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Ralph McArdell

I am a software developer with more than 15 years C++ experience and over 25 years experience developing a wide variety of applications for Windows NT/2000/XP, UNIX, Linux and other platforms. I can help with basic to advanced C++, C (although I do not write just-C much if at all these days so maybe ask in the C section about purely C matters), software development and many platform specific and system development problems.

Titus B. Ledbetter, Jr.

C , MFC, Object Oriented, Artificial Intelligence

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2014-03-22 my code has a problem:

You do not have to code it like that.  You can use cin like you correctly used cout.  What you used compiles, but it is used in special circumstances.  It does not seem to be working for you, so I recommend

2014-03-17 Home work:

You simply made a mistake and did not finish modifying the nested for loop.  You must change i to j in the "for part of the loop", like the code below :    for(int j=0;j<column;j++)  {           infile

2014-03-17 Creating a 'Y'-list from two std::list or std::forward_list objects:

TL;DR : Store pointers to the data objects in the list nodes rather than the data object values.    C++ standard library container types store data by value - that is they copy (or move or directly construct

2014-03-06 Algorithm for Database Backup and Restore Programs:

If you are asking me what algorithm can be used to backup a database but is written in C++.  I do not know, but that would be reinventing the wheel anyway.  You could think up an algorithm as well as I

2014-01-23 What is exact syntax of copy constructor:

Hello there.    Well, the _usual_ form of a copy constructor is your option 2:        Class_Name( const Class_Name& object_name )    or the equivalent:        Class_Name( Class_Name const & object_name

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