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Craig Wormald

I can answer most questions about Emergency driving and different uses of equipment also Emergency care and transport using basic equipment for non basic situations.

Dave Hammond

What topics should a first aid kit cover? All aspects of keeping first aid skills and confidence current after training. New training and product technology.

No Longer Available

No Longer Available in this category.


EMT-B. First Aid Instructor Trainer.

Marcus LaBarbera

I am available to answer most questions related to: first aid, pre- hospital medicine, EMT and Paramedic questions, medical transport, critical care transport, ICU/CCU care, sedation, and medicine in general.

Stephen Bernhard

I can assist with answering or finding the answers to questions involving first aid, CPR, emergency first response, and general procedures of the emergency medical services (not specific to any specific organization, but I may be able to shed some light on why they do the things they do).

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2016-02-07 cut the tip of my thumb:

Hello Dorthy,    It sounds like you have a less severe injury though cuts at the ends of fingers can be very painful and can cause problems when you try to use your fingers for about a week after. Keep

2016-01-01 wound not healing:

Hi Chris;    Let me first apologize for the delay in responding. Given your description it does sound as if foreign material could be in the wound. Have you tried soaking the finger in warm water to allow

2015-12-31 Fiction - broken bones in upper body:

Hello again Jess,    The character may have nausea/ vomiting from pain especially in the pain involved the abdomen. He would be less likely to "pass out " from the pain (I've rarely seen anyone pass out

2015-12-31 Fiction - broken bones in upper body:

Hello Jess,    Severe trauma in young adults usually follows the same request "AAAH!...AAAH!... NO.. WAIT... DON'T MOVE ME.. PLEASE DON'T MOVE ME!... JUST WAIT...AAAH!" Once bones are splinted there is

2015-12-11 aspiration pneumonia28:

Hello Anta,    Yes, aspiration pneumonia can be very serious, especially in people who already have serious medical conditions or are unconscious. Generally, in a relatively healthy person the body can

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