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2016-10-17 REO Speedwagon - REO's "Ridin' the Storm Out" Single:

Hi Erin: REO Speedwagon's "Ridin' the Storm Out" LP with Kevin's original vocals on the title track was NOT released to radio stations prior to the album being released in December, 1973. Some members

2016-10-16 Electric Guitars - Hondo telecaster with strat neck/headstock:

Hi Charlie and thanks for writing in. Hondo did very good copies of popular guitars like Les Paul's, Stratocasters and Telecaster. Like most all of the other guitar builders then and even now they are

2016-10-15 REO Speedwagon - Certifications:

Hi Tommy: I can't independently verify this from the sources I have, but it wouldn't surprise me that Keep On Loving You sold at least 50,000 units in Australia at that time. Several songs from Hi Infidelity

2016-10-14 Violin - History of Violin:

Hi Marsha    These instruments were most likely made in a Mirecourt France factory and imported by Lyon and Healy (hence the stylized L&H along the labels border) of Chicago between 1870-1930. As yours

2016-10-14 REO Speedwagon - Certifications:

Hi Tommy: I've got a graphic which shows the chart activity and certification of virtually ALL of REO's songs, which is attached. Rather than go through them all, take a look and I'll be happy to answer


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