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Robert Nunemaker

String manipulation, Database access and usage, Class creation, and encapsulation are my strong suits. Active X Controls and DLL`s also. Although I don`t deal with Crystal - frankly because I don`t like it; I prefer to do things manually.

Frank G. Dahncke

I can answer most questions realating to real-world application programming in Visual Basic .NET (including SQL-Server 7.0 and up). I NO LONGER ANSWER VB6 QUESTIONS. My speciality is GUI/frontend work and API calls. I do not know about Internet, games or graphics programming, just the bread-and-butter stuff. I answer questions in German as well.

Kedar Desai

You can ask me any question regarding visual basic 6.0 application with MS access. I have never used mysql or oracle as a back end. So that i can not answer you questions regarding mysql and oracle. Still you can ask me questions about mysql. I will surely try to give you the answer.

Richard Rost

I can answer any questions pertaining to Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Access VBA, and the Visual Basic Language in general. I do NOT use VB.NET or VB 2005/08 much yet, so don't ask me any questions specific to those. Also, please feel free to check the Tips & Tricks section of my web site for VB tips.


Area of expertise is Visual Basic .NET (VS 2008 and Framework 3.5) design and development for Windows applications. You can ask me any Visual Basic questions and some questions about .NET Framework. You can also ask me how to use Component One controls in Visual Basic. Do not ask me questions about Web design and development in Visual Basic.

Kevin Watkins

I have written several programs integrating with MS Office including Access, Excel, and Word. I have used control arrays as well as data arrays, text files. I have an associates degree in programming. Please do not ask questions about VBA or dot net. I can only answer questions about Visual Basic 6.


visual basic application programming from design to access information, sql, engineering and commercial applications. access databases, excel.(VB6) basic questions in vb 2008. Optional: 1)a large number of people want me to do work which takes some time and effort. can do projects in vb 2008. Pl.note that i would like to be paid for such work. 2) if you want me to spend quality time and do special work, i expect to be paid a reasonable price for my time. 3) if you are pleased with my reply you could consider a good amount. 4) you can visit my website

Amal Raj A

On Vacation
returns 01/31/2015
Can answer basic VB questions those are related to commonly used controls, VB/Access related questions, basic Flexgrid solutions

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2014-12-05 message box output and listbox item delete module form...:

are you using vb6 or vb 2008 or  in such cases i would like to be paid.    if you want just the messagebox code i can do it free.but add or delete from database means more time to be spent.  depending

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