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2014-04-15 Biology - hearing:

not my expertise but will try to answer at best of my knowledge;hope this helps;What are the symptoms of noise-induced hearing loss?  One reason people fail to notice the danger of noise is that too much

2014-04-13 Biology - urgent:

Lungs & Respiratory System Basics    Each day we breathe about 20,000 times. All of this breathing couldn't happen without help from the respiratory system, which includes the nose, throat, voice box,

2014-04-12 Biology - Help please:

In males, the primary target of FSH is the    see here so u get a better detail research answer  www.ehow.com/about_6057455_abnormal-fsh-​lh-levels.html     FSH male target Testes (sertoli cells)

2014-04-08 Pathology - Vibrate:

Hello Robert    I hope your mom is feeling better. I wish her good health.    Lymph nodes and the tubes associated with them called lymphatic a drain fluid from the body. If these are removed and also

2014-04-08 Pathology - Right breast biopsy result:

Hello Maria:    Without actually seeing the slides under the microscope I cannot provide a diagnosis.    Your description indicates that few cells are seen scattered singly and in groups. They show some


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