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2015-01-31 Trumpet - King Master Trumpet:

It's worth some hundreds of dollars, but an exact value is impossible to determine. You can look at completed eBay auctions to get an idea of what they're selling for.    As for your son, there's no reason

2015-01-30 Oboe - 1930s cor anglais:

Thank you for your question. Of course, every manufacturer's instruments will play differently due to design, etc. but I believe your estimation of pitch is probably accurate. You would need to check specifically

2015-01-30 Trumpet - How to gift Trumpet lessons to my father:

Bach, Schilke, Jupiter, Yamaha, and Getzen all make very good trumpets. Check the stores for what is available and get the best model you can afford. Many stores will have a selection of used trumpets

2015-01-30 Flute - Flute Buying Advice:

Hi there, Darin!    I'm glad you've found my past responses helpful, and wish you luck with this flute purchase!  You're absolutely right that it's a slippery slope!    I think it's admirable that you

2015-01-30 Drums & Percussion - E-Drums:

There are too many brands and models to try suggesting what you should buy.  Read the owners manual and that should tell you what would work.  Go to local music stores and tsalk to someone in the PA department


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