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Jason Vaughan

Mac OS system, including terminal commands Filemaker pro Networking Server and Client IOS Integration Lighting Control

David Anders

Seattle - The Computer Guy - 15 yr veteran Mac/PC/network problem solving. Clients are design firms, artists, freelancers and photographers. PLEASE PLEASE provide EXACT info for Mac Model and OS Version. RAM installed - added cards - external devices - recent changes. Do you do MONTHLY MAINTENANCE? With what Utility? What you have tried and what result do you want.

Debba Robinson

AppleWorks 6, Systems up to 10.3.5, general trouble-shooting of hardware and some software.

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2016-09-22 READ ME:

Emails can be sent that contain images (sometimes just a white pixel) that are stored on a webpage. When the image is downloaded to a email client or a webmail client that download can note the email address

2016-08-07 WOTS THE POINT:

Google "supplemental update"  Apr 16, 2015 - The OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Supplemental Update fixes a video driver issue that may prevent your Mac from starting up when running certain ...    Just about 24

2016-07-22 RESCUE ME:

Macs no longer have cd or DVD drives and therefore Apple do not have a startup disc to reinstall your system, if it gets corrupted.    Instead it has a recovery mode which allows you to start up your machine

2016-07-13 windows USB DRIVE:

We have discussed this.  Format is one of two things that are done to storage devices, the other is Partition.  ALL storage devices are Partitioned AND Formatted.  Partition can be  GUID Partition Table

2016-07-04 left handed cursor:

I assume a cursor arrow that points to the right.  You can use the following app called Mousecape:

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