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2014-12-02 Bankruptcy Law - Bankruptcy..:

Hello Sam:    I would think that the kind of information you wanted (at least in terms of investment strategy of buying discounted and distressed businesses) would NOT be readily found in a book.     What

2014-12-02 Bankruptcy Law - how to buy bankruptcy assets:

I am not aware of any reliable literature covering your questions.    Many people are interested in buying assets out of bankruptcy cases. That makes sense, because the inference is you can buy assets

2014-12-02 Bankruptcy Law - Query..:

Hi Sam:  This isn't the type of thing that one just goes out and buys a paperback and then he's an expert on buying distressed properties.    This would all be much easier talking about on the telephone

2014-12-01 Bankruptcy Law - student loans and bankruptcy:

Hello Ashley:  I saw your question on the question pool.    Insofar as your question about the bursar refund, whether you can get that money or not has nothing to do with whether the debt is dischargeable

2014-11-30 Bankruptcy Law - Post Bankruptcy foreclosure:

No.  There is no basis of which I am aware for them to charge for removal of personal belongings.      The debt you owe to them was discharged in your bankruptcy and unless you violated some state or local


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