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How do I log in?

You can click here or you can click on "Login [Experts Only]" link located at the top of every AllExperts page.

I forgot my ID and password.

Your ID is the email address you used when you applied. Click Password Reminder and we will email your password to you.

How does the AllExperts Q&A process work?

Questions are posted to the All Experts server. You are notified via email when you receive a question. To answer the question, click on the link provided within the email. The link takes you to an interface on our website where you can type your answer. If the link is not clickable, paste and copy it to your browser's web address box. Once you've answered the question, we send the user an email informing them of your response. The questioner can click on a link in that email, so they can read your response and rate your answer.

I am not receiving email alerts about new questions!

You may not be receiving our email messages because your mail client or service is marking us as SPAM. If this is the case, you will find the AllExperts alerts in you junk or bulk mail box. To stop this, please add "", "" and "" to your address book or to your list of approved senders. This should get our emails through your spam filters.

How do Prestige Points work?

Whenever you receive a knowledge rating of 8 or higher, you get 30 prestige points.

What happens if I don't answer questions within 3 days of receiving them?

Please understand that our users are anticipating a response.

Our automated system notifies you if you do not answer your questions within 2 days. You'll get that same email reminder after 5 days. If you have 3 or more questions pending for more than 7 days AND you have not answered a question in the past 4 days the system automatically deactivates your account. Upon deactivation, the system deletes the questions in your Unanswered Questions queue and lets those questioners know that they will not get a response from you.

I don't see my questions posted in the archive.

The system posts new questions and answers to the Archive at 1 AM GMT every night. So if you answered the question today, it will not show up on our site until tomorrow.

In addition, to maximize the quality of the Q&A we make available to the public, the system is programmed to post only answers that meet the following criteria:

  1. The expert answering the question has responded to more than 8 questions and maintains an average rating above 9
  2. The answer is more than 250 characters long.

How do I update my Expert Profile Page?

Log in to your Expert Home Page. In the "Category Profiles" section, find the category you'd like to update, and click "Settings" next to it. Please remember to click the update button to make sure you save all the changes you make!

How do I put myself on vacation so I don't get questions?

To list yourself on vacation, log in to your Expert Home Page. Answer all your current/pending questions. If you do not answer your question(s) prior to setting yourself on vacation, the system will continue to send you notifications, followed by a deactivation of your account. In the "Account Settings" Section, click on the "Update Vacation Settings" link. After reading the instructions on that page, set your vacation dates and please remember to click the update button to make sure you save all the changes you make!

How do I change my email address?

Log in to your Expert Home Page. In the "Account Settings" Section, click on the "Update Name, Email, Password" link. This will take you to a form where you can change the global settings for your account.

How do I dispute a rating I received?

We will change a rating if we receive an email from the questioner who rated you asking us to do so. Volunteers send us several requests to change or remove negative ratings each week. It is just not fair to the other experts we've turned down if we started making exceptions. It is also unfair to the thousands of other volunteers on our site who do not ask.

How do I join an additional category?

If you want to be listed in multiple categories, you'll need to apply separately for each additional category. We do this to allow experts to customize each profile with information relevant to each category.

How do I remove myself from a category?

Just Click Here and tell us which category it is.

How do I switch categories?

If you want to switch categories, fill out and submit the application form for the category you'd like to switch to, then Click Here and let us know which category to remove you from.

I get too few questions. How can I get more?

First, check to make sure your account is set up correctly. Is your email address correct? Try sending yourself a question from our site; is that working? If it isn't, Let Us Know so we can fix it ASAP.

Look at the description by your name; is it compelling? Finally, you might consider volunteering for an additional area if all else fails.

I get too many questions. How can I get less?

You can limit the number of questions you receive per day for each of your categories from your Expert Home Page. In the "Category Profiles" section, just click the "Settings" link next to each category.
If you still get too many questions and you are in multiple categories, try dropping some of them. This will make you less visible to readers. Look over the description by your name; is it too general? Perhaps it could be more specific? Finally, if all else fails, consider putting yourself on vacation every other week or so.

I get the wrong kind of questions.

You may need to revise your description. A good description will either specifically indicate the kinds of questions you can answer, or the kinds you can't (or both). You might also try changing your instructions to questioners.

I don't want to be an AllExperts Expert anymore.

You have 2 options: You can take a "hiatus" by putting yourself on vacation for the next few months or You can ask us to deactivate your account. Click here to send us an email and we'll remove you from our listings.

I've read through the FAQs and still have a question.

You can find detailed answers to questions from individual experts in the Category of our Q&A Archive.

If you need to report a bug, click the link below to get assistance. Please include as much detail (URL of page, error messages, time/date, etc) so that we can resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

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