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2016-05-17 Zoology - Turtle:

Your new pond seem ideal for your turtles and as I have stated before releasing them depends upon your desires. If you enjoy observing the smaller turtles then by no means should release them until they

2016-05-12 Zoology - Turtle:

Hello again Dipro   Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I located your question in my spam file.  I commend you for your passion and concern for these turtles.  You should not worry about the

2016-05-12 Zoology - Probability and Other Animals:

Hi will   Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I had to do some thinking about this Also for a 6th grader to come up with this question is remarkable.    AS far as the "other" animals I believe

2016-05-12 Zoology - Turtle:

Hi Dipto    Than you for sending me this question. I have never seen live roofed turtles because they are not native to the US I do not know enough about the pond in question. These turtles feed basically

2016-04-29 Hematology - WBC and bruising:

Victoria,  Since you have been developing bruises lately its recommended to consult nearby heamatologist and also get ANA antibodies tested. You may need screening for anemia(folic acid/iron deficiency)


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