How to apply to be an expert

We're always looking for more experts!

To apply, first find a category of your expertise. Then click on the VOLUNTEER TO BE AN EXPERT IN THIS CATEGORY at the bottom of the expert list page. Fill out the application. We will notify you by email when you are accepted.

What If I can't find the category of my expertise?

Have you used the Search option at the top of this page? You can also navigate down through the index on the main page until you find the category that matches your interest.If neither of those things worked, you can request a new category. We welcome all suggestions.

Why should I volunteer?
What's expected of AllExperts volunteers?
  • You must be able to type grammatically correct English.
  • You must have an above-average knowledge of the subject, although you certainly don't need to know the answers to all questions.
  • You must be polite to all questioners.
  • You must respond to all questions within 2-3 days, except when you go on vacation. You can take yourself offline during that time.
How do I Improve My Chances of Getting Accepted?

That's the thing about applying to most directories. You never really know what your chances are, or even what factors are considered or how long the application process will take. But here at we take all the mystery out of it. If you can SPECIFICALLY describe the kinds of questions you can answer, and send in an application without typos, showing you know how to give a professional presentation, you're almost certain to be accepted! Conversely, applications under 20 words in length typically aren't accepted.


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