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David Anders

Seattle - The Computer Guy - 15 yr veteran Mac/PC/network problem solving. Clients are design firms, artists, freelancers and photographers. PLEASE PLEASE provide EXACT info for Mac Model and OS Version. RAM installed - added cards - external devices - recent changes. Do you do MONTHLY MAINTENANCE? With what Utility? What you have tried and what result do you want.

Jason Vaughan

Mac OS system, including terminal commands Filemaker pro Networking Server and Client IOS Integration Lighting Control

Debba Robinson

AppleWorks 6, Systems up to 10.3.5, general trouble-shooting of hardware and some software.


I can answer most questions related to Mac OS including Beta builds of non released OS builds, Hardware,Upgrades,Etc

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2016-05-11 How to stop duplicate emails in SMTP inbox?:

If a program is not doing or doing something, preferences is the first stop.    If you’re only using IMAP accounts with Outlook, turn off the On My Computer mailboxes. Go to the Preferences, select General

2016-05-10 How to stop duplicate emails in SMTP inbox?:

OSX Version?  Outlook exact version.  There are bugs in Outlook running in El Capitan.  Google "osx outlook 2011"    The top Inbox is most often the combined inboxes for all email accounts with the individual

2016-04-12 formatting:

Flash Drive Partitioning and Formatting.  PARTITION TYPE  GUID (GUID Partition Table - GPT) can be read by OSX and Windows newer than XP  ATP can be read by OSX  MBR can be read by OSX and Windows    FORMAT

2016-04-09 mac os x not installing . stuck for hours:

The general advice us wait it out, but you should have had some response by now.    One thing you can do is ores Command L. This will bring up the log and show you what is going on.     If it really us

2016-03-29 login in the middle of the night:

Automator should be able to do this in combination with Energy Saver    I do not have an exact answer.  A Google for "mac osx autologin reboot automator"  brought up this as the first link    http://osxdaily

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