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2016-02-06 Zoology - Domestic cats:

Hi J   I am unaware of any research on this cat food but I would not pay much attention to it. I investigated raw food diets for cats and dogs and I believe it is a merchandizing ploy. I The pet food market

2016-02-05 Chemistry (including Biochemistry) - Fire vs. Flame:

Hello Ashwarya!    As I understand it, a flame is a collection of very hot gases that glow and produce light.    'Fire' is the catch-all term for the chemical reaction that produces a flame - it refers

2016-02-02 Genetics - Mutations:

Hello Wade!    You're right. Most of the time an error in mitosis would not make its way into the egg or sperm cell lines to be carried on into the next generation. Mutations elsewhere in the body are

2016-01-30 Biology - Extreme Environment:

Hi Shuvo   Sorry if I was not clear but I was trying to point out that the word extreme is subject  to various interpretation.  The most extreme environments there are still subject to some living organisms

2016-01-29 Biology - Extreme Environment:

Hi Shuvo   This difficult to answer because the word extreme is arbitrary and is subject to various interpretation. An environment can be too hot  or too cold, too wet or two dry so we have to decide when


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