Why Volunteer

Two important reasons:

  1. Prestige and Reputation

    If you enjoy talking about your professional interest, Allexperts is a highly respected and controlled platform from which to do it.

    • We are the largest and oldest Q&A service. Why not go with the best?
    • We get a LOT of traffic and attention. We've been mentioned in over 60 publications such as The New York Times, New York Newsday, Family, PC Magazine (twice), and Yahoo (both a "Pick of the Week" and "Incredibly Useful Site") When you volunteer with us, your service gets more traffic and attention too.
  2. Help others quickly and easily.

    The beauty of Allexperts is that you will help real people solve real problems. Look at some of the fan mail our experts receive:

    From: Tina on 03/23/2006
    I would like to thank Daniel Hynes [Expert: Fine Art] who graciously spent his free time helping me identify a painting. It has no value other than being near and dear to my heart. I am truly greatful to Dan who responded to my request very promptly and professionally. Again, Dan, thank you for all your time.

    From: Paula Anderson on 3/7/2006
    John Stancil [Expert: Tax Law] just made this day for my friend a triumph instead of a defeat. She struggles so hard, and thanks to John she no longer has to struggle with the Dept. of Revenue. I thank him for his time, without him who knows what we would have done. Thanks again and GOD BLESS.

    From: Liz on Date: 3/14/2006
    Thank you Dr. Rappaport [Expert: ObGyn/Pregnancy issues] for your expertise and attention to question details. I very much appreciate your very quick response and your no-nonsense approach to answering questions. Sometimes it is not possible to get answers to specific questions from my own doctors unless I am sitting in front of them during an appt. Your services to this site are very much needed. Thank you so much!!

    Here are testimonials from 2 of our experts:

    Received 06/3/2005
    Hi,  I am one of your Allexperts. First I would like to say thank you for letting me be a part of your site. It feels good to try and help people out as much as possible. I get about 4 questions a week and look forward to each one!

    Received 03/23/2003
    Dear Allexperts,
    I really enjoy helping people out and have had several requests for advice since joining allexperts.com. The people who have emailed me for advice are really friendly and nice!

Other advantages
  • Once you're signed up you set your own question load, so you never receive too many questions.
  • We have strong disclaimers that questioners must agree to on our site, and in over 7 years of operation we've never had a single liability problem.
  • We will NOT sell your e-mail address to anyone.
  • Nothing to Lose! You have nothing to lose by trying! You can quit at any time and we'll remove you immediately!

So if you think you know better ... prove It! AllExperts is the easiest way to share your gift with the world. So join us and help others know better too!

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