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Craig Wormald

I can answer most questions about Emergency driving and different uses of equipment also Emergency care and transport using basic equipment for non basic situations.

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EMT-B. First Aid Instructor Trainer.

Dave Hammond

What topics should a first aid kit cover? All aspects of keeping first aid skills and confidence current after training. New training and product technology.

Marcus LaBarbera

I am available to answer most questions related to: first aid, pre- hospital medicine, EMT and Paramedic questions, medical transport, critical care transport, ICU/CCU care, sedation, and medicine in general.

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2015-08-08 Chunk of Skin Cut Off:

Matt,   First thank you for choosing all experts. Next, I would like to apologize for the lengthy delay in response. I believe if you are in fear of any worsening of your condition and believe you are

2015-08-06 Cut Thumb Deeply:

Hi: Marina;    Sorry for the delay in responding. If you are not able to control the bleeding by now, please go the ER or walk in clinic. That is most important. If bleeding is stopped, keep the area clean

2015-07-23 insesticide poisoning:

You don't say what other symptom's you are having other than your nose feels funny....If he sprayed it on the floor and you were near the counter you could have breathed some in, but I think you will be

2015-06-08 instant ice packs:

Hi Theo;    Most instant ice packs only provide quick temporary relief and all have about the same duration which they maintain the cold. I would also consider putting cushion gel inserts into your shoes

2015-06-08 instant cold packs:

Hello Theo,   Thank you for choosing all experts, and your question. Unfortunately, each ice pack serves the same purpose and will depend upon several factors including the temperature in which it is used

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