would assume that any animal with a similar anatomy could have asthma. This would rule out the fishes. Since asthma

2016-07-27 Zoology - Mice:

Hi Malcolm    I have been researching this question and I cannot find out the density of a mouse. I do believe however that you cannot assume that all mammals have the same density. Density depends upon

2016-07-24 Oceanography - Density:

In a gravitational field, yes.     This is sort of technical but density really refers to a concentration of MASS. A golf ball has more mass/volume ( = density ) than a ping-pong ball. We usually refer

2016-07-23 Oceanography - Density:

Basically density means how heavy an object is for a given size. As an example, compare a ping-pong ball (low density --> light) with a golf ball (higher density --> heavier). Since the 2 types of balls


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