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2015-07-05 Violin - origin of violin from childhood:

Hi Eric,    I'm afraid I can't tell you much without some more to go on.  I'm not familiar with the Haufer name.  Given the "#1" and the "4/4" in the label, and the Kronotone tailpiece, I'm guessing that

2015-07-04 Oboe - Triebert Brevette Monopole:

Dear Simon    The Triebert company ceased to exist in 1881. The Triebert family had employed Francois Loree until in 1881 the company was bought by Gaufrot and subsequently on by Couesnon. Francois Loree

2015-07-03 Oboe - Markardt Oboe dating:

Dear Mike    Theo Markardt the oboe maker was based in Erlbach in Germany but ceased trading in 1976 when his company was bought by Moennig.   They made very good quality instruments. As far as I am aware

2015-07-03 Folk Music - Old Silly Songs:

Dear Sandy    I wold not qualify these songs as 'folk songs' in the purest sense of the word. However, given that they are exactly the type of song to be sung, probably at a gathering of people who are

2015-07-03 Country Music - Daryl Singeltary She sure looks good in black:

Hi Larry! I hadn't heard the song before you posted your question, but after a little digging, everything I can find on it says you're right! "She Sure Looks Good In Black" was written by Dale Dodson and


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