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Laurie McLaughlin

I can answer questions about basic Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism and meditation especially how the Buddha's teachings can help us in day to day living.

Alex Wilding

I have practiced and studied Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions since the early 1970s, and have a good knowledge of theory, history and of the struggles of trying to practice the teachings, including meditation, while leading a normal, modern life. I am also available to provide background information for journalists.


1) Thai buddhism 2) Thai amulets from Lord buddha, his Thai monks, Jatukam, or other gods 3) Thai occult belief 4) Thai sacred charm items 5) Meaning of Thai tattoo, yantra, mantra, etc.

Joe McSorley

I can answer questions dealing with Taoist philosophy and Zen and not the historicity and religion of Buddhism and its different schools. I studied under Dr. Richard DeMartino and Masao Abe of the Kyoto School of Zen.

John Willemsens aka Advayavadananda

I can answer all questions about Advayavada Buddhism, in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Justin Choo

All your questions will be answered, and you may not have to agree with the answers. Such is the beauty of Buddhism. I follow the Theravada tradition, and have been studying Buddhism for more than 40 years. As I am not a Buddhist scholar, I answer in simple language, and I prefer answering general questions rather than textual.

Ko Thiha

Primarily I can answer any questions related to meditation and Buddhist tradition in Myanmar (Burma). This includes present traditions as well as past history, and such traditions as Pa Auk, SN Goenka, Mahasi, Shwe Oo Min, etc. I can respond to technical questions on technique, questions on history and lineage, and practical questions for seekers to the Golden Land. In some cases I can compare Burmese Buddhist tradition to other Buddhist countries and the experience found in the West.

Stuart Resnick

On Vacation
returns 05/01/2015
I'm a long-time practitioner in a Korean-style Zen school. I can answer questions regarding Zen, formal sitting meditation, self-inquiry, the practice of "koan" transmission, and offer the particular perspective of this school on the great life questions.

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2015-03-23 Buddhism questions:

Hi Maddison,    > Do buddhists have a creation story?    Not exactly. There are a few descriptions of what we might call a "mythical prehistory", much of which is shared with Hindu and other cultures.

2015-03-18 SGI Buddhism:

Hi Jennifer,    I haven't looked closely at SGI, so I can't give a considered and informed answer. What I *can* do is tell you what people say, which is that it is shallow and encourages a "blind faith"

2015-03-05 Questions Concerning Buddhism!:

Hello Ben -    Thank you so much for letting me answer your questions.     The first question I can only answer in gross generalizations as each country Buddhism spread to interpreted Buddhas teachings

2015-03-03 Questions Concerning Buddhism!:

Hello there Ben -    Before I answer your question, I want to clarify what you mean by Northern and Southern Buddhism. Do you mean Buddhism that is practiced in Viet Nam for example as opposed to Buddhism

2015-03-01 Questions:

Dear Anna,  These are big questions that you may need to research, but briefly:  1. Our origins are lost in the mists of beginningless time; round and round in the cycle of rebirth unless we become enlightened

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