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2015-11-26 Pathology - Elevated WBC:

Hello Greta:  You have a mild elevation of total white cells with increase in neutrophils.  The elevation can be because of any number of causes.  Commonest is stress, physical exercise or if you have

2015-11-22 Chemistry (including Biochemistry) - magnesium carbonate:

I'm not a medical doctor, so you might be best served consulting one.    However, this article (abstract free) suggests that magnesium supplementation might be a good idea. I would think magnesium carbonate

2015-11-21 Hematology - Iron deficiency that does not get better with iron:

Stephanie,  Patients with primary immunodeficiency have malabsorption of nutrients. So taking iron pills is not suggestible. The iron should enter your blood bypassing your gut. This can be done by IM

2015-11-21 Biology - Ecology:

1.Autochthonous refers to organisms or geological formations that originated where they are found. Zymygenous organiasm are transients   2.Alloochthonous is the opposite of autochthonous    3. This requires

2015-11-21 Evolution - Heron and large fish (really?)??:

It is probably dinner. Even with all of its thrashing inside the gullet of the heron, it would be unlikey to escape thru the tissue of the craw, as well as the skin.  And in less than a minute, it would


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