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2014-09-19 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - Longest Duration Solo and Duet Category Song Recorded..:

Dear Prashant,    I would guess that it is possible to find what is the longest song ever recorded by doing a search on the internet. I suppose the same would apply to a duet. It is not clear from your

2014-09-17 Saxophone - Alto sax purchase for intermediate layer:

Call Steve Coz in Huntington. His number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Let him know Charles Harris referred him to you.  ----------------------    Cathy       I deleted the number after you got a chance to see it.

2014-09-17 Acoustic Guitars - HOKADA 12 Strings - Japan:

Hi. While I cannot tell you the manufacturer, it looks to be an late 1960's or early 1970's made in Japan copy of a Martin D-28 12 string guitar. The reason I know it is a late 1960's or early 70's build

2014-09-17 Violin - Jaw pain while playing:

Hi Ben,    Thanks for your question.  It's an important one.  Holding tension in the jaw while playing is detrimental to both your health and your music.  If you are prone to TMJ, then you are most likely

2014-09-17 Saxophone - Alto sax purchase for intermediate layer:

Cathy,     Get the YAS-62!... The difficulty your son is having is because he is used to a student level instrument. The 62 is a pro horn and made for an adult. It is much more ergonomic than the Bundy


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