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Mike McIntyre

I have used WordPerfect since 1989 and am proficient in many of its features. Used it for word processing and desktop publishing. Know little or nothing about spreadsheets and equations

A. R. Fuentes

Short of very advanced Math functions (formulas, etc.) I can answer all questions in Word Perfect Versions 4.0 to Wordperfect for Windows 6.1.

Richard Stephens

Can answer most problems using all current versions of WP, 11, 12, and X3

Nancy Janyszeski

MOUS Authorized Instructor, Brainbench Certified in WP.

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2014-09-13 Divide a page into columns & rows:

Bit vague and I'm not sure about having the heading appear automatically in the cell. BUT, FILE/PAGE SETUP is where you can set to Landscape and adjust the margins. Click the LAYOUT tab to divide the page

2014-09-03 Word perfect 8:

Howard, if the file is in an "32 version of MS Word" it should be a *.doc file already.  The NTFS files are like compressed zip files.    Just for FYI  http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/n

2014-08-22 Convert DOS files to Word Perfect:

Without knowing why WP won't open the files this is the best answer I can give. Usually if WP won't open a txt file is because the file is corrupt in some way. Embedded in files is usually a bunch of code

2014-08-19 word perfect install:

Jeanne - this is not easy to resolve.  You will need to have a serial number to install the product.    I can suggest you go to the Corel.com site at...    http://corel.force.com/index/    If you have

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