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A. R. Fuentes

Short of very advanced Math functions (formulas, etc.) I can answer all questions in Word Perfect Versions 4.0 to Wordperfect for Windows 6.1.

Nancy Janyszeski

WordPerfect experience hands on experience, MOUS Authorized Instructor, Brainbench Certified in WP.

Mike McIntyre

I have used WordPerfect since 1989 and am proficient in many of its features. Used it for word processing and desktop publishing. Know little or nothing about spreadsheets and equations

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2015-10-27 WP 12 - .pdf conversion:

The short answer is I don't know. It has been a long time since 12. I am using X5. It will open PDF files. I suggest you upgrade (very inexpensively) here:  http://www.buycheapsoftware.com/products~manufacturerID~8

2015-10-23 Capitalization of the first letter of certain words or names:

You are talking about capitalization of proper nouns. The QuickCorrect list has a lot of the normal ones in there. They were there from installation for my version (X5). If they are not in your version:

2015-10-19 headers:

Bob, I have been seeing if I can duplicate what you have and I am seeing a "Header Sep 0.178"  associated with one header and not the other.     this is referring to the distance Between text and header

2015-10-18 headers:

Bob, from the sound of it you have two separate header/footers defined.  I think the easiest is for you to use the tutorial how you create A or B header/footers, this should help to update one of them

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