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2014-07-26 Trumpet - ambassador trumpet:

There is not a lot of precision in the serial number lists for Olds because the official records are not available. The best I can tell you is that it was made in the early to mid 60s, perhaps 1963.  

2014-07-26 Saxophone - Daddy's saxaphone:

hello Tina,  Your dads sax is worth about $1800-$2000,  It is in mint condition!!It was made in 1936.  Saxquest is great, also 1-800-USA-Horn...  I can't tell if this is real gold plate or just lacquered

2014-07-25 Saxophone - Boosey and Hawkes Sax:

Sheila - thanks a bunch for sending those pictures along.  This horn was probably made in the 1970' has modern mechanisms and was most likely made by the Amati company under the B&H name.  It looks

2014-07-25 Heavy Metal - Is Metal bad for me?:

Hi    This is a common misconception about metal music.  Not only are none of those bands satanic, but most of them in fact contain Christian members.  There are actually few "satanic" metal bands and

2014-07-25 Trumpet - Holton Trumpet:

The Collegiate by Holton was the lower-priced line of horns, and many equate that with a "student model". However, it wasn't until the late 1960s and early 1970s that the instrument companies began marketing


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