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I can answer most questions related to Mac OS including Beta builds of non released OS builds, Hardware,Upgrades,Etc

Debba Robinson

AppleWorks 6, Systems up to 10.3.5, general trouble-shooting of hardware and some software.

David Anders

Seattle - The Computer Guy - 15 yr veteran Mac/PC/network problem solving. Clients are design firms, artists, freelancers and photographers. PLEASE PLEASE provide EXACT info for Mac Model and OS Version. RAM installed - added cards - external devices - recent changes. Do you do MONTHLY MAINTENANCE? With what Utility? What you have tried and what result do you want.

Jason Vaughan

Mac OS system, including terminal commands Filemaker pro Networking Server and Client IOS Integration Lighting Control

Jeff Greenberg

On Vacation
returns 03/18/2015
I can comfortably answer most basic/advanced questions regarding Macintosh hardware and software - nowadays only OSX. In fact, if it's prior to 10.3, there's a good chance I'll reject your question. Forget OS9 stuff - Igave up OS 9 ten years ago). Please do not ask me about OS9. My particular specialties are in Video editing/DVD authoring. I am a certified trainer in the "pro apps" (Final Cut, DVDSP, Soundtrack, Motion). I have been using Macs since 1985.

Tony Eastwood

On Vacation
returns 03/29/2015
A Macintosh user since the release of the Macintosh II. I am patient, diligent and a good researcher. If I don`t know the answer I will find someone who does.

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2015-02-23 Java:

Java is a very insecure addition to any operating system and many, including Apple, strongly recommend against installing it.  Some programs require it, crashplan for one. Some programs MAY need it and

2015-02-13 transferring settings:

There is a Gmail setting that prevents some email clients from working - with a password error.    Google may block sign in attempts from some

2015-02-12 address book:

Sounds like you managed to do most of it yourself, Martha.  I'm just glad that you've got it up and running now.  Make a note of what you had to do so you don't forget.  You might want to make an address

2015-02-12 address book:

Martha,    I don't think you CAN remove Company, but if the field isn't filled, it won't print, so don't worry about that.    When I look at MY preferences, it shows a lot of red minus and green plus symbols

2015-02-10 address book:

Martha, I thought I sent out the answer when I got this.  Sorry for the delay.      Are you comfortable working with me over the phone?  I think that will help you far more quickly.  You can call me anytime

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