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2014-10-27 Criminal Law - probation violation:

Ro,    Sorry for delay.  Unfortunately you will always feel like you are being watched and on the run until you fix it.  I would discuss the issue with the court administrator and set up a payment plan

2014-10-25 Criminal Law - extradtion:

Amanda,    Extradition is decided by the court in the jurisdiction where the charges were filed.  In addition extradition is decided by factors such as the type of charge and if the jurisdiction wants

2014-10-24 English as a Second Language - Question:

Hi Hossein,    At that time, Secretary Albright and I went into a small office that offers legal advice to hear about their efforts to win the following rights/ for women: the right to own property, the

2014-10-23 Criminal Law - child support extradition:

Robert,    A lot depends upon how much is owed in back child-support or arrears.  You are dealing with both Ohio Law and Federal Law on the subject. See:  See also: http://www

2014-10-23 English as a Second Language - Need a comment on my motivation letter:

Lovely day indeed Michael :)    Thanks for trusting me with your motivation letter. I'll do my best to help you.    Dear Sirs/Madams:    I am highly motivated to apply for the masterís program at the Norwegian


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