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Federal income tax questions.

IJ Zemelman, EA MBA

I am an IRS-authorized EA and principal of a Tax Preparation firm focusing on U.S. Expatriates. We specialize in all tax issues faced by American citizens living abroad - such as foreign earned income, tax treaties, foreign spouse, etc. Visit our website - - for more information.

Randall Brody, EA, MBA, CCP

Tax Samaritan is a boutique firm specializing in the preparation of taxes and the resolution of tax problems for Americans living abroad, as well as the unique tax issues that apply to taxpayers that are gamblers, teachers, nurses and military.


Tax and general business including hospitality related (hotel mgmt degree and experience in industry prior to obtaining ms tax and cpa).

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2015-05-21 gift tax:

Ang,    Thanks for your question.    The gift tax and the income tax are two unrelated taxes. You do not get a deduction on your income tax return for a gift. Similarly, the recipient does not report the

2015-05-12 LLC Loan Tax Implications:

Hi  sorry for delay.  Am building a new house and did not see your original email.    Loan is tracked and treated separately from income and net income.      Loan and income are not really related.  And

2015-05-06 Future tax issues for property owned in a trust which is a partnership asset:

Mary,    Thanks for your question.    You will have to obtain a valuation of the business as of the date of death. You can hire a business valuation specialist or do it yourself. Here is a quick overview

2015-05-05 Spouses residing in different states:

Welcome to my world (ct restrictive gun laws)    As long as you follow the true intent.. register to vote, go to church get mail. Go to doctors etc  you should be fine.    State returns will be a little

2015-05-05 Is Disability Insurance taxable in New Jersey?:

Alan,    Thanks for your question.    When you picked a state to live in, you chose well for your situation. The state of NJ does not tax disability benefits, even if subject to federal tax. Also, just

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