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2014-12-19 Violin - Eduard Reichert Dresden:

Hi Paul    Unfortunately the pictures are of too low a quality for me to tell what is going on for certain.  As I enlarge them, they get so far out of focus it is impossible to tell. If I were to make

2014-12-19 French Horn - Conn 6D serial number:

Hi, other places to look are on the valve casings (probably the 2nd valve), on the leadpipe, on the bell either as part of the engraving or on the bell stay, or apparently even under the valve caps. If

2014-12-18 Oldies - Trying to find a song with some lyrics:

Hi Mike    Pardon Me is an Otis Blackwell song, recorded by Billy Bland in 1960 and released that summer as the flipside of "You Were Born To Be Loved".    You can hear it here, for free:    https://www

2014-12-18 Oldies - Trying to find a song with some lyrics:

Hi Mike,    I think you may be looking for "Pardon Me" by Billy Bland. It was released in 1960 as the b-side to the single "You Were Born To Be Loved", one of his failed follow-ups to his only Top 40 single

2014-12-16 Moody Blues - Fan Club:

Hi Andrew,    Unfortunately, the actual "Official Moody Blues Fan Club" (the "OFC") was dissolved a number of years ago.  (You may still find links to OFC information out there, but anything that includes


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