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Warren Friedl, Pro Shop Owner/Operator, "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine columnist, certified coach

24 Years Pro Shop Owner/Operator, Small Shop columnist "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine (a trade publication). International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA) Charter member, IBPSIA Certified, IBPSIA "On Lanes" Certified, 2 Time Member of the IBPSIA Board of Directors and Past Secretary/Treasurer, Dick Ritger and USA Bowling Bronze certified. Certified Coach since National Bowling Council and YABA days.

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2014-09-28 pitch:

Rodel,  Not knowing anything about your game, size, flexibility and texture of the thumb (and fingers), it's tough to fix a grip on the net. But, the adjustment made on your fingers was a 1/4 inch pitch

2014-09-28 pitch:

Rodel,  Shortening the middle finger when you've achieved the reason for the adjustment in the first place doesn't make sense. It's feeling ok but your performance has suffered. You can regain some control

2014-09-27 pitch:

Rodel,  Is your fit for a finger tip or conventional grip?     The finger pitch, what you call "forward pitch" causes the ball to leave your hand more quickly. Your terminology is vague, forward usually

2014-09-08 Youth bowler moving to adult league:

Jerry,  Each league controls its rules. Some can change or supplant suggested national USBC rules. You'd be best served contacting the officers of the league (the bowling center should be able to provide

2014-07-27 drilling a ball for a two handed bowler:

Ryan,  As a two handed player, the roll is controlled by top hand and wrist of the hand in the ball. The angles of the finger holes influence how you can roll the ball. But, your speed, axis tilt and axis

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