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2016-05-24 Nonprofit Law - 501c3:

Ok.  I will respond to your email.     Harvey Mechanic  Attorney at Law    P.S. This response is intended to be a general statement of law, should not be relied upon as legal advice

2016-05-24 Nonprofit Law - 501c3:

First we would need to ascertain if the activities and operation of that band/group are of the type that would be allowable for 501(c)(3) organizations.  If they are not, then you would be liable for taxes

2016-05-23 Nonprofit Law - 501c6 as a Fiscal Sponsor?:

    "fiscal sponsorship" is a vague term and I recommend against using it.     As a matter of fact Gregory L. Colvin, the author of a book "Fiscal Sponsorship : 6 Ways To Do It Right" explained that there

2016-05-23 Nonprofit Law - Gymnastics Booster Club:

My summary of IRS regulations relating to 501(c)(3) booster organizations is at and you may be interested to read that. Families can not be required to pay anything to a 501(c)(3)

2016-05-22 Nonprofit Law - Question about travel team donations.:

I have in my profile that this free forum is only for general questions about IRS federal exemption issues of 501(c)(3) organizations. Your question is about a business deduction for a for-profit business


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