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2017-02-07 Evolution - Birth disabilities in Pets.:

Sure....because people can care for them.  I work in rescue, and we have blind dogs that are pets in homes. Blind cats that are pets, even blind horses.... Those who adopted those compromised dogs,cats

2017-02-07 Biology - Birth disabilities in Pets.:

  Hi Preshant  With all animals that reproduce sexually there is a chance of birth defects. With dogs that are the result of controlled breeding certain defects can happen.  Male albino cats are deaf

2017-02-01 Pathology - Help understanding IHC results:

Hello Laura:    Tumor markers help to identify the origin of cells of the tumor and to classify them in a certain category    Chromogranin A and Synaptophysin are proteins which help to identity near endocrine

2017-01-29 Biology - Career guidance:

Hi Ankit     Genetics involves the study of the heredity of organisms. It includes the study of DNA as well as studies of chromosomes and hereditary birth defects as well as artificial selection and the

2017-01-24 Biology - Query re measurements:

Hi Geoffrey    The key words here are accuracy and intelligence. It is possible to estimate brain mass by measurement of the skull but of course accuracy in size is confirmed at autopsy.  The question


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