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Brian Neville, OTR/L, CHT, CWCE

I can answer questions about both conservative and post-operative rehabilitation for UPPER extremity injuries. These include but are not limited to: fractures, tendon repairs, tendon transfers, nerve repairs, lacerations, tenolysis procedures, TFCC injuries, repetitive motion disorders, reconstructive procedures. I have an advanced knowledge of UPPER extremity anatomy and industrial rehabilitation. I have extensive splinting skills for injuries to the upper extremity. Although not a physician or a surgeon I have worked closely with world renowned upper extremity specialists for over 10 years. I can give general information on what some of the most common upper extremity surgeries involve. I can reference those procedures as well. PLEASE DON'T ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE NECK, SHOULDER, ARM/HAND. I'M NOT QUALIFIED AND KNOW ABSOLUTELY ZERO ABOUT BACKS/HIPS/KNEES/ANKLES/ETC. THANK YOU!!!

Nancy Brough, MA, former speech pathologist

I can answer any question about swallowing disorders and acquired and/or developmental communication disorders. Examples are aphasia, brain injury (traumatic or from strokes), and degenerative neurologic diseases. I also have specialized knowledge in craniofacial disorders (i.e., cleft palate.)

MMAR Bandara

Sri Lanka
I can answer any physiotherapy related conditions.such as, 1. Any Orthopaedic condition. 2. Rheumatological conditions. 3. Neurological conditions. 4. Respiratory conditions. 5. Paediatric conditions. 6. Soft tissue managements. 7. Pr and post operative management.

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2014-03-12 fractured femur:

Dear Roxy,  First one is confused.  Possible causes for the knee pain are,  1.Arthritis- Painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints  2.Bursitis- Inflammation of a bursa  3.Tendonitis- Inflammation

2014-03-03 strange arm pain since 1 year:

My guess is a radial nerve irritation at the Arcade of Froshe....or cubital tunnel syndrome.  I have seen ulnar nerve subluxation also but it doesn't sound like you have any symptoms.  Just a guess.  

2014-02-09 radial head replacement/druj pinning:

You need to realize that crush injuries are some of the worst due to injuring bone, soft tissue (tendon & ligaments), etc.  They are usually accompanied with significant swelling which can be detrimental

2014-01-18 comminuted fracture femur:

Dear Roxy  I answered your early question. Swelling and pain will subside if he continues the exercises well. Really it depends on the exercises. Your physio may have told him some static quads and Hams

2014-01-18 Exercises for elbow:

AOk Maddi...stop being stubborn.  You're dealing with your health here and you aren't in high school.  Ok I'll stop lecturing you but had to say it.    You likely have ligamentous instability in the joint

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