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2016-09-20 Pathology - Spindle cell neoplasm:

Hello Kelli    My apologies for the delayed response.    Your biopsy report indicates that you have a growth which is composed of spindle shaped cells, that is cells which are elongated with tapered ends

2016-09-19 Zoology - dominance:

Hi Adam   Once we ask a "Why" question in Biology we are in the realm of Evolutionary biology. If the behavior of these animals is a part of their DNA then our only answer is that the behavior is the result

2016-09-19 Evolution - Evolution:

Dear Adam,    All squirrel species descended from a common ancestor that had the characteristics that all squirrels now share in common.  However, as the ancestral squirrel population split off and migrated

2016-09-16 Biology - Help:

I am not sure what you mean by cells "performing nutrition"/ You are getting tied up in semantics here as you did in your second paragraph. Cells are not called nutritive organs Let me start with some

2016-09-10 Biology - Help:

The cell theory states that all living things are made of cells.  The implication here is that living things contain "live" cells . Of course when living things die they are now made of dead cells.   


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