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Ralph McArdell

I am a software developer with more than 15 years C++ experience and over 25 years experience developing a wide variety of applications for Windows NT/2000/XP, UNIX, Linux and other platforms. I can help with basic to advanced C++, C (although I do not write just-C much if at all these days so maybe ask in the C section about purely C matters), software development and many platform specific and system development problems.

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2014-11-25 Memory layout for class instance.:

When I create a new class instance, how much memory is allocated for it?  ------------------------------------------------------------------------  The size of a class instance depends on the class definition

2014-10-07 array:

I am a bit busy at the moment so I do not have time to go into a huge amount of detail at the moment but built in arrays in C++ are    a) always single dimensional  b) always have elements of fixed size

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