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2014-04-22 Violin - I Have Copy of Antonius Stradivarious Violin made In Germany:

Hi Ann    From what I can see in the attached pictures, this appears to be a very low quality factory instrument from the early to mid 1900's.  It is in very poor shape and needs a lot of work to make

2014-04-21 Oboe - Which oboe is better?:

Thank you for your question. You don't mention what model of the Yamaha you are renting; however the Yamaha brand is a better and more well regarded brand than the Selmer. If the Yamaha is providing you

2014-04-20 Flute - Flute Musical Instrument Construction Modification.:

I see what you are trying to do now.    A very complicated engineering problem.      Part of the issue will be the cylindrical or conical properties of the instrument.    I suggest you share your thoughts

2014-04-19 Violin - is this a real vuillaume:

Hi Craig    Unfortunately this is one of the many, many copies out there. The workmanship is not that of Vuillaume. If I could see the whole instrument I could probably tell you a little more about its

2014-04-19 Saxophone - repair info:

Justin,   Let me ask before we begin how is the pad leaking? Is the pad not sitting evenly on the tone hole chimney causing one side of the pad to leak, or is it out of alignment with the chimney? Look


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