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2017-01-05 Zoology - Do snails have color vision?:

Hi Ghgghf     It is interesting that a 7th grade student from California won an award at the state fair  in 2004  by conducting an experiment to test this. His study showed the Garden snails could detect

2016-12-23 Pathology - high wbc:

Hello:  I apologize for the late reply.    Yes any form of infection can raise the white cell count. A repeat after treatment should show a drop back to mormal.  The wbc's are cells which fight gains bacteria

2016-12-19 Evolution - Homosexuality:

Dear Tebe,    The genetic and environmental (including developmental factors while a fetus is still connected to his mother) interactions that result in homosexuality are still not fully understood, as

2016-12-15 Oceanography - Science fair project:

I'm afraid this isn't my area of expertise. Nonetheless, my observation is that the amount of non-biodegradable material in the ocean, and the fact that it can be observed even in the most remote areas

2016-12-06 Biology - Questions about Genetics:

 Hi Tom  1. Genes are paired for each trait. Each individual received a genes from each parent Paired genes fro the same trait are referred to as alleles.  2. Alleles are on the same position of the chromosome


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