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2015-01-15 MS SQL Server - Connecting to oracle database from SQL application:

I'm afraid I don't know what this means:      we are connecting from SQL (using .net application)       Please provide more information.      Also, I know almost nothing about Oracle, so I might be of

2015-01-06 MS SQL Server - Parsing out a field into 3 columns in sql server 2008:

Sorry for the delay... this one's tricky. At first I was thinking PIVOT, but that's not quite what you're going for.      One thing you left un-stated in your example is what to how to show "unfilled"

2014-12-26 General Networking/Lan/Wan - dual band modem router:

Hi Eric,     First - if your "bottleneck" is your Internet link - not your wireless home network, then often nothing will help.  No matter how fast the wireless network is, it is often limited by the Internet

2014-12-13 Windows Networking - "You're not connected to a network.":

It sounds like you have run through most of the basic troubleshooting options.  From the description, it seems the computer is losing its network connection to the router/modem for a brief time, but the

2014-12-13 General Networking/Lan/Wan - I'm unable Connect To Wi-fi?:

there could be multiple issues that you may want to look at. Hope the devices are with the latest service packs and drivers. Check security setting (go with WAP first). Are the IP addresses assigned dynamically


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