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2015-08-19 Bankruptcy Law - Adding Creditor to Discharge:

Dear Pete,    To seek a hardship discharge, you have to file a motion to reopen the bankruptcy case. After it is reopened, you must then file a lawsuit against the lender, and prosecute the lawsuit to

2015-08-19 Arbitration/Mediation - shareholders:

Yes, typically a proxy must be retained for the record, especially important if there are concerns about a challenge to the proxy.     Normally proxys are executed digitally or by signed paper proxy.

2015-07-31 Arbitration/Mediation - shareholders:

The Committee may be non-shareholders.  But remember that they may then only make recommendations to the shareholders, and then an additional vote and action must be taken by the Shareholders themselves

2015-07-31 Bankruptcy Law - help:

You own the house subject to a mortgage or deed of trust.    It may be possible to refinance according to the terms you suggest, but that depends on facts you donít state in your question.    This would

2015-07-31 Arbitration/Mediation - shareholders:

Normally shareholders will not vote on such a proposition directly.      Typically shareholders will elect directors, who then are obliged to direct the company per the constraints of the Bylaws.  The


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