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Chad Ferguson

Expert in freshwater fishing and all species of freshwater fish including catfish, largemouth, black, white and striped bass, gar and all other species of fish. In addition to fishing technique and species information any and all questions related to fishing tackle, rods, reels and equipment as well as freshwater fishing boats. Most important I can answer any and all catfish fishing related questions with a high level of expertise as I've been a professional fishing guide for catfish for fifteen years.

Jack Gaither

PLEASE, PLEASE, READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE ASKING YOUR QUESTION. THANK YOU. PLEASE, I HAVE BEEN GETTING MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANTIQUE RODS, REELS ETC. I hate to refuse questions but I really can not be of help in this. If you have an old rod, reel, lure etc. try contacting the maker if still existing or try antique fishing tackle on the web. I am genuinely sorry that I CAN NOT ANSWER SUCH QUESTIONS. I have been bass, crappie, brim and catfishing for over 70 years. Most of my recent experience has been on the Apalachicola R. in Fl. panhandle, and Lake Seminole. I can answer many questions on places to go and some ideas on tactics especially for largemouth bass in these waters. I can`t tell you what fish will bite but can give some lures and methods that have worked well for me over the last 33 years in this area. I am also well versed on boating safety and small boat handling.

Robert Vermillion

I can answer questions about collecting antique fishing lures, reels, and other items.

Timothy Howard

I'm willing and able to answer most questions regarding northern pike and bass. I can advise on specific rods, reels, lures and fishing line for specific fishing techniques. Also, I know alot about fishing in smaller waters and can give expert answers on optimal fishing weather conditions.

Rich Mac McGaughey


I can answer questions on graphite fly rod building and bamboo rod restoration and making. I can guide people to restorers . I can guide people to rod building components on the internet as well as catalog. I can help them identify and value their bamboo fly rods with a picture .

If you are asking for the id of an old rod

please give a complete description send pictures especially labels or logos with detailed thorough description** to me and a complete including as much the following as you can: Is it? fly or casting rod ? Reel seat is below or above the cork handle ? Check metal for id and patents ? What is it made of; bamboo ( flat sided) fiberglass or graphite ( round)? Weight in oz? What is the diameter of the rod above the cork? Where was it purchased ? What type of metal nickel-silver, tin, or chrome platted brass? A complete description of any logos or labels. Length of rod per section and number of sections. Total rod length.

Please read the following if the rod has either of the following two labels

Montague or .....

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2014-08-18 fishing rod:

Hello Sara,    If I have deciphered your paragraph correctly, you are asking about a Heddon Rod and Reel.    The 9916 rod is a spinning rod built in the late 1960's to mid 1970's. The spinning reel should

2014-08-08 Union Hardware Co. rod:

Hello Jeanne. Thank you for the question.    Union Hardware was a large and diversified manufacturer and machining company that was founded in 1864 and in 1905 began producing fishing rods of steel. I

2014-08-06 Winston Fly Rod:

Don,  Some resource books, that can be found in most libraries.  Price Book:  Antique & Collectible  Fishing Rods: Identification & Value Guide by Homel, Dan. 1997 (2nd edition 2000)   add about

2014-07-31 Height of Wonderod:

Hello Joanne,     The patent number is a reference to the design of the rod's handle.    Shakespeare often incorporated many patents of others and paid royalties to the owner. I am not certain that this

2014-07-28 Bamboo Fly Fishing pole:

Anthony    I recommend posting a question here to determine if its worth restoring. If its 9 ft long, probably not worth it, Beaverkill is a Orvis model.

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