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2016-09-25 Dry Cracking Lips...Help!:

Chapped lips (also cheilitis simplex or common cheilitis)are characterized by cracking, fissuring, and peeling of the skin of the lips, and are one of the most common types of cheilitis. While both lips

2016-09-22 Lump on anus:

Possible causes of anal itching include:    Personal care habits. Your skin care routine may include products or behaviors that irritate the skin. These include washing too much, washing too little, and

2016-09-22 Genital Warts?:

Lichen nitidus (LIE-kun ni-TIE-dus) is a rare skin condition that usually appears as tiny, skin-colored, glistening bumps on the surface of your skin. Lichen nitidus results from abnormal inflammatory

2016-09-19 Tattoos:

Many tattoo inks contain heavy metals that have been linked to a large number of health problems, including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Among the most concerning metals found in tattoos are

2016-09-15 Small bumps on penis shaft:

The bumps are either Molluscum contagiosum which is a virus or a bacterial infection.  Molluscum is treated with liquid nitrogen or the topical medication called MolluscumRx. Bacteria are treated with

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