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2016-06-07 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Wireless Technology:

Hi Dennis,    There's an old saying in the computer networking business: your connection is only as fast as its slowest link. I think that it applies here.     If your internet connection is only going

2016-06-06 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Wireless Technology:

Hi Dennis, and thanks for your question.    In most cases, your local WiFi connection is not the bandwidth bottleneck. It is usually the internet connection itself. You can test yor internet speed by using

2016-05-21 Windows Networking - modem issues:

Hello,    It sounds like the modem is damaged, probably the result of a power surge when power was restored.  You can try disconnecting the device from power for a full 30 seconds.  If your modem has a

2016-04-24 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Default Gateway:

This is a new feature on networking devices where you are assigned a /32 block as a security and better usage of ip block. Isp run a script to assign dns which is again hidden from subscribers as if it's

2016-04-21 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Access Check boxes:

I rarely use checkboxes in Option groups for just that reason. An unchecked value looks funny. You can try making the Default value for each to be 0 so it would appear as False rather than unchecked.


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