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Sally Wendkos Olds

What do you want to know about breastfeeding? I can tell you what`s good for the baby, what`s good for the mother -- and the father, how it`s related to a woman`s sexuality, how working moms can nurse, how to overcome obstacles, and lots more. As the author of THE COMPLETE BOOK OF BREASTFEEDING and author or coauthor of 8 other books and more than 200 articles about child and adult development, I can offer sound, sensible advice on breastfeeding, child care and family issues.

Mary van Ede

South Africa
Anything related to Breastfeeding. Expressing when returning to work. Mastitis. Complications.

ruth kraft

Almost anything that is Birth, pregnancy, new mother or breastfeeding information. If you want to join my newsletter with monthly tips please email me at you can visit my website at

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2015-11-19 Breastfeeding:

I am not sure what herbs you have available in India. Fenugreek is one that will often help moms increase supply. She needs to nurse as often as possible and pump every 2 hours for 15 minutes  to get milk

2015-10-29 colostrum:

Hi there Erin,    Thank you so much for the message.    Congratulations on the 3rd little bean.     Well done for trying so hard the first two times.  Even though I might not agree with your decision,

2015-10-07 Prevent Breastmilk from Drying Up:

Dear Veronica,    Yes, I think you would probably be safe using hand-expression -- and cleaning both your hands and your breasts VERY thoroughly with hand sanitizer and/or a sanitizing wipe. Be sure you

2015-10-06 Prevent Breastmilk from Drying Up:

Dear Veronica,    No, this is not a silly question at all. And I'm sorry to have to tell you that if you do not sanitize your pump carefully after using it each time, yes, bacteria can grow in the pump

2015-09-23 Prevent Breastmilk from Drying Up:

Dear Veronica,    First, congratulations for giving your son the best start in life by breastfeeding him!    Second, I think you have covered your possible options --a hand pump or hand-expressing. I would

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