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Mary van Ede

South Africa
Anything related to Breastfeeding. Expressing when returning to work. Mastitis. Complications.

ruth kraft

Almost anything that is Birth, pregnancy, new mother or breastfeeding information. If you want to join my newsletter with monthly tips please email me at Ruth@honoringwomen.com you can visit my website at www.honoringwomen.com

Sally Wendkos Olds

What do you want to know about breastfeeding? I can tell you what`s good for the baby, what`s good for the mother -- and the father, how it`s related to a woman`s sexuality, how working moms can nurse, how to overcome obstacles, and lots more. As the author of THE COMPLETE BOOK OF BREASTFEEDING and author or coauthor of 8 other books and more than 200 articles about child and adult development, I can offer sound, sensible advice on breastfeeding, child care and family issues.

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2014-03-13 breastfeeding:

You never really know... sorry that may not be the answer that you wanted to hear :(     I have had many women who easily go on to nurse with seriously sensitive nipples. breastfeeding is a very different

2014-02-22 Breastfeeding:

Hello :) the quick answer to this is yes you can breastfeed if you put the work into it.   Although this is far more complicated than I can answer in this one reply....  If you haev a good double electric

2014-02-21 Breastfeeding and vitamins:

Hi there,    Thanks for your question.    I believe that whilst breastfeeding you should not take any supplements.    However, for feeling tired and mild depression you should try something rather like

2014-02-07 training my baby with bottles:

Many babies don't like bottles after they have been breastfeeding. Try giving a sippy cup instead as bottles are not really good for their mouths anyway. You can also try cups with spouts like reusable

2014-01-29 baby not gaining much weight while breasfeeding:

Expressing before is a good idea, but she also needs the foremilk as that satisfies thirst.  While she is nursing on the one breast, you can simultaneously express on the other breast for five minutes

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