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Any questions pertaining to Alignment, brakes, emissions systems, major engine repair foreign and domestic, performance and the not so common questions such as the chemistry related to emissions, What scavenging is, piston offset, purpose of harmonic balancer etc.

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2014-04-23 2006 Chevy Cobalt Suspension and Electrical?:

Wow. Well you have a lot of thing's going haywire. I Think I may be able to help you with a few questions, but not all. Hope this helps. The wobble may be because the shock absorbers are worn out. The

2014-04-22 Need some suggestion about the codes:

po 449: Check the the label under the hood for the routing of the evap system, trace all the lines and verify that none are cracked, split or broken. any leaks will set off this code. So do this.If nothing

2014-04-21 1988 chev. nova:

There is an electrical drain most likely. Get a 12volt test light [One for checking continuity,no battery in it]. Remove positive battery lead from battery terminal. Clip alligator clip on your test light

2014-04-19 chirping noise:

That's a push rod engine. If you have narrowed the location down to the area of the water pump, and that's with the pump deactivated, there are only so many other possibilities......          Because

2014-04-18 Engine repairs:

Either on the air filter housing or valve cover there should be a vacuum diagram.back in those years it was very difficult to distinguish vacuum systems and routing by using just the manual or sticker

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