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2014-07-15 Windows Networking - Unable to get my ipad to connect to my wifi:

HI There    Wireless issues can get rather messy.     1st thing you want to do is to check the event logs on the router, to see if it is even trying to authenticate the ipad.     I take it all other equipment

2014-07-12 Windows Networking - share dial up:

Hi there.    This is a difficult situation, but it CAN be done, however it is complex if you are using DIALUP and not a HIGH SPEED / ETHERNET based internet connection.    You will have to download a software

2014-07-12 Windows Networking - share files beetween 2 computers:

Hi Tomy    This absolutely can be done.  The difference between switches and routers is that switches in a way are a bit 'dumb' in that they don't auto-assign your computer an IP address.  So if you use

2014-07-09 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Wi Fi:

Rajendra Ji,  You would need a connection from Airtel/Reliance/BSNL etc who would terminate a router at your premises to give you good coverage in common area/lobby. Then you need to do some investments

2014-06-25 General Networking/Lan/Wan - Network Name in System Tray:

Is the network adapter on your computer built in or is it a usb device?    What operating system are you using? (XP, Vista, 7, 8 etc).    This isn't something to worry too much about, unless you keep getting


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