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Warren Friedl, Pro Shop Owner/Operator, "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine columnist, certified coach

24 Years Pro Shop Owner/Operator, Small Shop columnist "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine (a trade publication). International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA) Charter member, IBPSIA Certified, IBPSIA "On Lanes" Certified, 2 Time Member of the IBPSIA Board of Directors and Past Secretary/Treasurer, Dick Ritger and USA Bowling Bronze certified. Certified Coach since National Bowling Council and YABA days.

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2015-03-24 New Bowling Shot:

Brendan,  A bowling shop operator should walk you through ball options after seeing you bowl. The information gained: your ball speed, rev rate, Positive Axis Point and details of how you roll the ball

2015-03-12 Diliberate Fouls:

Doug,  Causing the light and buzzer to go off when a foul is detected, especially when done deliberately, disturbs others, and that in itself is bad sportsmanship. You may want to suggest to your league

2015-02-19 I am a 2-handed bowler:

Josh,  Success in bowling involves matching your rev rate and ball speed. It sounds like your two handed style has you hooking your DV8 Diva too much (or maybe your drift a bunch to the right??). Without

2015-02-16 bowling ball- Columbia 300 reddot:

Dana,    The Columbia Wrecking ball is similar to a house ball in construction (but coverstock is/started dull). The surface material or coverstock is urethane. Most house conditions are not very difficult

2015-02-16 Sports Shots:

Clayton,  Control drillings work better on flat patterns. The dramatic difference in the drill angles on your ball make it fine for house shots, but it would be typically too violent on more demanding

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