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2014-11-21 Violin - Cleaning violin bow hair:

Hi again Eddie,    There is much debate about whether or not it is appropriate to clean bow hair, rather than replacing it when it gets old and dirty.  Professional players, as a rule, lean toward replacing

2014-11-20 Saxophone - Grassi Saxophone from Italy :

Hello Tom,  This is a stencil sax. Stencils were made by Conn ,Buescher or Martin. (or other company too). Here is a definition from the web. "Stencil" Instrument List  A stencil is a saxophone made by

2014-11-19 Violin - Purfling:

Hi Eddie,    Thanks for your question.  Yes, some inexpensive violins are made with 'imitation' purfling, where a line is taped onto the wood.  This, of course, serves no purpose whatsoever, except to

2014-11-19 Violin - violin:

Hi Vickie    I don't know if I can help you as you actually didn't ask any questions, you just made a statement. But I will assume that you are asking if the violin could be an original and how much it

2014-11-19 Violin - William Harris Lee 1981 violin value:

Hi Erin    I worked for Bill Lee in the late 70's at the time he started having violins made for his shop. He had several models in the early years and the ones that have auctioned in the 1980's have gone


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