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2014-10-20 Oceanography - Water:

Hi    The color of a large body of water is derived from the fact that the water gradually filters out parts of the color spectrum, leaving only that which penetrates furthest. This only happens when there

2014-10-20 Biology - DNA:

Hello Lianda     Your DNA is established at birth. Chromosomal damage can be caused by certain behaviors however such as drug abuse. Changes in DNA however are corrected by repair Enzymes   "Psychic energy"has

2014-10-18 Hematology - blood:

Jesica,  Sorry for the delayed response. It was weekend so my office was closed. I hope you know what antigens are.(If not I will explain in detail later.) Human RBCs can have two different antigens on

2014-10-18 Oceanography - sea:

The ocean is salty because minerals in the Earth's crust containing salts have been draining into it for millions of years. Fresh water from rain falls on land and dissolves these salts, mainly chlorine

2014-10-17 Biology - science:

Answer  in a way it is true up to certain limit where the growth post mortum stop   The only part of hair that's still alive is the follicle, which has its own blood supply. Once that supply is gone, there


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