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Craig Wormald

I can answer most questions about Emergency driving and different uses of equipment also Emergency care and transport using basic equipment for non basic situations.

Mark Nichol

Any questions regarding life threatening crical care intervention in the prehospital setting.


I can answer questions on first aid. (Specifically treatment at time of injury.) Since first aid occurs at time of injury, post injury care and complications are frequently outside my expertise. Please keep in mind I am NOT a doctor. I cannot diagnose, recommend medications or confirm medication conflicts. Several people request information regarding a novel they are writing. This usually involves information that I cannot provide. Keep this in mind before asking. If I do not feel qualified to answer your question, I will certainly suggest you contact a more suitable 'expert'.

Dave Hammond

What topics should a first aid kit cover? All aspects of keeping first aid skills and confidence current after training. New training and product technology.


EMT-B. First Aid Instructor Trainer.

Marcus LaBarbera

I am available to answer most questions related to: first aid, pre- hospital medicine, EMT and Paramedic questions, medical transport, critical care transport, ICU/CCU care, sedation, and medicine in general.

Stephen Bernhard

On Vacation
returns 12/31/2014
I can assist with answering or finding the answers to questions involving first aid, CPR, emergency first response, and general procedures of the emergency medical services (not specific to any specific organization, but I may be able to shed some light on why they do the things they do).

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2014-12-05 possible infection:

Hello Becky,    Yes, it does look infected (and probably a bit sore as well). Time to see your doctor again and see what they think. in the mean time you could try soaking your foot in a white vinegar

2014-11-30 Impact and treatment of multiple gunshot wounds:

Hello again Matt,    1)  she is at high risk for an abdominal infection (peritonitis), which would be treated prophylacticly as soon as she arrived at the forward surgical unit with 2 grams of Cefoxitin

2014-11-28 Impact and treatment of multiple gunshot wounds:

Hello Matt,    Iím assuming the body armor stopped 2 of the bullets (steel plated or ceramic plates definitely would stop the rounds, a soft Kevlar armor probably would as well). The wound in the upper

2014-11-02 Head injury:

Hi Roxy,    Sorry about your accident.  It can be scary when your body reacts to an injury and you do not know what is normal and what is abnormal.  I always recommend head injuries be checked immediately

2014-11-02 Head injury:

Hello Roxy,    Sorry to hear about your injury. If you didn't pass out when the bowls hit your head it's probably not a serious injury. There may be some swelling or bruising at the site of impact which

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