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2015-06-30 MS SQL Server - Finding Business Days between dates in SQL Server 2008:

I might be missing something, but I'm not seeing a problem (except when the last hire date is a Sunday, which probably shouldn't happen).    I'm assuming by "eligible days" you mean weekdays. I distilled

2015-06-19 MS SQL Server - To improve sql query performance:

 Karan    The "online" server is it in shared hosting? or a virtual machine that you can remote into. My guess is it is the Disk IO speed that is causing the slow-down. Way to confirm is run an execution

2015-06-19 MS SQL Server - To improve sql query performance:

Dear Karan,    We will need more details to know which component is causing the delay.    It could be something in the frontend before or after database calls.    Please use built in tools in your Internet

2015-06-18 MS SQL Server - Cursor or ?? to do table record counts:

Despite all the hate cursors get, they are (IMO) perfectly fine for small iterations such as this. Yes, there are non-cursor ways to do it, but often people jump through some fairly amazing hoops just

2015-06-02 General Networking/Lan/Wan - split:

Hi again Fendi,    I took a quick look at the specs of that switch:    and it should be perfectly suitable for your needs.  Here


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