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2015-05-14 Oceanography - Enceladus oceans/life:

Hi Geoff    All speculative of course, but given the unlikely habitats that earthly life has managed to colonize and survive in, I am always hesitant to rule such possibilities out.    After all, we only

2015-05-13 Oceanography - Sperm Whale and Squid:

Hi. Great question. Unfortunately, I'm not a marine biologist so don't really have any experience with whale tracking. However, here are some thoughts.    I think night vision cameras are probably feasible

2015-05-12 Hematology - Blood work question:

Amy,  Elevated complements is seen in rhematoid arthritis, hashimoto's thyroiditis, heamoglobinuria etc. rheamtoid arthritis, lupus n sjogrens are all connective disorders. Sometimes these present themselves

2015-05-11 Pathology - Pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer:

Hello Donna:    I am sorry to hear about the diagnosis of PNET for your husband.  This is a tumor located in the head  (Broadest region) of pancreas, which is an endocrine organ. This means it secretes

2015-05-10 Zoology - Snake identification:

I believe that this is a young Worm snake of the Genus Carphophis. Worn snakes are rarely seen and especially not in houses. They are basically found in wet soils so it would be a transient in your house


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