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David Moran

I can answer questions about radar and large scale meteorology. If a question looks like homework, I won't answer it.

Harry Hayfield

If given any US zipcode I can give you a forecast (detailed for the next 24 hours and summarised for the next five to ten days) and explain what precisely is likely to happen

Donald Rosenfeld

Any questions (except private) answered from the 1st grade level on up pertaining to any aspect of Weather. I am a 20 year member of the American Meteorological society and a long time forecaster of eastern United States snow storms and Hurricanes.

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2016-06-14 Temperature gradient terminology:

Hi Bridget    Lets agree first on what a temperature "gradient" is. It is when an air mass has a temperature difference over some distance. In the case of horizontal distance, an "intense" gradient would

2016-06-08 Weather Observations:

Hi Lou    "I do know there are lots of volunteers who send in their data from their own mini-weather stations."    It is true that allot of citizens forward their storm reports to TV and Radio station

2016-06-01 night weather temperatures Chicago:

Hi Todd    Chicago is greatly influenced by the temperature of Lake Michigan. Some summers are affected by the winter's impact on lake temperatures. Strong polar high pressures can bring abnormal temperatures

2016-05-22 Cloud color:

Hi Raelynne    Snow clouds are brighter because snow is white. Thunderstorm clouds are darker because of the greater thickness due to the overall height of the cloud.    For more info, see:    http://www

2016-05-17 Wind speeds for Boston Trend:

Hi Carl    I think that the last few years that has been true; but, I don't have direct info on that:    http://www.johnhancock

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