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2015-12-22 tufted hair follicles:

rare, progressive pattern of scarring alopecia that affects the scalp. Its characteristic feature is the presence of groups of 10-15 hairs emerging from a single follicular opening. The cause of this disorder

2015-12-20 If it is tinea versicolor or penile psoriasis or lichen planus/nitidus on my penis foreskin and jack ?:

The cause of lichen planus is unknown, though strong evidence suggests that inflammation, controlled by the immune system, gives rise to the lesions. However, certain diseases, medical conditions or other

2015-12-19 skin lightning:

There are medications that with make your skin totally white but you will never have any color in your skin again. There are topical prescription medication that will help to lighten darker areas of the

2015-12-19 Dark spots:

Dark spots are caused by acne inflammation. There is a topical medication that is prescription that will help lighten the spots. The product is called Triluma but it is a prescription medication. That

2015-12-08 frekle like spots on Penis:

For the inflammation of your frenulum, I would use hydrocortisone that you can buy over the counter twice a day. The cortisone cream will help resolve the irritation or inflammation. The spots on the glans

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