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Colin Woehrle

I provide guidance/mentoring to those interested in learning what it takes and exactly how to become a pilot, especially as a career choice. I also answer sincere aviation questions for flight students as well as enthusiasts. If I can`t answer your question, I`ll try my best to point you in the right direction. I look forward to helping you! *(I am unable to answer questions regarding how much it costs to fly from one place to another).

D. Norkus

I can address questions about airline pilot employment & entry level airline careers in the United States, women pilots, flight training, pilot certification, U.S. flight scholarships (mostly for women), aviation & airline safety topics, aviation accident investigation and airline operations. ***Please note, I cannot address flight training & career queries from outside the United States, or aero engineering degree programs/careers, aviation management topics. ****

Jeff Davis

I can answer questions about general aviation, learning to fly, how to get started, and how to buy an airplane. Area of specialty is aerobatic flying. I do not have any expertise in flight training opportunities for students outside the USA, and I am not qualified to offer advice on becoming an airline pilot.

Adrian Beney

I can answer questions about General Aviation and Private Pilot Flight Training in the UK

Mike Hicks

Military/Civilian Helicopter operations, general questions about helicopters, flying helicopters and their operational use. Instrument Flying, Military and Civilian Aviation,

Kevin Parker

I will do my best to answer any question related to my experience. If I don't know, I promise to help you find the answer. Every question deserves an answer.

Bud Martin

General solutions to training problems, options in performance, selecting alternatives, how it was, criterions for excellence, and if one has to ask, an answer is needed.

Ned Dolan

38 years as a professional pilot. Worked as an instructor for a major airline, as a tow pilot towing gliders and flew international routes until 1998. Do not know much about the maintenance end of the business.

Mike Burbridge

General aviation technical, training, rules and regs., instrument flying and training for the private license, the instrument rating, and commercial license.

Marc Eichler

On Vacation
returns 05/30/2015
I can answer many types of questions on military and civil aviation, and aviation/aerospace history.

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2015-04-26 Time Building:

Sharon    I don't doubt there are some small operators who may be discriminatory as you describe. However, I did find that being a woman had it's benefits. For instance, another jumper could be accommodated

2015-04-22 Time Building:

Sharon    There are many who do not want to become a CFI to build time. I was one of them. There are options but what will be available to you depends on who is operating in your area and if you are insurable

2015-04-07 regional airline hiring:

- Has there been a substantial decline in flight school enrollment or people dropping out of flight schools through out the country due to the strict 1500 hour/atp rule?  In another words, has the new

2015-03-24 regional airline hiring:

Ian    The forecasts I have seen project the majors losing about 18,000 pilots by 2022 due to retirement attrition and there were just under 18,000 pilots were flying for the regional carriers in 2010

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