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2014-09-19 Pathology - High lymphocyte , low segmented and high band cells:

Hello Pablo  The blood values are dynamic and change every time you would be tested. That is why there is a range. The range however is set based on values of a  number of healthy people in a given population

2014-09-14 Biology - Biology- Meiosis:

I guess that I was confusing with my answer and I was mixing up the DNA molecules and the hailstone proteins. I would like to refer you to web sites that explain this better so go to goggle and search

2014-09-14 Biology - Meiosis questions:

If a diploid animal cell has 4 different chromosome types, then how many total DNA molecules are in this cell at Prophase I?​animal_cell_diploid...   www.helpfulbox

2014-09-14 Biology - Biology- Meiosis:

Hi Chantal.    1. I cannot answer this question for the following reasons        You are confusing chromosomes and molecules of DNA. Chromosomes are made up of genes containing thousands of DNA molecules

2014-09-13 Hematology - Low ferritin and % sat:

Tina,  Flecks of blood could mean ulcer/parasitic infection/inflammation as seen in gluten enteropathy etc. The treatment being given to you is partially correct. You need acid blocker. But at the same


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