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2014-09-01 Violin - Strad copy 1721 france JTL:

There are a number of different JTL logos and some don't even have the harp or even say they are from JTL. The Made in France dates the violin to post 1921, the deposee really just means "made by", so

2014-08-31 Violin - Violin:

Hi Jennifer,    I don't usually answer questions on instruments because my specialty is limited to playing them, while my knowledge of the craftsmen is limited.  However, your instrument seems to be a

2014-08-31 Violin - Strad copy 1721 france JTL:

Hi Jennifer    JTL - Jerome Thibouville Lamy, was a huge firm in France that produced hundreds of thousands of violins in many different models, mostly between 1870-1930, the age of your violin fits in

2014-08-31 Oldies - No. 2's That Never Made No. 1:

Hi Rich    Always feel free to direct any thoughts or questions regarding the Survey show to its e-mail address, which is   It's the best way to communicate with us about the show

2014-08-31 Clarinet - Pedler clarinet:

Hello,     It's very difficult to place a value on an instrument without seeing it in person.  Wooden clarinets also get tiny cracks that have to be pinned.  Especially if the horn has been sitting around


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