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2015-07-30 Evolution - Cladistic definitions:

First, I have never encountered the word, "clandist, nor clandistic".  Neither are in any dictionary, and so I'm confused as to what you are reading, and by whom.  Find another word, straighten out this

2015-07-30 Biology - Yeast Turning Dough into an Intoxicant:

Fermentation of sugar in bread is a secondary reaction. Yeast enzymes first catalyze glycolosis and the sugar is converted to Pyruvate. Under fermentation pyruvate is degraded to ethanol and CO2. The sugar

2015-07-28 Chemistry (including Biochemistry) - Toxicology affected by Hep c?:

Hello!    This has been a challenge. (As I'm sure you're aware.)    Did you know that in a river in the UK it was common to find 39 ng/l of benzoylecgonine in the water? Could you perhaps test your drinking

2015-07-28 Biology - Flour mill machine.:

How to Make Flour: 9 Steps (with Pictures) -...     Recipes   Baking    Each kind lends itself to a different use. Spelt, ... Continue to crank your mill or blend your grains

2015-07-27 Chemistry (including Biochemistry) - Tea and coffee staining:

Hello Hester!    I'll try to point you in the right directions: the whole answer would be pretty involved, and I think you'll remember more if you do some of the work on your own. If you get stuck, please


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