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The Short Version will never share, rent, or sell your personal information without your consent, unless it is required by law.

When sends newsletters to subscribers it may allow Advertisers or Partners to include messages in those newsletters but those Advertisers or Partners will never have access to your personal information including your email address. All newsletters will come directly from At any time a user may unsubscribe from a newsletter.

The Fine Print

Tracking on will use cookies, pixel trackers, server logs, and any Internet technology in order to measure the effectiveness of the service and any Advertising campaigns as well as to target meaningful content and Ads to our users.

Your Ad Choices and Tracking by Third-Parties uses DoubleClick, Google, and other third-party Ad Servers to serve and display Advertisements on does not provide personally identifiable information to Ad Servers. These Ad Servers and Advertisers may use cookies, pixel trackers, or other internet technology to improve the effectiveness and targeting of Advertisements to you within and any other place where that third-party is serving Advertisements. does not have access to, nor control over, advertisers' or ad service providers' cookies or how they may be used or how they were collected. In many cases, this information could be used to show you ads based on your interests on other Web sites.

You have options and choices about the collection and use of information by third-parties on our site:

  1. For more information about these third-party Ad Networks and opting out of tracking, see:

  2. For more information about interest-based information tracking and opting out, see:

  3. For information about disabling and controlling third-party cookies in your browser, see:

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If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please visit us at:

Or you can contact us by mail at:

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Updated January 2011


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