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David Ling

I have 40 year`s experience tasting, collecting and enjoying wines as an amateur enthusiast. Bordeaux and Port are my particular loves and I regularly buy and sell at auction. I have a good library and frequently participate in on-line discussions. I can only help with valuations, buying or selling if you tell me where you live as there are many variations around the world.

Antonio Rocha Graça

Viticulture issues, enology / winemaking issues. Wine regions of the world, with specialisation in the wines of Portugal, including Port. Tasting and sensory analysis, chemical analysis and the relation between both. Wine industry and wine economics (BUT NOT PRICES OF WINES). Sources of information regarding any aspect of wine. The human element of the wine industry and the integration of all aspects and sciences that concur to make a wine. Terroir.

Paul Wagner

Wines of the world, wine a food matching, wine and food service questions. I currently teach Wine courses at Napa Valley College, am an international wine judge, written many articles for publication, and have been a guest speaker at way too many wine conferences to remember. 25 years in the business. With Liz Thach and Janeen Olsen, I authored the definitive book on wine marketing: Wine Marketing & Sales, Strategies for a Saturated Market by The Wine Appreciation Guild, which won the Gourmand International Award in 2008 for the best wine book for professionals! With Rick Kushman of Capital Public Radio, I host a radio show and podcast called Bottletalk at, where I answer questions about wine and food on the air.

Joshua Farrell

I can answer most any question about wine- types, styles, grape varieties, regions, vintages, proper storage, production, wine and food pairing, wine service, decanting, proper glassware, serving temperatures etc. Regarding questions about specific bottles of wine, since I live in the U.S. my focus is on wines imported here. I can't answer questions about spirits and liquor valuations.

Tom I'Anson

My expertise covers all aspects of wine including knowledge on regions, grapes, vintages, wine types and tasting. I can also answer questions on fortified wines such as port and sherry as well as some questions on Gin.

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2015-03-01 1999 Volxheimer Rheingrafenstein:

Natasha,  It's not a wine that reaches collectible status, so no auction value. It's not a top producer and not a top vintage but most of all the grape variety, Krener is not very desirable. Riesling is

2015-03-01 about a bottle:

Hi Ray     This was a pleasant bottle of Riesling from Germany--The Qualitatswein certificate means that it was made from a riper lot of grapes that would indicate a slight higher quality than the most

2015-02-21 1967 A de Luze & Fils Bordeaux Sauternes:

Wayne,  It's a little hard to know for sure but often a with a wine like yours the color is an important indicator. A very dark color is not a good sign.  Because it's not a chateau bottling and there's

2015-02-17 Benedictine:

Hi David,    This should certainly still be drinkable, assuming that a good level remains, but it will be rather different from recent bottlings as I'd expect much of the original spirit to have evaporated

2015-02-04 champagne valuation:

Hi Daz,    This would cost you around £40 to replace, plus VAT.     If you have it in mind to sell this, Westernhanger Auctioneers in Ashford might be able to help (

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