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2016-02-05 Antique Musical Instruments - Varsity USA trunoet:

Phil does what he can.    If it were a Cleveland, I'd think it might be in that range.  But, the O sometimes is associated with the Pan American Cavalier line, but the Cavalier was instituted in 1931.

2016-02-04 Antique Musical Instruments - Varsity USA trunoet:

The Varsity was a student line sold by Holton before they started making their own Collegiate line in 1929.  They also sold imports of Beaufort and Pertin.  But there is some information that seems to

2016-02-04 Trumpet - Indiana Band Instrument Co - Trumpet:

According to the manufacture date is 1921.    Hard as it is to hear, you probably should have left it on the wall.    Now, having said that, if it

2016-02-04 Trumpet - embrochure:

Maybe yes, maybe no. The trumpet is the hardest instrument to play, and you're trying to do it unguided.    You can certainly go to the music store and try the mouthpieces they have for that purpose. If

2016-02-04 Saxophone - Sax history and value:

Jacob   - unfortunately the price has not gone up. If it's in good playing condition with minimal usual wear and tear, it would probably bring about $500 on the  resale market.  It's a very good starter


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