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Dr Khalid M Munir

Finding genuine medical information on the internet for health problems. Also finding preventive medical information, Child care information, Geriatric (old age) care information .

Dr Mohd Tariq Salman

I can answer queries from researchers regarding internet search techniques. I can help young biomedical researchers in search of relevant literature on the internet related to drugs (including herbal drugs) such as research papers, drug information resources and other databases and to find suitable outlets for publishing their research work, including free access and open access journals. I can also help locate powerpoint presentations, simulation softwares, other teaching materials and free ebooks related to pharmacology on the internet.

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Inj Eyelea (Aflibercept) is the latest treatment available.It works best in the initial part but if the anatomy of rhe macula has remained distorted for few years and has not responded to repeated injections

2015-12-25 about twitching:

If you are getting twitching, how are you writing the mail. Slight twitching is normal. If these is severe twitch,it can be Benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS). It is a neurological disorder characterized

2015-04-22 question:

It may be due to piles or rectal prolapse. In either case you should see a surgeon as soon as possible and depending on the severity of the problem (judged by inspection of the site) you may be prescribed

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