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Nancy Janyszeski

WordPerfect experience hands on experience, MOUS Authorized Instructor, Brainbench Certified in WP.

Mike McIntyre

I have used WordPerfect since 1989 and am proficient in many of its features. Used it for word processing and desktop publishing. Know little or nothing about spreadsheets and equations

A. R. Fuentes

Short of very advanced Math functions (formulas, etc.) I can answer all questions in Word Perfect Versions 4.0 to Wordperfect for Windows 6.1.

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2015-03-20 new problems that did not exist in the past:

Whenever I have had the problem of a graphic jumping page, resizing seems to always work. But, from your description of your experience, I'm sure you tried that. The other thing is that WP 10 and 12 are

2015-02-19 WPx6:

Top Menu  FILE/PAGE SETUP  Make sure orientation is landscape (wide) or portrait (tall)  Then click on the /LAYOUT Tab.  Make sure columns and rows are set at 1 for both.  This will give you one page view

2015-01-19 Toshiba upgrade hijacked my WP11!:

Kat, there are others who feel as you do and do not want to use Perfect Fit.    The following should be helpful.    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_programs/unab

2015-01-06 Issue with symbols:

Hello - how some symbols are displayed is dependent on the font and how the font is interpreted.    I would suggest that you do a browser search on the following, you will be able have a better understanding

2015-01-05 Issue with symbols:

Hello - I am not able to duplicate what you are experiencing.    I would ask - When inserting symbol are you choosing Greek?    Open Reveal Codes Alt+F3 and  insert "π" , click on the symbol in reveal

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