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A. R. Fuentes

Short of very advanced Math functions (formulas, etc.) I can answer all questions in Word Perfect Versions 4.0 to Wordperfect for Windows 6.1.

Nancy Janyszeski

MOUS Authorized Instructor, Brainbench Certified in WP.

Mike McIntyre

I have used WordPerfect since 1989 and am proficient in many of its features. Used it for word processing and desktop publishing. Know little or nothing about spreadsheets and equations

Richard Stephens

On Vacation
returns 05/17/2014
Can answer most problems using all current versions of WP, 11, 12, and X3

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2014-04-14 wp12 converting to x6 & macros:

As I said in my previous answer, Turn on Macro Recording and do the key strokes you want in your macro. Close the recording session. The macro is saved. Then Tools/Settings/Customize select keyboard and

2014-04-13 wp12 converting to x6 & macros:

Hi Lee.  X6 is much more stable than 12. I would highly recommend going to that.  The macros I have recorded on X6 have been very easy but macros can get very complex. If you just are recording your keystrokes

2014-04-13 converting wp 12 to x6:

Lee I see no reason why you would have a problem.  I have also used WP since 5.1 and have continually upgraded.    You might find the following helpful or informative.    http://corelblogs.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/welcome-to-wordperfect-office-x6/

2014-03-20 word perfect tables:

Open Reveal Codes by using menu "View/Reveal Codes."  Place the cursor (using the arrow keys not the mouse) before the code that says "TableDef." Press and hold the shift key and move the cursor to after

2014-03-10 Formatting in a Large Document:

Hello -I understand your frustration but it is very difficult to paste a Word Document without the code and yet still keep the formatting.    Word is known for all of it's coding.    Hopefully you have

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