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Richard Fritzler

Specializing in Business and Corporate taxation. Comparing the advantages and requirements of different business entities, such as Sub-S Corporations, LLC`s, Partnerships (Both Limited and General), Doing Business as a Sole Proprietor, or Using a C-Corporation. Issues regarding K-1 distributions, 1040, schedule C, 1120, 1120s. Are you considering domiciling a Corporation in a low tax state? I can review the benefits and misinformation that exists.


Tax and general business including hospitality related (hotel mgmt degree and experience in industry prior to obtaining ms tax and cpa).

Randall Brody, EA, MBA, CCP

Tax Samaritan is a boutique firm specializing in the preparation of taxes and the resolution of tax problems for Americans living abroad, as well as the unique tax issues that apply to taxpayers that are gamblers, teachers, nurses and military.

John Stancil, CPA

I can answer questions on personal income taxes, partnerships, and some corporate income taxes. I can deal with some state tax questions. Limited gift and estate tax questions. I am also familiar with ministerial and church tax reporting issues. I am Professor Emeritus at Florida Southern College. Sales taxes and property taxes are state and local issues so I am not likely be be able to give you an in depth answer on those types of taxes. I have maintained a CPA practice, specializing in tax, for over 35 years. I am a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals, The Florida Insititute of CPA's, The NCPE Fellowship, and the Institute of Management Accountants. Visit my website at I also offer seminars and consultations to churches and clergy on their tax issues at Also visit my blog, I am listed on Tax Connections at Prepare and file your own taxes at

IJ Zemelman, EA MBA

Maxed Out
I am an IRS-authorized EA and principal of a Tax Preparation firm focusing on U.S. Expatriates. We specialize in all tax issues faced by American citizens living abroad - such as foreign earned income, tax treaties, foreign spouse, etc. Visit our website - - for more information.


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Federal income tax questions.

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2015-01-30 Head-of-Household Filing Status:

Alan,    Thanks for your question.    You're overthinking this. Support mean anything you spent to support her, including a share of items such as housing. If she spent all her income, you must provide

2015-01-29 Filing exempt on W4??:

Michelle,    Thanks for your question.    It is illegal to file as exempt unless you had no tax liability in the pr vinous year and do not anticipate one in the current year.     Taking home more of your

2015-01-29 Filing exempt on taxes??:

no  exempt is even worse than 6... you will continue to owe more tax each year. yes, you filed for 6 so you could "have more money to work with" but that means you owed tax.      how much do you owe the

2015-01-29 distributin of trust capgains:

Joel,    Thanks for your question.    Based on tax law, yes.  You can make a capital gains distribution.  However, the terms of the trust may be more restrictive than tax law so you need to consult the

2015-01-28 pension lump sum and tax brackets:

hi rosemary    you need professional advice.      you should be able to roll all of the payouts into an IRA and only take what you want when you want.      yes. your taxes will go up if you take it all

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