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2016-08-24 Tax Planning - Tax Preparation Fees:

Sasha - I am pleased to respond to your question.    Personal tax preparation expense is generally not deductible as a corporate business expenses and is therefore properly recorded as a distribution to

2016-08-22 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - calculation question:

Hi  If you are in the USA, you need to file a form 1065 partnership tax return and then report the income on your individual returns - including depreciation and other important facets such as original

2016-08-21 Nonprofit Law - Reporting 501(c)(3) Violations:

Complaints could go to your State's Attorney General's Office as that office generally oversees charities within the state. If the action is criminal then your local district attorney may be interested

2016-08-20 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Question:

Sam,    Thanks for your question.    In the US, if you do not make any deposits or withdrawals of your own funds, your statement that is was an accommodation for an elderly relative will be taken at face

2016-08-18 Nonprofit Law - 501 c3 booster club:

This is a common situation. If private 501(c)(3) organizations wants to use school facilities or the school's name, then they need permission from the school board.  Otherwise, it does not, but then the


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