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2015-03-02 Saxophone - Tenor sax:

Christina,    Thank you for asking your question about the tenor saxophone that you have.    From the photo that you attached, it appears to be exactly as you have written. I have not encountered another

2015-03-01 Violin - Help ID violin:

Hi Ed,  sorry for the tardiness. Looks like an effort from an amateur violin maker. The wood grain isn't right for a good sound. The varnish doesn't look to good either. Sorry to sound like this but I

2015-02-27 Top 40/Pop Music - I"ll always love my mama and Sweet home Alabama:

Hi David,    From a Billboard Top 40 perspective, which charts overall popularity, Lynyrd Skynyrd wins this contest. "Sweet Home Alabama" reached #8 in the chart and stayed in the Top 40 for 11 weeks.

2015-02-27 Oldies - What's another year:

Thanks for letting me know, Sheila.  I really enjoy helping others with music. My favorite was a guy who had no words but said he could hum it. So I had him call me and all he had was mmmm mmm mm. I  kept

2015-02-26 Classic Jazz - Art Peppers "Patricia":

Hello,     I looked up these recordings and was only able to hear 1 of Art's.  I'm not totally sure the deal here, but many jazz musicians will record a song and not worry about the name.  In fact, Charlie


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