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2016-12-09 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.  Can you discriminate good apples from bad ones by their appearance?  Children should be taught to discriminate right from wrong?    What can be taken in place of “discriminate” in each of the sentences?

2016-12-07 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.I’ve been quite busy at school. The midterm exam is around the corner and our teacher gives us a lot OF exercises every day. I’ve found myself studying for five hours each day after school.      (1.)

2016-12-06 English as a Second Language - word choice:

The verb “to discriminate” simply means to make distinctions or to make sound decisions based upon those distinctions. However, it is often used to describe a negative action in which preferences or prejudices

2016-12-05 Careers: Police - Homicide Detective Question:

Austin, you  have asked a very significant question. And it has to do with who should and should not seek this kind of work. The details of a homicide, of course, can be quite disturbing. The details,

2016-12-02 English as a Second Language - word choice:

My favorite sport is biking. When I was in the fourth grade, my father taught me how to ride a bike. I was so excited to get on the bike despite feeling a bit nervous and afraid. While learning to ride


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