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2015-02-27 Bankruptcy Law - Modificaion after Chapter 7:

It's best to get back with your attorney on this modification/debt revival question.  I don't think you'd have liability but with having cranked cash out that may be different.  Is the loan mod a really

2015-02-27 Bankruptcy Law - can i add new debt:

You cannot add debt incurred after the filing of a bankruptcy case to a previously filed bankruptcy.      There is no documentation that I'm aware of that you can show.  Bankruptcy only affects debts owed

2015-02-26 Bankruptcy Law - Modificaion after Chapter 7:

You should be ok here unless you cranked a lot of money out of the house then refinanced then modified the re-fi;  there is some question in CA whether a residential loan that is part purchase money and

2015-02-26 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - Denyed:

You didn't offer me much detail Howard so I can only speak in general terms.  As long as there is no Statute of Limitations issue, the lawyer may want to delay filing a lawsuit if new evidence of damages

2015-02-21 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - fall in a strip mall.:

Deborah,    In order to establish a claim of liability against the strip mall owner, you need to determine how they were negligent.  In short, what did they do wrong?  If there was some defect with the


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