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2016-07-22 Sublime - College days:

Dave,    I think that I mentioned all of the bands that I could remember from that time which was almost 30 years ago. Yikes! I'm going to paste into here what I wrote a while ago for other readers of

2016-07-21 Oboe - Marigaux oboe series:

Dear Cindy    I am pretty sure that Marigaux in the 1970's only made the 901 series. The current range expanded in 2000. There was a student model the Strasser which would have the Strasser logo and not

2016-07-21 Cure, The (Robert Smith) - Robert Smith:

Hello Jacqueline,     I never heard before about "The Lost Boy". So I gave it a listen.    Even if it for sure sounds Cure-ish (instrumentation, mood, way of playing), I'm quite sure none of The Cure members

2016-07-20 Doors, The (Jim Morrison) - Mary Werbelow:

Last time I heard via an article a Florida newspaper, she was actually living alone in a small trailer park near Thousand Oaks Ca.  It was a shallow interview and revealed very little more than was already

2016-07-18 50s Music - 1950's or 60's song lyrics:

I'm afraid I can't give you the definitive answer you're wanting. The only song that I can recall that even approximates your ponytail reference is "What Is Love" by the Playmates. (You may also recall


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