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2015-01-23 Pearly Penile Papulus:

Though there is no risk to your health, you donít have to live with them. If you are feeling self-conscious or embarrassed by them, carbon dioxide laser ablation can remove or reduce the appearance of

2015-01-22 Random bump on skin?:

What you have is an inflamed skin lesion. Causes could be from an ingrown hair, insect bite, skin trauma or irritation. Treatment can be with topical prescription cortisone, or intralesional cortisone

2015-01-22 Skin tone:

Yes pigment color can change depending on what your daughter does. If the skin gets dry or irritated the skin can darken called post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Sun through windows can also cause

2015-01-21 greying the beard:

Melitane is more effective at treating lighter skin than in treating white hair. The white of the hair comes from the hair follicle which is deep in the skin. Melitane does not penetrate well to the deeper

2015-01-20 Small bump on glans:

First of all I would not do any surgery because the spots look benign. The spots could be for fordyce spots, pearly penile papules which are on he edge of he glans penis, or local areas of irritation.

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