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2014-08-28 Saxophone - Which bari sax?:

The vito from yanagisawa is a professional bari, it is called a stencil...  both bari's are great..  I have a couple of questions...  Is the conn a low Bb model?  Is the Vito  a low A model?:  the conn

2014-08-26 Violin - info on f.vanderveken violin:

Hi Lois    There is no listing for any maker named Vanderveken in any reference book or database. However, the Cremona Tone was a model sold by Lyon and Healy from Chicago in the early 1900's. There were

2014-08-26 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Steinway & Son's Piano:

Hi again Kellie...    And...Whooopsss!    I thought this was a grand piano...nope.    Instead, it is a Steinway console. Thanks for the pictures!!!!    I would say the worth would top out at 1100.00 to

2014-08-25 Guitar - General - Harmony H64:

Hi, George!  It's not unusual to find a lot of conflicting information on Harmony guitars.  They weren't priced in the top-end market, and many were considered "beginner" models and/or copies of better

2014-08-25 Oldies - Papa Gene's Blues by The Monkees:

Hi Jeff    Mike says "Pick it, Luther".   This is a reference to Luther Perkins, the guitarist in Johnny Cash's group, the Tennessee Two, from the 1950's on Sun Records.  Johnny would, sometimes, call


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