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David Moran

I can answer questions about radar and large scale meteorology. If a question looks like homework, I won't answer it.

Donald Rosenfeld

Any questions (except private) answered from the 1st grade level on up pertaining to any aspect of Weather. I am a 20 year member of the American Meteorological society and a long time forecaster of eastern United States snow storms and Hurricanes.

Harry Hayfield

If given any US zipcode I can give you a forecast (detailed for the next 24 hours and summarised for the next five to ten days) and explain what precisely is likely to happen

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2015-01-19 Temp changes and low pressure system:

Hi Kellie    An airmass of colder air that overtakes a low pressure area on the surface would be called a  reinforcing secondary cold front. This would simply make the surface teperatures fall even more

2015-01-15 Weather maps - dashed lines:

Hi Willow    On the surface weather map the dashed lines are most likely isotherms:    For more about lines on weather maps:

2015-01-03 tornados tomorrow???:

Hi Melissa, I'm not at the office, but from what I could see online, there may be a few tornadoes, but they should be fairly weak. I won't be in the office until tonight, but if you have any more questions

2014-12-30 rain:

Hi Randy,    As wind blows over the lake, it can evaporate water into the atmosphere. As this water condenses, it creates clouds and possibly rain. Basically, the lake water starts the cloud formation

2014-12-22 Arthritis and the weather:

Hi Kim    For accurate barometric readings try:    For a barometer to buy:    Light rain events usually are

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