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2015-09-23 Bankruptcy Law - Hiding money:

My understanding was that you were an employee that had not been paid your full amount of wages when the employer filed for bankruptcy -  and that is what would make this debt a priority.        However

2015-09-21 Arbitration/Mediation - Claiming Unemployment because I refused to...:

Thank you for your question!    As I always note to questioners, mediators act as neutral third parties to disputes and never "get involved" in judging the merits of conflict, but merely use special techniques

2015-09-21 Bankruptcy Law - Hiding money:

Hi James:    You are right.   There are laws dealing with this situation.    If the bankrupt was hiding money to avoid paying you, the amount that is owed is considered a priority debt that takes precedence

2015-09-01 Arbitration/Mediation - Travel insurance:

Greetings,    There is a good chance that there is a clause buried in the fine print for your insurance contract that defines "fare" as the actual fare amount charged by the airline, minus any taxes or

2015-08-19 Bankruptcy Law - Adding Creditor to Discharge:

Dear Pete,    To seek a hardship discharge, you have to file a motion to reopen the bankruptcy case. After it is reopened, you must then file a lawsuit against the lender, and prosecute the lawsuit to


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