Why Our Service is Revolutionary

To put it simply.... We're a one-stop shopping source for free questions and answers on virtually any topic!

Websites are great. They're an easy way for one person to reach thousands of people with useful information. But websites don't always have all the answers. Ever searched through a dozen websites without finding what you're looking for?

That's where we come in. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you're looking for a rather uncommon piece of information, wouldn't it be nice if you could ask a real live person, preferably an expert or someone very familiar with the subject at hand? At Allexperts we have volunteer experts in nearly every category ready, willing, and able to answer your questions. Just click on a link to send a question on its way!

We don't have flashy graphics. We're not going to win any awards for sexy layouts or cute java games. Our sole intent is to design an easy to use guide with pages that load as quickly and easily as possible. We are the only service on the internet that provides this revolutionary question and answer service on such a broad scale.

"But what about newsgroups?" you cry. Newsgroups are good too. But posting a message to a newsgroup doesn't guarantee a response. Often, there's no response. A message can just "sink" into the morass of a crowded newsgroup and disappear. On our site, however, you ask a specific question of a specific person that you select, which almost guarantees a prompt response!

The Theoretical Underpinnings:

People still think of the internet in conventional terms. They think if they have a book of information, they can just stick it on the internet and others will read it. What people haven't thought of is how to harness the main advantage of the internet, the improvement in communications, and how to exploit this new media. That's where our site comes in. We harness the new instantaneous nature of communications to create a new, organic storehouse of knowledge. Each expert is a circuit, or a chip, in a giant human computer which will be capable of answering nearly any question.

Consider that the first library was revolutionary because it enabled one to visit all the store of knowledge in one place and consult it. The first encyclopedia or almanac was revolutionary because it enabled one to have a summarized versison of the store of knowledge at one's fingertips. The internet was revolutionary because it enabled one to grasp knowledge from not just a single encyclopedia or library but a whole army of libraries and encyclopedias. Our site, Allexperts.com, is also revolutionary, because it brings together the people behind the books; it creates libraries of people, divided into dewey-decimal like categories. If you're still wondering why our concept is revolutionary, consider this: no matter how much knowledge a book, or a library, or a conventional web site has, in none of those can you easily ask a question. Here, you can.

Now think about it in sociobiological terms, and consider the human brain. Each cell in the brain, by itself, is not capable of coherent thought or even sentience; but thinking together, or processing together, it's capable of complex thought. Now look at the world of television--you have the relative few transmitting information to the many. It's as if a few cells are transmitting to the rest of the brain. Even on the internet, a few large sites serve to transmit information to the rest of the net community. But on our site, it's all individuals communicating with individuals, just as individual cells of the brain interact with each other to produce higher thought. In that sense our site is the first true rendition of a neural-net.


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