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2014-08-27 Biology - Learning Biology:

hope these help      education-portal

2014-08-22 Hematology - Total Protein:

Mary,  If Troponin was below o.1 then it means there was no episode of MI. It was probably due to intense cardio workout. But ST segment depression could mean hypokalemia(low K+ ions), angina due to coronary

2014-08-21 Hematology - Total Protein:

Mary Ellen,  Though its normal for people who exercise regularly to have increased creatinine kinase and total protein, since you experienced jaw pain after gym, there are possibilities of acute myocardial

2014-08-21 Hematology - Blood Work Results:

Ari,  If you dont mind please rephrase your question. Your MCHC is 36.2? What about Hb? If only MCHC is increased and all other tests are normal then there is no need to worry. Its only slightly above

2014-08-20 Genetics - Baby'Complexion and Features:

Hi Jordan,    Thanks for your question.    Since African-American features are dominant over the European features, your child is likely to share your looks. The child is likely to have your hair and texture


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