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2015-04-01 Hematology - Consistently high D Dimer:

Allison,  Do you exercise? How intense it is? Any infections in the recent past? When you had leg pains did you have unilateral or bilateral leg pain? Any other symptoms you had 6 weeks ago other than

2015-03-23 Hematology - hemoglobin level:

BabaShet,  Dont worry her hemoglobin levels can be corrected by giving her supplements. Your wouldbe's father also has sickle cell or only mother has?  Anyway dont worry plese take your wouldbe to a lab

2015-03-20 Biology - genetics:

Hi Rubina   In one parent A,B,D,E and F genes are already heterozygous     Even though the C is homozygous in that parent the the C and D are homozygous in the the parent all crosses of these genes would

2015-03-20 Zoology - Endangered species:

Hi Samantha    I am basically an outdoor biologist and biological diversity is important to me. I emphasize it it in all my biology classes. Therefore I appreciate your interest in the topic.       1.

2015-03-18 Hematology - Blood type:

Obed,  No there is no blood type/group AS. Are you refering to sickle cell blood type? It has HbAS variation of heamoglobin. Please rephrase your question and send. Will try to help you. You can marry


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