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2014-07-24 Dulcimer - strings for a dulcimer in canada:

Sure, Deborah -- happy to oblige. I'll assume it's not a baritone dulcimer, which takes strings you could hang a porch swing from. Strings are, to a great extent, a matter of personal preference. Some

2014-07-23 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - value of Piano:

Hi:    Tough to say from here.    I could use a serial number. That would help clue us in to the age.    For a real estimate of worth, contacting a REGISTERED member of the piano technicians guild would

2014-07-22 Saxophone - Boosey and Hawkes Sax:

Sheila,    B&H horns are notoriously difficult to date, value (and sometimes even identify - especially without seeing). Oddly enough I found almost no info on a model 595 saxophone and only a few references

2014-07-22 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - small 64 key piano:

Hi Carol:    This was a San Diego Based Company that bought pianos from Japan...I'm thinking the old Gakki Company.    There are no serial numbers on file for this company under Thearle or Gakki.    This

2014-07-22 French Horn - light weight/light blowing horn:

Hi,    It's very difficult to generalise about how different horns feel as it's a very subjective thing. Similarly sound differences are much more obvious to you than to anyone else - the difference to


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