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2014-06-24 Engine swap:

These questions will be very difficult to get the answers to in my opinion. You might get the helpful info you are seeking from an in house engineer at GM in Detroit. I would have gone with the same year

2014-06-21 power window repair:

Well if all the other windows work right then it must be either in the switch at that window ,or that window motor. Power is supplied to windows so that opposite corners are on same circuit . Regardless

2014-06-17 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic gauges:

If it happened after timing chain replacement, I would have the shop responsible for giving you back a car that is not acceptable, go back over their procedure and determine what they did not hook up

2014-06-07 1999 tahoe pump:

What do you mean. I am trying to understand ; other than when a fuel pump has  RFI, how does one know if he needs a fuel pump with the RFI on it? Does your radio have static ? The two things that can cause

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