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2014-11-21 Arbitration/Mediation - Interview Questions:

I would be happy to answer your questions.    1)  I was a general studies major with 20 units in psychology, economics and political science.  I was originally a biochemistry major but switched over my

2014-11-21 Bankruptcy Law - Disclosure in short sale After Chap. 7 discharged:

I do not stay current on real property law, so I can't provide you with guidance regarding disclosures that are legally required.    What I can point out for your consideration is that if you do a short

2014-11-12 Civil/Commercial Litigation (Lawsuits) - Dispute with Boss...:

Hello christina,    Before I respond further to your question, I must make clear that I do not represent you, and cannot give you individual particularized legal advice. No attorney client relationship

2014-11-12 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - dental malpractice:

Ruth,    I wish I could help you with this complicated case.  Unfortunately, I am a lawyer in New York and am not licensed to practice law in California.    All medical malpractice cases are complicated

2014-11-08 Bankruptcy Law - Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

If you completed your first Chapter 13 plan and received a discharge, the court erased your debts. You paid your creditors over a three to five year period with your disposable income in a plan overseen


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