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2015-04-24 Sublime - Don't Push versions:

Tracy,    It's hard to say how many versions of "Don't Push" really exist, because there are variations.     There's of course:  Jah Won't Pay the Bills (Side Lou)  Demo  40oz to Freedom  Badfish EP  Robbin

2015-04-24 Sublime - Scarlet Begonias vocals:

Hi Marc,    It is Brad singing, but it sounds different because there's two vocal tracks overlaid. The other might be Miguel, but that's just speculation. Miguel is credited with vocals on the insert.

2015-04-24 Drums & Percussion - hi hat troubles:

Hi Chris,  Without seeing it, its kinda difficult to offer u an instant solution.    So here's the break down of the hi hat assembly.    The hi-hat tends to comprise of the following parts:  You got the

2015-04-23 Violin - violin value:

Hi John    First you will need to determine if the violin is the correct size for your granddaughter.  If the violin is a full size (4/4) one, it might be the correct size as the average 11 year old is

2015-04-23 REO Speedwagon - Gary's children:

Hi Lisa: Gary is currently married to his wife, Justine. His first marriage was to Debbie Mackron, with whom he co-wrote "Runnin' Blind" from 1978's "You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish" album


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