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I am an expert in Middle Eastern history, and Israeli history in particular. My main focus is Biblical analysis, the origins of Islam, and medieval and modern historical events in Israel. Everything you see happening in the world today, has a history.

Abdulhamid Dogan

I can answer questions related to Islam, Middle East and Eurasian politics, especially questions related to Turkey and Turkish politics.

Jerrold Cohen

I can answer all kinds of questions about Israeli soldier, policeman, and settler abuse(s) of the occupied Palestinian people, including terrorism against civilians and their property, and other violations of international law. In fact I have a book written and published on the subject. My expertise is very high for incidents that have occurred during the past seven years. I can discuss demolitions of Palestinian civilians' homes for strictly administrative reasons, controlled completely by the Israelis, destruction of Palestinian crops, separation of Palestinians from their farms by the "security" wall, and all kinds of confrontation incidents in which Palestinians are harmed, kidnapped, or killed, or tortured. I might be helpful in other questions about Israel in areas such as politics, or specific issues of concern to most Israelis. For example, it is clear to me that at this time, most Israelis fear nuclear buildup in Iran, and there is often talk among Israelis about using a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. I can discuss to some extent Israeli medical advances, possibly fashions. Mainly, my area of attention is and has been the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians.

Mayer Nudell

Questions related to terrorism, travel security, crisis management, contingency planning, and related matters.

Andreas Moser

On Vacation
returns 12/01/2015
Questions about politics, history, international relations and law of the Middle East. Special focus on Israel/Palestine and on Iran.

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