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2014-07-27 Chemistry (including Biochemistry) - Ice and heat reaction:

So, the ice may help, but it is not a hot-cold reaction.  The truth is that slower cooking at temperatures below boiling will generally result in a lower extent of protein contraction - the process by

2014-07-22 Chemistry (including Biochemistry) - Protein Irisin:

Hi Tom!    Not sure what you want a gram of hormone for, necessarily; this isn't the kind of thing I'd feel comfortable injecting into a human. But if you're short on cash and want a gram, try to find

2014-07-21 Hematology - Hemochromatosis:

Hezekiah,  Warm welcome to you!  Having chronic iron overload in body will start damaging liver immediately within 2-3 months. But it will take couple of years for liver cirrhosis to develop. Time take

2014-07-20 Hematology - ama antibodies:

Valerie,  Warm welcome to you!  It can not be said you are permanently negative for AMA. There are chances of developing AMA if you have any other autoimmune diseas. Also middle aged women are at more

2014-07-20 Evolution - Evolution:

Sure I can help you.    Lamarck (1744-1829) believed that traits that one ACQUIRED could be passed on to the next generation.  The usual prime example for his idea  is that if a giraffe stretched his neck


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