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2014-10-20 Saxophone - pressure on thumb:

Joel,     Actually I think you may have already found the solution to your problem you just did it backward.     The weight of the instrument should not be on your thumb but on the strap. If your supporting

2014-10-20 Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - 15 year old Yamaha C108 ask for $2,000:

Hi Janet:    For a "beginner" or normal home use it's just fine at 1500.00    The piano was made in 1991.    If I were you I would have it looked at first by a registered member of the piano technicians

2014-10-20 Clarinet - stiff cork:

Hello,     I am not sure if you mean the cork is actually stiff or just too thick.  If it is stiff you can try squeezing the cork a bit to break some of the fibers and help loosen it a bit.  If it is to

2014-10-20 Saxophone - sticking keys:

Joel,    Pads stick for a number of reasons...mainly because of either condensation and/or residue buildup from playing. Humidity can make things worse, and believe it or not the pads own natural oil can

2014-10-20 Rolling Stones, The - The Stones Exile 2010 release,Mispress?:

Hello and thank you for your question.    I'm not entirely certain if you mean the same tracks play on both sides of one disc, or that your copy included two of the same disc.  If you have two identical


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