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2014-10-29 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - 1975 Thomas Organ 130c:

Hello Jeffrey!  Little organs have lots of goodies in them that hobbyists enjoy collecting to re purpose into all kinds of cool stuff.  When I get an organ that I simply cannot keep, I place it on a popular

2014-10-29 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Hamilton Reed Pump Organ:

Hi Connie:    Unfortunately as my profile suggests, I can answer question regarding pianos only.    You may want to go to the AMICA website. That's the Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association

2014-10-29 Violin - Old violin:

Hi James    I am sorry but with only that information I can't help. I have searched my database of over 25,000 makers and there aren't any makers listed for Siren Wisconsin or any US makers with the first

2014-10-28 Clarinet - Clarinet playing throat air leakage:

Hello,      I am not totally sure.  This may be a medical issue.  I will tell you that many times we hear things happening that are not audible to the others around us.  What I can suggest is to make sure

2014-10-27 Antique Musical Instruments - Euphonium:

Beaufort was the Holton company's early attempt to get into the student instrument market.  I don't have a date on when Holton first started importing and marketing this brand.  However, by 1929, the company


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