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2016-06-28 Biology - Finding out the English equivalents of some words in my mother tongue:

Hi Mehrdad   Centuries ago biologists adopted Latin as the universal language when referring to plants and animals. In 1735 a Swedish Botanist named Carl Linnaeius  suggested a naming system using Latin

2016-06-27 Pathology - Biopsy Report:

Hello Mary:    I can understand how this type of confusion can cause anxiety for you. If indeed there was an error in identifying the site of nodule, it could cause unnecessary delay in your diagnosis

2016-06-27 Biology - Awkward question:

 Hi Ed  I would suggest that there are different smells among individuals rather then races because it all depends upon diet. Since the Chinese for example, basically eat the same foods they would have

2016-06-25 Biology - Sex:

I did watch the episode of Americas Got talent. Female impersonators are often a part of show business.. In fact I had a friend years ago that performed in Drag. These performers are not always Transgender

2016-06-25 Biology - Sex:

Hi James   Sexuality has gotten a lot more confusing from a sociology standpoint in recent years. In Biology however nothing is different.  In my classes I establish a continuum with respect to males and


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