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2014-09-17 Windows Networking - access:

Unfortunately are choices are free or easy.  The easiest way to do this is using a program called Logmein.  This was free for many years and allowed users to connect over the Internet to remotely control

2014-09-10 Windows Networking - account:

This may or may not happen.  See, ANY computer is vulnerable to hacking if you access the internet.  Nothing is ever safe.  The best way to be safe is not to connect to the internet at all.    However

2014-09-09 Windows Networking - account:

Hi there Henry    Can you give me more specific details about the problem?  Your operating system (Windows 7, 8, XP, etc).  If you already have a logon to your computer via your logon account, your computer

2014-09-09 Windows Networking - account:

Hi Henry,  Syncing accounts has to be set up and would take third party software as I do not know of a way to sync accounts natively with Windows.    Further if any of your accounts are limited users they

2014-09-06 General Networking/Lan/Wan - ARE YOU WIRED:

Hi and thanks for your question.    First of all, sorry for not responding sooner. I never received the notification email that your question had arrived!    Bluetooth and WiFi are not the same thing.


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