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Tom Newman

Just about anything to do with scouting. I have been honored to recieve both the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver. I have been associated with Cub Scouting for about 16 years. I served 8 years as Cubmaster and 8 years as Committee Chairman. I was Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner for 1 year and Cub Scout Pack Commissioner for 2 years. I have served 15 years with Boy Scouting. Three years as Assistant Scoutmaster and then formed my own troop as Scoutmaster 12 years ago. I am also working as an adult advisor for the Order of the Arrow, which is the elite campers of Boy Scouts. I have ran several major events for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, including a Pinewood Derby, a Spring Camporee, a Fall Camporee, and 2 Klondike Derbys. In the 12 years since forming our troop I have had 22 Eagle Scouts.

james hennessey

I'll answer any questions


Six Years Scoutmaster, Three years Cubmaster, three years WEBELOS Den Leader, Trainer for: Scoutmaster Fundamentals, WEBELOS Ldr Training, youth leader training. Wide variety of Scouting experiences to include WoodBadge.

Paul Cowan

I can answer all Scouting questions related to the Boy Scouts of America. I am more comfortable answering questions on the administrative side of Scouting rather than the practical side but I can give insight as to BSA rules and regulations.

Glenn Jones

Questions regarding Venture Scouting, a co-ed scouting program for youth ages 14-20.

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