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2016-05-26 Drums & Percussion - Drum Kit Set Up:

Nicole,    Yes this is a service that I provide.    For the distance, I charge $60 and will give it a very good going over.        What brand of drums are they?    How many drums are there?    Are they

2016-05-26 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - 2-5-1 progression:

Yes, that is correct but be careful not to get too occupied with the terminology. Be more focussed on how it all sounds and how the chords change the direction of the harmony. That's what it's all about

2016-05-25 Electric Guitars - Hondo II Les Paul Replica Goldtop:

Hi Dana and thank you for writing in. You do have a great looking guitar. That Guitar would fit in the lawsuit group, it has the right stuff. The open book style head stock and the Gibson Diamond. Hondo

2016-05-24 Oboe - Corton oboe:

Dear Emma    Your oboe with "Corton" stamped on it was almost certainly made by the Czech company Amati for British retailers. Could have been for Bill Lewington who used to trade from premises in Shaftesbury

2016-05-24 Ballet - point shoes:

Was that really me? Anyway, if the shoe is too tight cutting through that piping doesn't matter -when you sew elastic into that V shape, you can stitch it exactly where you want it, and along the piping


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