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2016-08-25 English as a Second Language - word choice:

Last Monday, Jack went to his favorite noodle restaurant for lunch as he usually did. After arrival, he took a deep breath and checked his watch, realizing that he had only half an hour to eat before

2016-08-22 English as a Second Language - interpreting idiomatic expressions:

1. parting view is a sort of a last image one gets of someone or something before leaving the place or person behind.     2. when "do" is used in front of a verb as in "do flow" it simply emphasizes the

2016-08-22 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1. Last Sunday, I had a date with my boyfriend, Nick, and we went to see the movie Harry Potter. I arrived at the theater at 12:25 P.M. Since the movie was so popular, it took me almost twenty minutes

2016-08-22 Immigration Issues - Extension of Visitor Visa:

Hi,    She is legally in the U.S. based on a pending extension of status application filed prior to her I-94 expiration. However, she should depart the U.S. no later than November 14 even if the USCIS

2016-08-22 Women`s History - How many women voted in first election?:

Hi:    Your questions are research questions, which you would need to pursue yourself by using google or going to a library. This is not the kind of information I would know without doing the same research


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