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2014-10-22 Windows Networking - home wi-fi network issue:

Hi Theo.    This is one of those strange settings where one device might be having issues communicating to a router or where incompatibilities exist.    Try this kind of approach:  1)  Turn off wireless

2014-10-16 MS SQL Server - IF/ELSE statement question in T-SQL:

It is easy to do what you want. You just have a couple of syntactical errors in your example.     First, in a SELECT clause when you use the "AS XXX" syntax, all that does is change or set the column name

2014-10-12 MS SQL Server - Foreign Key Error upon Loading tables with BCP:

From what I can tell, you are not encountering a foreign key error. This appears to be a PRIMARY KEY violation. Look at the columns in PK_bdx_aaaaa_bbbb and make sure that there are no duplicates for those

2014-10-02 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Wireless Network:

Hi again Al,    It sounds like you've pinpointed the problem as the router's wireless signal dropping. However, you have replaced the router and still have the problem. The only other thing I can think

2014-10-02 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Wireless Network:

Hi Al, and thanks for your question.    I am making a couple of assumptions about your setup:    - I'm calling the working wireless connection Network 1, and the non-working one Network 2.    - When you


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