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Nancy Brough, MA, former speech pathologist

I can answer any question about swallowing disorders and acquired and/or developmental communication disorders. Examples are aphasia, brain injury (traumatic or from strokes), and degenerative neurologic diseases. I also have specialized knowledge in craniofacial disorders (i.e., cleft palate.)

MMA Ravindu Bandara

Sri Lanka
I can answer any physiotherapy related conditions.such as, 1. Any Orthopaedic condition. 2. Rheumatological conditions. 3. Neurological conditions. 4. Respiratory conditions. 5. Paediatric conditions. 6. Soft tissue managements. 7. Pr and post operative management.

Brian Neville, OTR/L, CWCE

I can answer questions about both conservative and post-operative rehabilitation for UPPER extremity injuries. These include but are not limited to: fractures, tendon repairs, tendon transfers, nerve repairs, lacerations, tenolysis procedures, TFCC injuries, repetitive motion disorders, reconstructive procedures. I have an advanced knowledge of UPPER extremity anatomy and industrial rehabilitation. I have extensive splinting skills for injuries to the upper extremity. Although not a physician or a surgeon I have worked closely with world renowned upper extremity specialists for over 10 years. I can give general information on what some of the most common upper extremity surgeries involve. I can reference those procedures as well. PLEASE DON'T ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE NECK, SHOULDER, ARM/HAND. I'M NOT QUALIFIED AND KNOW ABSOLUTELY ZERO ABOUT BACKS/HIPS/KNEES/ANKLES/ETC. THANK YOU!!!

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2015-04-12 Shoulder Impingement:

Things like this happen often.  It may not be a true "referred pain" but rather things have started to function differently because of the impingement.  I would highly recommend strengthening your lower

2015-03-18 Extensor Flexors:

You shouldn't need one from a hand specialist.  Any MD will do.  Ultrasound uses cavitation to heat tissue which increases blood flow.  Again, same concept as paraffin heat, etc.  So it will help although

2015-03-18 Hand pain:

Dear Jim,  According to you I feel that you dont have tendinitis. YOu have multiple joint pain. I dont know the small joints of your body been swollen? If there is swelling with pain and restricted movements

2015-03-18 Extensor Flexors:

Ok here you're right on track.  Tendonitis of the extensor digitorum communis or the "common finger extensors".  Scrap the contrast baths, ice, and definitely rubber band exercise.  If anything

2015-03-17 what is wrong with me:

Hi, Helen,  My sense is you have a bacterial middle ear infection as a secondary infection from the throat virus you had. That would explain several things:  1. Balance problems due to pressure on the

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