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2016-10-20 Computational Biology / Bioinformatics - human genome data set:

Genes are represented by various identifiers in different databases. You can get a list of genes  (hgnc gene symbols) from NCBI gene database ( with a search term like

2016-10-19 Computational Biology / Bioinformatics - human genome data set:

Behzad,    You can get human genome data from NCBI ( From there either you can download individual chromosome fasta files.  As far as I know there is no

2016-10-19 Hematology - High cholesterol:

Norman,  SOme people are unresponsive to normal dyslipidemic drugs eg. people with familial hypercholesterolemia. Make sure she doesnt have any pathology/disease that is pushing her cholesterol high like

2016-10-17 Hematology - Blood test results high wbc:

Anthony,  Nothing to worry as long as other values are normal and you dont have any symptoms you should be fine. It could simply be due to some viral infections like seasonal flu. If its consistently high

2016-10-09 Oceanography - Hurricane Matthew impact:

My expertise is not in marine biology but I'll try to answer. As I understand it, the recent algal blooms in Florida were caused by the release of fertilizer laden water (due to runoff into catch basins)


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