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2015-05-10 Systems Management - slow performance of system:

That's really bad your computer's performance has slowed.  It happens over time when you start using more and more.  Hope below tips will help you to check and resolve the issue.    1.  Open the Task Manager

2015-05-05 General Networking/Lan/Wan - R-36 ALFA:

Hi Tierry,     Please note that I have no direct experience with this wireless extender.  With that said, it could be the firmware, or the hardware itself.  Hopefully not the latter, especially as you

2015-04-18 MS SQL Server - Accessing database without getting noticed.:

HI Rajiv,    These activities are not unnoticed.  In fact, big websites expose their database in controlled manner.  This is mostly done through API.    If u search for API Premier league fantasy, you

2015-04-16 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Mutlicast Stream problem:

Hi Andre,     I'm going to make a few assumptions, which colour my response.  These are:    - Each of the video streams is being run on a different device (no single device is doing more than one video)

2015-04-15 General Networking/Lan/Wan - DHCP Request Query:

hi Srini...  ideally, what you are expecting is right. There are two timers with DHCP lease one is renewal which is 1/2 of lease period and another is rebinding timer which is 7/8 of lease period. So essentially


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