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Allan Wainwright

I have over 22 years of experience repairing and training technicians on how to repair TVís, working on the phone all day with techs all over the world. I specialize in home service of Projection, DLP, LCD and plasma televisions. I can fix most issues right on the spot and I am very good at answering questions and troubleshooting on MOST makes and models. IF YOU ARE IN ORANGE PARK,FL OR JACKSONVILLE,GREENCOVE. THEN I CAN FIX YOUR TV IN YOUR HOME. CALL ME AT TV REPAIR, BIG SCREEN TV REPAIR, IN HOME SERVICE


Consumer Electronics of all kinds. Audio, esoteric audio systems and components, video, tv. Digital equipment for consumer use. Ham radio and automotive electronics. Note: I give advice on tv repair based on general consumer electronics engineering experience but I am not engaged in actual repair of sets. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THE MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER AND AGE OF THE SET. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE RETURN ANSWER DURING THE NEXT 24 HOURS AS I TRY TO REPLY TO ALL QUESTIONS WITHIN THE SAME DAY IF NOT THE SAME HOUR.


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I am the owner and operator of a YouTube channel SpotOnElectronics that specifies in electronics .I am a CTS certified Audio Visual technician I have been in the A/V field for about 6 years now. I build and troubleshoot high end video and audio equipment in a corporate and home setting. I have experience in Video telecommunication, a deep understanding of audio, presentation/home theater systems and control systems. I studied and graduated from a technical college and majored in electronics. My knowledge of electronics is just as deep as that of the A/V field

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2014-12-22 Samsung tv issue:

I think the HDMI ports are on the main board.    There are several different boards for this model so you must get inside and to get the part number then order the part number that matches the board your

2014-12-20 Panasonic lcd 42" tv:

You probably have a failure occurring in the main board which process the digital video.    Replacing the main board would normally cost about 1/2 the value of the set; maybe less.  Since you did not give

2014-12-17 no picture on Sony:

This model is a bit troublesome as there are many Internet comments about similar problems - if you google for it.    My guess is the main board has failed. Good place to look is who has

2014-12-15 Panasonic spare parts:

Well, if you google for "P50st30m boards" you will get some listings of suppliers.    I doubt if any of them are in your part of the world so you may have to import them into your country.    ShopJimmy

2014-12-14 Sony TV:

Try this thread and see if it relates to your problem:    A 7 year old set may not be a good investment for a large $$ expenditure as my experience

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