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2016-09-25 Trumpet - Trumpet:

Your Buescher Aristocrat is B-flat. It was made in Elhkart Indiana but it's unclear whether it was made in the old Buescher plant or in the Selmer plant.     As for when, mid-to-late 1960s is the best

2016-09-24 Violin - Is it worth the repair? - Maggini Copy:

I can't say for sure about the varnish but it doesn't look original. Some concerns. The seam in the back is dark in a section, this could mean it is or was open, meaning it could need attention. I would

2016-09-24 Violin - Is it worth the repair? - Maggini Copy:

Hi Julia    Without seeing the instrument as a whole, it is difficult to say, since I can't judge the instruments quality overall. I tried to look up the sale, but the quality of the pictures doesn't help

2016-09-21 Sound Cards - Audio:

That would be a global loop-back, and wouldn't create harm, but will capture *all* output audio which may create an "echo" if you play that captured signal back at once. Another option for capturing audio

2016-09-21 Oboe - buffet oboe octave vent right measurement:

Dear Marton    I think that the 1st octave vents are probably 25 thousands of an inch which in metric will be 0.55. This seems to be what they have sent you form the factory.    I experimented myself with


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