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David Daley

I taught Judo for over 25 years. I can answer all questions having to do with Judo. From beginners to experienced judoka. Strong in competition Judo. Training and exercise techniques.

Ed Carol

All questions about Judo, history, techniques, dojos, Senseis, National Organizations, uniforms, etc. Most questions about JiuJitsu, kinds, methods, history.

Neil Ohlenkamp

Mr. Ohlenkamp can answer any questions about Judo having practiced it since 1968. Author of a best-selling book on Judo and a 7th degree black belt, he compiled a comprehensive web site (JudoInfo.com) to provide the information to everyone.

David J. Ellis

David has been a state champion in both regular competition (shiai) and in forms (kata). David is currently an USA Judo National Referee. David Ellis has studied Judo continuously since 1975, and is currently a Yodan (fourth degree black belt). David has been a head Judo Instructor (aprox. 11 years) and an assistant Judo Instructor (over 15 years). David is currently the Head Assistant Instructor and Head Kata Instructor of Samurai Judo & Jujitsu in Melbourne, Florida

Sammi Harrelson

I am a 4th degree black belt black in the arts of Judo and Jujitsu. I`ve been in this field since 1984, started at the age of 34. I have been competting since that time and instructing since 1986. I also instruct womens` self-defense classes. I have been a national and international champion several times. Armlocks are my favorite way to win in tournaments.

Peter Boyes

I have been doing Judo in the UK since 1974. I am currently based in Bristol, England but regularly attend tournaments and seminars around the country. If I can`t help you, I probably know a man who can!

Tim J. Kader

Kodakon Judo 2nd degree black (Nidan), Sport Judo, not into competition. Life member United States Judo Assoc. Been in JUDO since 1983.

Takis Vakatasis

Mr. Takis Vakatasis can answer any questions about Judo having practiced for 33 years. He is a 5th degree black belt and 2 judo books in his writing project 1. JUDO-Applications of Training Theory and Techniques 2. Kumi-Kata The master of the game. he own the Portal for Judo (www.judo.com.gr & www.judoforum.gr) supported Greek and English languages.

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2014-05-16 Judo principles vs edged weapons?:

As a Judoka since 1985 and a police officer for many years, when the subject of facing a edge weapon comes up....the unwritten rule for police officers is DON'T LET A SUBJECT ARMED WITH A EDGED WEAPON

2014-05-16 Attacking judo?:

Judo is a sport.....sort of.  Mostly it is a method of studying JiuJutsu without injury.  Most Judo Sensei will teach Blackbelts wrist locks, strikes and kicks along with some more dangerous techniques

2014-05-16 Judo principles vs edged weapons?:

Hi Jack  So sorry this took so long,  I was gone over the weekend and when I got back I tired 3 times to answer this question, but cooldn.t for some reason get the preview button and the spell check buttons

2014-05-16 How would you realistically use judo physics against edged weapons? Or does it totally not work for that type of fight?:

Let me start this answer by stating any martial art taught well will say don't put yourself in a position where you will have to use it especially against a weapon.    In the Judo/Jujitsu (Pre WW II Judo)

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