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2017-01-23 Stds:

hpv is usually transferred through intercourse or oral sex. but it can be transferred form mom to child during the birth but it is uncommon.  Note: Recommendations are often different in developing countries

2017-01-23 Year Long Penis Rash:

The lighter skin color is called post inflammatory hypopigmentation. This means that the skin on the penis has been irritated by some agent which results in irritation and and then decreased pigment. The

2017-01-20 Warts?:

The white spot could be a number of different skin lesions.  It could be a senorrheic keratosis which is a benign lesion. It could be what is called post inflammatory hypopigmentation. This means that

2017-01-18 White spots in foreskin:

The sebaceous glands of the penis are small glands that secrete an oily or waxy substance. They are found elsewhere on the body as well, and they serve to lubricate the hair and skin. On the penis, they

2017-01-17 Red foreskin:

Inflammation of the penis can be caused by infections, such as yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and scabies. When secretions become trapped under the foreskin, they may become infected

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