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Will Creed

I am the only expert in this category with professional hands-on experience and knowledge of all indoor plants. I can answer questions regarding light, water, fertilizer, repotting, pruning and humidity and temperature requirements. I can identify plant pests and provide information on safe, effective treatments. My answers are based on 35 years of professional experience and scientific research and are clear and easy to understand. I do NOT use search engines to find answers to your questions. If you read my previous posts here, you will get a good idea as to how thorough and professional my answers are.

Richard Hern

I can answer many common garden center/greenhouse houseplant questions such as , proper care, propagation of, pest problems, identification, growing mediums, construction, etc. & many more..


I am knowledgeable and experienced (professionally) in the care of many different kinds of houseplants as well as the pests and diseases common to houseplants. I have had a lot of experience and success with most propagation techniques. I am also knowledgeable and experienced with artificial lighting for plants. I can answer questions about all aspects of 'indoor gardening'. Not only questions about growing foliage plants and starting seeds under artificial plant lighting but also questions about artificial plant light system set up, supplemental artificial lighting and cost. ~ I can help identify plants accurately ONLY if you submit a picture of the plant with your question.~

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2016-04-30 My New(ish) Fiddle Leaf Fig: Restoring Shine, Thoughts on Pruning, and Encouraging Growth:

Hi Roger,    Thanks for including the clear photos. That is always helpful. It is apparent that your Ficus lyrata is healthy and well cared for. That means that you should not make any major changes in

2016-04-30 braided gardenia:

Hi James.    I wish you had contacted me BEFORE you repotted and root pruned, as I would have strongly advised against doing either.     Flowering plants do best and are most likely to bloom when they

2016-04-29 sunburnt echeveria?:

Hi Melly,    I cannot say for sure whether the withered leaves were caused by too much sun or seriously damaged roots. I would need more information to properly make that determination.    Outside direct

2016-04-28 Fiddle Leaf Fig:

Hi Amanda,    Thanks for the top ratings and for getting back to me with the photos.     The pot size appears to be appropriate, so it will need to be watered thoroughly as soon as the soil surface or

2016-04-25 Fiddle Leaf Fig:

Hi Amanda,    I suspect that inadequate watering is causing the leaf drop, although inadequate light may also be a problem.    Ficus lyratas must be right in front of an unobstructed, completely uncovered

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