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2016-10-18 Tax Planning - quarterly tax question.:

Dave - I am happy to answer your questions.    First, you are correct that you will have to file a Schedule C or C-EZ.  If your gross income is $150 per month, you may also have expenses that will be able

2016-10-17 Nonprofit Law - 501c3/c19 veterans non profit:

You may want to start from scratch as you may not want to be subject to any liabilities of that existing 501(c)(3) organization. In any case, you would need to put pay the $400 IRS filing fee to change

2016-10-17 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Taxes after death:

Michael,    Thanks for your question.    Any assets owned by the deceased would go to help pay the debt, including any life insurance, retirement plans or the like. If any assets had been recently transferred

2016-10-17 Nonprofit Law - 501c3 Church:

I have in my profile that this free forum is only for general questions about IRS federal exemption issues of 501(c)(3) organizations and not about their unrelated businesses. As to the IRS, your church

2016-10-11 Nonprofit Law - DBA two entities under single 501c3:

Most states allow nonprofit organizations to use dbas and often would require registration.  The IRS does not mind use of dbas by 501(c)(3) organizations. In fact, the IRS database for 501(c)(3) organizations


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