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Harry Hayfield

If given any US zipcode I can give you a forecast (detailed for the next 24 hours and summarised for the next five to ten days) and explain what precisely is likely to happen

David Moran

I can answer questions about radar and large scale meteorology. If a question looks like homework, I won't answer it.

Donald Rosenfeld

Any questions (except private) answered from the 1st grade level on up pertaining to any aspect of Weather. I am a 20 year member of the American Meteorological society and a long time forecaster of eastern United States snow storms and Hurricanes.

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2015-10-03 Storm Surge Question:

Hi Kim    Typically the winds are lighter on the west side of the storm than on the east. Also, if there were an orographic feature blocking the wind that was blowing from the north. Also, water levels

2015-10-02 Question about the eye of a Hurricane:

Hi Kim    With any hurricane, if you are at sea on ANY boat, the boat should head away from the storm and not trust a forecast of intensity.    If you head into the calm of the eye you will be traveling

2015-10-02 Question about Storm surge?:

Hi Kim    If you are along the the northern side of the Gulf of Mexico a hurricane will have a storm surge to the east of the center (eye) when the storm passes from ocean to land. The reason is that on

2015-10-02 Hi. Question about a blizzard this last winter.:

Yes, the media do tend to get a little carried away with the names they give to various weather events. The blizzard that you are thinking of happened between January 25th and January 28th 2015 (with the

2015-09-30 bright star:

It's not the best picture in the world, but I believe that's Venus. From Austin Venus is visible in the dawn sky. It will rise at 04:02 (CDT), 3 hours and 19 minutes before the Sun, and attain an altitude

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