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David Moran

I can answer questions about radar and large scale meteorology. If a question looks like homework, I won't answer it.

Harry Hayfield

If given any US zipcode I can give you a forecast (detailed for the next 24 hours and summarised for the next five to ten days) and explain what precisely is likely to happen

Donald Rosenfeld

Any questions (except private) answered from the 1st grade level on up pertaining to any aspect of Weather. I am a 20 year member of the American Meteorological society and a long time forecaster of eastern United States snow storms and Hurricanes.

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2014-04-05 elevated thunderstorms:

The problem is that the outflow winds, because of the higher elevation of the storm, would be somewhat weaker than normal at the surface and thus it would be a contest of direction and speed at any intersection

2014-04-03 elevated thunderstorms:

Hi Matt    Elevated thunderstorms, by their name, indicated a thunderstorm that occurs at a higher elevation then normal thunderstorms. The cloud base of an elevated thunderstorm is also higher than normal

2014-03-25 Coriolis Effect:

Hi Peter    Here's some good info on the Coriolis Effect that should answer your questions:    http://www.theweatherprediction.com/habyhints/27/    http://fraser.cc/BadScience/Bad/BadCoriolis.html    http://www

2014-03-09 Jet Streams:

Hi Bhavnish    Jet streams are formed by temperature contrasts between air masses:    http://tinyurl.com/ygqof6    http://tinyurl.com/yc5hg85    The wavy pattern is also caused by temperature differences

2014-03-07 Radar GRLevel 2 or 3 ?:

Hi David    You can get a demo of GRLevel 2 for free at:    http://www.grlevelx.com/gr2analyst_2/    As to which is better:    http://www.stormtrack.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-29781.html    http://www

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