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2015-02-26 Biology - Worm entering brain through NOSE?:

Lets clear up a few things here Den. There are no worms that enter the brain through the nose. In the past couple of years much has been said about the brain amoeba Naegleria Fowleri. This amoeba growa

2015-02-21 Evolution - life expectancy:

Dear Denise    I am very sorry for your loss.  A San Juan rabbit doesn't have a different lifespan than any other rabbit:  10-15 years, sometimes more, under optimum circumstances.    Sadly, there is absolutely

2015-02-20 Pathology - Gram Stain results:

Hello Cher-an    What body fluid was examined by gram stain. Regardless it does not show anything serious. There are extremely few bacteria (bacilli and cocci - these are rod shaped or rounded bacteria)

2015-02-20 Pathology - CBC/diff:

Hello Tiffany:    nRBC appear in peripheral blood when there is rapid breakdown of RBC and bone marrow works overtime to replace and replenish lost RBC. In the process some immature cells are pushed out

2015-02-19 Hematology - Bloodwork:

Amy,  I think its Lupus. Some of symptoms like dry mouth, chronic sinus inflammation, decreased tear production, brain fog etc point towards lupus only. Anyway Plaquenil works for both Lupus and rheumatoid


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