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Robert Sobotor LDO

Eye Glasses: fit, adjustment, and function Frames and Lenses: materials, benefits, limitations,progressive vs. bi-focal and adaptation Contact Lenses: tips on wearing, insertion and removal, comfort and proper cleaning and care Visual Complaints: Whether you have a history of unresolved visual complaints, never had a pair of glasses “feel right” or “I saw better out of my old pair” I can help troubleshoot visual complaints resulting from new glasses by determining, based on your observations and feelings, what the likely causes are and explaining them to you in a way that gives you a clear understanding and a shorter adaptation period. Contact lens Care: Tips and suggestions that I have used to teach first time contact lens wearers, even pre-teen and adolescent children, to quickly give them the skills and confidence to put in and remove their contact lenses. Tips on getting them in fast in the morning and out quickly at night without having that itchy feeling when you remove them. I can explain to you the makeup of the tear layer and how it can directly affect the comfort of your contacts based on little thing like computer use, heating and air in the car and office, that .....

John M. Dovie, OD, FAAO

As a residency-trained Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry I am able to answer most questions regarding eye and vision health. Anything is welcome, ranging from dry or allergy eyes, bifocal contact lenses, or thoughts on LASIK surgery. As I am not a surgeon, detail-oriented surgical-related questions may be better answered by an ophthalmologist.

Mitchell Axelrod

I'm happy to answer questions about eye exam findings and procedures, glasses and contact lens types/prescriptions/problems. I can also answer questions about general eye conditions/diseases. I do not answer questions concerning surgical techniques/procedures. Please state your age or within a small range when asking questions, as it is often important.


Any and all questions with regard to ocular ailments, eye diseases as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, etc , eye and visual sympomatology, eyeglasses, contact lenses, low or subnormal vision, pediatric vision conditions,and special and unique ailments will be discussed.

Optom. Amit Sharma

On Vacation
returns 10/20/2015
Happy to answer any question related to the field of Optometry and opticals. Specialize in Corneal, corneal-limbal and Scleral RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable ) contact lenses for keratoconus, post lasik ectasia , dry eyes, etc,

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2015-09-27 black football shaped shadow in my vision:

So long as there's no retinal detachment or retinal tear it is most likely a posterior vitreous detachment or vitreous floaters if it's extremely annoying to you you can have it lasered by a procedure:

2015-09-16 ophtalmology and optometry:

Get a head MRI to rule out intracranial pathology. Other causes could be near point stress. Tension, anxiety, refractive error.   Get another opinion  also if your doctor felt that you don't need glasses

2015-09-11 Stenotype machine for Medical transcript.:

Prashant S Akerkar,    The health care industry has already moved largely away from dictation and has transitioned into entering the data on a computer or tablet. Each member of the health care team fills

2015-09-09 blepharitis:

Anta,    Thank you so much for the question. Occasional mild crusting isn't a major issue in an otherwise health individual. The shampoo can have a very different PH than your eye and be an irritant. The

2015-09-08 post cataract surgery:

Inmost cases the flickering will spontaneously resolve. there is no correlation  to the amount of time that the surgery takes and the occurrence of flickering .most likely ,the flickering is due to the

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