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2016-08-18 Trumpet - Trumpet age and value:

That particular trumpet was made some few years ago in China and sold for a discount. Compared to the classic instruments from the thirties through the 70s, it has about no value. You might get $50 for

2016-08-17 Antique Musical Instruments - Old trumpet:

If it has been polished before, and it looked good then, I am going to assume that it is raw brass - i.e. never lacquered.  The difficulty with polishing an instrument is getting into all the close quarters

2016-08-16 Violin - Violin Information Date and Place of Creation:

Hi Tony    My guess is that you are probably measuring it wrong, as a 15 1/2" would be a viola, no violins are that big. See picture here -

2016-08-16 Trumpet - Henri Selmer Paris Silver Trumpet:

I bet tha's a lovely horn to play and I hope you keep it!    A little background on the numbers you're seeing.    The French would assemble valve blocks in batches, and would number valve casings in sequence

2016-08-16 Violin - E.Robert. Pfretzschner violin:

Hi Maureen    There is no listing anywhere for an E or A Robert Pfretzschner. There might have been a G. Robert but I have only seen one listing with no price, so I don't know if it was real or a typo


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