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Dianne DeLeeuw

I can answer questions about figure skating, choreography, ISI or USFS. Also questions about competing (my Olympic experience or your own competition). I`m a National referre for ISI. Recently I also have been appointed a National Technical Specialist for US Figure Skating. But remember I am not your substitute for a coach! They can see what you are doing! To correct or instruct you on manuevers is really not what I want to do.

gary beacom

all questions relating to figure skating technique, equipment, nutrition, training, and performance

John Harmata

Any questions relating to ice skate boots, blades, sharpening, injuries: what most likely may have caused them. Common injuries that iceskaters are prone to throughout their careers and the relationship between boots, blades, mounting, sharpening, and injuries.

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2014-03-12 Olympics Ice Skating 2014:

1) How strenuous is practice for the Olympics? Your entire life is consumed by preparation.  2) How does pressure effect a performance? Everyone and every time is different.  3) What did you think of the

2014-02-08 Stride Technique?:

Use reasoning and experiments to figure out the best way to get moving, Bud. We push sideways off the foot because that is where the grip is, and we glide lengthwise because there is little friction in

2014-02-07 competing:

Hi,  Most skaters don't watch the other skaters before them.  In fact you see them with a headset to block it out.  But when you step on the ice it is hard to ignore the roar of the crowd, announced scores

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