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2015-11-22 Flute - flute disinfecting - sensitive area of question:

Hello Phyllis    First of all, I think it important to point out that according to all reliable sources (such as the various health departments of the US Government), HIV cannot be spread via saliva.

2015-11-22 Manilow, Barry - Barry's schools:

Tom,     I tried to find the information you asked for regarding the grammar school Barry attended as well as his middle school and high school which as I'm sure you know was Eastern District High School

2015-11-22 World Music - Kim Sol Mae, North Korean child singer:

Hey CF, sorry for the delayed response.     [Before I begin to answer your question, I just wanted to let you know that there is a famous South Korean film director who has the same name (Kim Sol Mae)

2015-11-22 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - ny daughter just got given a stratford piano:

Hi Joannie:    These pianos were made by Foster-Armstrong in East Rochester NY, which later became Aeolian.    The piano was made in 1904.    Putting a lot of money into this piano is not worth it.   

2015-11-21 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Dating a Mathushek baby grand:

Hi George:    First off...Mathushek numbers start with four digits at a minimum in 1895.    And you are correct, usually there are numbers on the plate. This might suggest someone either did work on the


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