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2016-05-03 French Horn - Older Model Jupiter 852 with known thumb rotor problem:

Hello,    $1980 sounds like an awful lot of money for a used Jupiter - it's true that compared to a lot of the cheap Chinese made horns around these are well built and blow quite well. But the comparison

2016-04-29 Rap/Hip-Hop - How to become an aspiring rap artist?:

Those are some great questions and you sound very smart. There are quite a few ways to break into the music industry. You can create a song or music video and have it go viral. Many of todays rappers started

2016-04-29 Country Music - Do you write your music:

Hi Sasha! Great question! There are many of today's artists who write their own songs (and many who do not). Here are a few links to articles or blogs on that topic:

2016-04-28 Violin - Identifying a violin:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your violin is a mass production model. Eastern Europe or Germany I would guess but one of many 100's of 1000's. The AS on the back is probably a homage to Antonio

2016-04-28 Rap/Hip-Hop - Websites: you can annotate your own lyrics and explain what you mean. There are not a lot of websites like this. There should be but at this time its kind of rare. You can also make acapella


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