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2014-04-18 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - my Morris piano:

Morris was a Canadian company    It was founded in 1892 as the Morris, Field, and Rogers Company.  They were in business until 1904, but it continued as the Morris Company until 1908.  The factory burned

2014-04-17 Violin - Johan Carl Kloz violin:

Hi Nav  I am sorry to tell you but this is a copy, the label is printed on modern paper made after 1850.  It is also an exact duplication of an example of a label found in a reference book, even down to

2014-04-17 Manilow, Barry - Barry Manilow:

Hello, Jacqueline!    Thank you for contacting me through All Experts.  I definitely agree with you that the press would have found out a long time ago if Barry was gay, and it is annoying!  That being

2014-04-17 Manilow, Barry - Barry Manilow and DanaRobbins:

There was a rumor to such, when they worked together in the late 80's and early '90's, but I've never heard it substantiated.  Not even the tabloids, which would have run with a story like this, you would

2014-04-17 Violin - Fingerboard repair:

Hi Robert   If you have the woodworking skills and a good and super sharp block plane, you can do a fingerboard yourself.  Fingerboards come as blanks and are much too thick, too long and too wide, all


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