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2015-08-29 Biology - Scientific Method:

  Hi Shanna  The hypothesis is an educated guess as to the answer for the problem. In this case the problem is whether Limpets prefer Kelp over algae. You believe that they do so your hypothesis simply

2015-08-29 Biology - Biology:

bacteria sometimes form protective spores to help them survive through tough times. Some other kinds of microbes do, too. Here's how that transformation takes place.    First off, you might think of a

2015-08-28 Biology - Life on Mars planet.:

Hi Prashant;    I have some strong views on this topic and many would disagree with me. Humans will never be able to survive on Mars unless take they Earth environment with them. WE need some essential

2015-08-28 Pathology - abnormal biopsied mole:

Hello Jodie:    I apologize for delay in responding to your question. The mole which was biopsied you mentioned came as abnormal. If the biopsy report did not specifically mention cancer it is not cancer

2015-08-27 Pathology - Abnormal urinalysis results:

Hello Maryann:    From your urinalysis it appears that you had a mild urinary tract infection. Presence of nitrate and leukocyte esterase confirms it. However the bacteria are rare, it indicates the infection


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