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2015-08-26 French Horn - help with choosing a double horn:

Well, you may have just got very lucky. It's ridiculously cheap! I would buy it straight away before someone else spots it.    The 8D is a large bore horn so not on my ideal list of preferred instruments

2015-08-26 French Horn - help with choosing a double horn:

It's a very unusual model, from about 1987, called the Opus 1, a redesign of the usual Farkas layout. I can't find any more details about it, but by the look of the bell throat it is probably a large bore

2015-08-26 Violin - Violin Manufacture:

Hi Brian    The address is not familiar and mistakes on labels are common. In the 1800's and early 1900's there were many violin manufacturers in Paris and I certainly don't know them all as addresses

2015-08-25 French Horn - Horn Essay:

Hi, a couple of nice books if you can source them either from a library or online bookseller:    The French Horn by R Morley-Pegge (this is probably the most detailed book I know on the history of the

2015-08-25 French Horn - help with choosing a double horn:

Hello, you're not alone, as you'll see if you read my recent correspondence. Horns unfortunately are a lot more complex to manufacture than trumpets and sell less, so are more expensive. But luckily The


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