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2014-10-24 English as a Second Language - Question:

Hi Hossein,    At that time, Secretary Albright and I went into a small office that offers legal advice to hear about their efforts to win the following rights/ for women: the right to own property, the

2014-10-23 Criminal Law - child support extradition:

Robert,    A lot depends upon how much is owed in back child-support or arrears.  You are dealing with both Ohio Law and Federal Law on the subject. See:  See also: http://www

2014-10-23 English as a Second Language - Need a comment on my motivation letter:

Lovely day indeed Michael :)    Thanks for trusting me with your motivation letter. I'll do my best to help you.    Dear Sirs/Madams:    I am highly motivated to apply for the masterís program at the Norwegian

2014-10-22 Immigration Issues - Fiance visa in progress; Fiance in L-1 status currently:

Hi,    Assuming that your fiance is maintaining his L1 status (through employment with the sponsoring employer), it is best to withdraw the I-129F petition filed with the USCIS. A simple letter requesting

2014-10-22 English as a Second Language - Don't lose focus "of/on" your goal:

Hi Glen,    well... none of the two versions you're suggesting works for me. I'd say: "stay focused on your goal", or "keep your eyes on the target/prize" (this second version won't work too well in the


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