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Jeff Brinkley

I have been working on Chevrolet and other makes for 30 years. I can answer almost all Mechanical, electrical, suspension, steering, runability, questions. I can not answer questions about body work.

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2015-08-28 2009 Chevy Cobalt - need to prioritize repairs:

Hello Christine,  I apologize for the long wait. Somehow I didn't receive your question. I have it now. So let me help you. A lot of people don't realize that advance and autozone just read the codes.

2015-08-20 bucking lose of power:

Did you just fill up? Sounds like either your fuel pump is going out, which will not set a code. Or an injector or coil. Most of the time coil or injector will set a code. You might have to have it put

2015-08-18 Compression problem:

Hi John,   My opinion is you probably have worn rings. So it will cost you a lot more than $500 guaranteed. If it was my vehicle I would have a rebuilt or used engine put in. Although I have always been

2015-08-11 smoke:

Hi Slayde,  Does the exhaust put out liquid? It could be a leak in the intake gasket. It will cause coolant to seep into the exhaust but will take awhile to drop the level. Does your exhaust smell like

2015-08-04 Brake light on:

What brake light is on? Make sure your emergency brake is all the way released. Also if the brake light is still on, tap the master cylinder lightly and have someone see if the light flickers. If it does

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