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Warren Friedl, Pro Shop Owner/Operator, "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine columnist, certified coach

24 Years Pro Shop Owner/Operator, Small Shop columnist "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine (a trade publication). International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA) Charter member, IBPSIA Certified, IBPSIA "On Lanes" Certified, 2 Time Member of the IBPSIA Board of Directors and Past Secretary/Treasurer, Dick Ritger and USA Bowling Bronze certified. Certified Coach since National Bowling Council and YABA days.

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2015-07-10 Wood lanes:

Jemiel,  A five year old Brunswick Inferno should be more rolly, from normal wear and tear, as it's lost a significant amount of the resin that makes performance balls perform the way they do. Your higher

2015-07-09 Wood lanes:

Jemiel,  With no information about you, your equipment or the lane conditions, there is not much I can offer.     Not sure what you mean by "i bowl with a high end of ball resolution."     I can offer

2015-06-18 question about Ebonite Game Breaker 2:

Judy,  Return to the center that damaged the ball, explain what has happened and ask if they can either suggest a store that they will be willing to pay, to return your ball to its previous state or could

2015-06-18 The ball doesn't fit propery in my hand:

Edward,  Is the ball drilled for you to put the fingers into the second knuckle? Getting the hand flat on the ball is important. Being able to hold the ball so you do not need to squeeze to have it just

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