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Timothy Howard

I'm willing and able to answer most questions regarding northern pike and bass. I can advise on specific rods, reels, lures and fishing line for specific fishing techniques. Also, I know alot about fishing in smaller waters and can give expert answers on optimal fishing weather conditions.

J. B. Hillard

I can answer questions on areas to fish and camp in the Florida Panhandle, but primarily related to counties connected to the Choctawhatchee River and the east end of the Choctawhatchee Bay. My knowledge on tackle and lures is mostly limited to what I own and use.

Jack Gaither

PLEASE, PLEASE, READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE ASKING YOUR QUESTION. THANK YOU. PLEASE, I HAVE BEEN GETTING MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANTIQUE RODS, REELS ETC. I hate to refuse questions but I really can not be of help in this. If you have an old rod, reel, lure etc. try contacting the maker if still existing or try antique fishing tackle on the web. I am genuinely sorry that I CAN NOT ANSWER SUCH QUESTIONS. I have been bass, crappie, brim and catfishing for over 70 years. Most of my recent experience has been on the Apalachicola R. in Fl. panhandle, and Lake Seminole. I can answer many questions on places to go and some ideas on tactics especially for largemouth bass in these waters. I can`t tell you what fish will bite but can give some lures and methods that have worked well for me over the last 33 years in this area. I am also well versed on boating safety and small boat handling.

Rich Mac McGaughey


I can answer questions on graphite fly rod building and bamboo rod restoration and making. I can guide people to restorers . I can guide people to rod building components on the internet as well as catalog. I can help them identify and value their bamboo fly rods with a picture .

If you are asking for the id of an old rod

please give a complete description send pictures especially labels or logos with detailed thorough description** to me and a complete including as much the following as you can: Is it? fly or casting rod ? Reel seat is below or above the cork handle ? Check metal for id and patents ? What is it made of; bamboo ( flat sided) fiberglass or graphite ( round)? Weight in oz? What is the diameter of the rod above the cork? Where was it purchased ? What type of metal nickel-silver, tin, or chrome platted brass? A complete description of any logos or labels. Length of rod per section and number of sections. Total rod length.

Please read the following if the rod has either of the following two labels

Montague or .....

Robert Vermillion

I can answer questions about collecting antique fishing lures, reels, and other items.

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2016-05-06 Refinish an A1308-T:

Roy,  It's a rod not a pole.  Shakespeare might sell you a label but I doubt if you are going to find one. I would not want one.  2- Any oil based - not water - finish remover will work - OL' Dads and

2016-04-21 Divine & South bend bamboo rods:

Jon,  FYI - no one tells me their rod is in anything but great or mint condition. When I have investigated I find very few re correct.    The South Bend:  The model #47 appeared in the latter 1930s and

2016-04-05 Bass fishing guides:

Mike.  I am sorry but I thought I had answered your question.  Apparently it was not sent so I  will try  to answer it again.  To begin with Deer Point Lake is a beautiful lake but unfortunately it is

2016-03-28 Catch More Fish Trout:

Hi and thank you for your question! I hope you had a great Monday, and a wonderful Easter weekend. Absolutely! That outfit, you can fish for a variety of species, other than trout if you desire. This light

2016-03-28 Proper rod and reel:

Stuart  Bait caster man.  Your question in its present form cannot be answered.  In the first  place the ratio of the reel has nothing to do with casting distance. It has to do with the   ratio of the

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