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Consumer Electronics of all kinds. Audio, esoteric audio systems and components, video, tv. Digital equipment for consumer use. Ham radio and automotive electronics. Note: I give advice on tv repair based on general consumer electronics engineering experience but I am not engaged in actual repair of sets. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THE MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER AND AGE OF THE SET. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE RETURN ANSWER DURING THE NEXT 24 HOURS AS I TRY TO REPLY TO ALL QUESTIONS WITHIN THE SAME DAY IF NOT THE SAME HOUR.

Allan Wainwright

I have over 22 years of experience repairing and training technicians on how to repair TVís, working on the phone all day with techs all over the world. I specialize in home service of Projection, DLP, LCD and plasma televisions. I can fix most issues right on the spot and I am very good at answering questions and troubleshooting on MOST makes and models. IF YOU ARE IN ORANGE PARK,FL OR JACKSONVILLE,GREENCOVE. THEN I CAN FIX YOUR TV IN YOUR HOME. CALL ME AT TV REPAIR, BIG SCREEN TV REPAIR, IN HOME SERVICE

Tyrone Goldsberry

Tv's and small electronics which include radios, amps, game consuls and computers. I also repair appliances which include washers and dryers. I have almost 20 years as a repair tech and owned my own business for almost 10 years.

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2016-08-22 safe device:

I still don't understand why you are concerned about the base unit remaining ON.  It does not search; it merely has the weak signal in radiation mode and when the cordless phone is on and in range it will

2016-08-22 safe device:

The base machine is working all the time as long as it is powered normally.  It makes no difference if the wireless handheld is working or not.    I don't think it is searching in the technical sense;

2016-08-12 HDMI removable end cable:

Make certain you have 4k program in your location.  Stations don't broadcast much 4k programming and some cable companies strip the 4k signal and only send regular HD level program (or less).    In fact

2016-08-07 Emerson VHS/DVD Combo won't load tape:

The transport mechanisms on these machines are very tricky and difficult to troubleshoot.  Someone who has hands-on experience can sometimes find the defective or bent part and get them working again.

2016-07-21 westinghouse model 2480:    Read the above. It might help.    My first guess is the power supply board needs replaced.  You

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