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Tony Eastwood

A Macintosh user since the release of the Macintosh II. I am patient, diligent and a good researcher. If I don`t know the answer I will find someone who does.

Debba Robinson

AppleWorks 6, Systems up to 10.3.5, general trouble-shooting of hardware and some software.

David Anders

Seattle - The Computer Guy - 15 yr veteran Mac/PC/network problem solving. Clients are design firms, artists, freelancers and photographers. PLEASE PLEASE provide EXACT info for Mac Model and OS Version. RAM installed - added cards - external devices - recent changes. Do you do MONTHLY MAINTENANCE? With what Utility? What you have tried and what result do you want.

Jeff Greenberg

I can comfortably answer most basic/advanced questions regarding Macintosh hardware and software - nowadays only OSX. In fact, if it's prior to 10.3, there's a good chance I'll reject your question. Forget OS9 stuff - Igave up OS 9 ten years ago). Please do not ask me about OS9. My particular specialties are in Video editing/DVD authoring. I am a certified trainer in the "pro apps" (Final Cut, DVDSP, Soundtrack, Motion). I have been using Macs since 1985.

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2014-04-05 Spinning Beach Ball:

Mavericks should have 8Gb RAM - if you have 4Gb add RAM.  If you do not restart your Mac every three days or so - DO.  The beach ball happens when running what program(s)?    Rsstart with the SHIFT key


EYE POD is a unique name for a music playing device.  EYE PAD is a unique name for a computer pad.  EYE Phone is a unique name for a phone.  EYE OS is a unique name for an Operating System    OSX is the

2014-03-01 browser for Tumblr use - ?:

Hi Mark.    Older versions of Safari are being phased out by Tumblr. They're suggesting Chrome or Firefox as alternatives.    I have both on my system (I use all three at times) - and while you'll miss

2014-02-05 Deleted "private" folder:

You are saying the laptop does not boot?  Or you have lost important files? OR Both?     Firewire Target Mode - connecting another Mac to yours to do repairs would be a possibility.  It would allow a reinstall

2014-01-27 macmail:

Dan,    All you need to do is create some new mailboxes. You can then move your emails there. Mail will search what's online...and what's offline.    Mailbox > New Mailbox...    Make sure the location

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