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Marc Rubin, RPh Asthma Educator

I have worked directly with patients as well as caregivers for over 30 years. Have made presentations throughout Illinois educating school nurses as well as the teaching and coaching staff of public schools about asthma, and how they should respond to these students needs. Presented a public education program on asthma through the US Department of Public Health. Specialize in helping guide asthmatic patients to take control of their disease in order to live a near-normal, fully active life.

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2014-03-15 peak flow improving greatly with inhaler--asthma?:

Hello Kelli,       I'd like to apologize for the delay in this response. All experts apparently had a technical problem. After I completely entered a response two days ago, it wiped out everything, in

2014-02-20 symptoms came back-BRONCHITIS:

Hi Joe,      First I want to apologize for the protracted delay. I've had a number of issues with my internet connections, and AT&T finally came out and replace ALL of the hardware (router, wireless hub

2014-02-19 asthma:

Joyce, thank you.     I agree, this doesn't make sense. Treatment in response to cough, wheeze...yes. Low peak flow readings...yes. But giving a treatment 3x/week with a medication that lasts 4 hours??

2014-02-15 asthma:

Hi Joyce,      Ahh, what 3 times a week? Medication? Peak flow testing?  If a medication, which? Also, on the primary page of my back ground, I request information about the patient and environment to

2014-02-01 If you wanted to know:

Hi Joe,    Kenalog is 8-10 hours peak levels vs. 2 for pred. One shot of Kenalog is cleared from the system in five days. Prednisone is cleared and 20 hours. Much less likely to suppress the body's normal

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