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2015-08-03 Violin - 1917 Wurlitzer violin:

Hi Michele    Wurlitzer imported many thousands of instruments from Germany, France and Czechoslovakia from around 1890-1930.  They also sold many fine instruments by individual known makers. In 1917,

2015-08-03 Guitar - General - Standard Fender Telecaster:

Hi Tracey,    Thanks for your question.    This is a really hard question to answer, as there is not a natural upgrade path for pickups - it all comes down to personal taste, and the type of sound that

2015-08-02 Sublime - Live track from DVD:

Joe,     Thanks for the information. I was aware and in fact I had found that audio via a different method. I was ripping the disc to make a copy so I could play the copy and leave the original in good

2015-08-02 Saxophone - Buescher Two Tone Saxophone:

Cindy,     What you have is not a two tone, but a True Tone. The Buescher True Tone was Buescher's "meat and potato" model of the 1920's and early 30's. But that I mean it was their primary model and was

2015-08-01 Electric Guitars - guitar value:

Hi    I am sorry to say that I cannot give you a precise answer as it depends on: location, spec and condition, any unique features (special edition or non standard colour etc) and ultimately, the strength


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