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2015-08-25 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.M: Did you get a new cartridge when you were at the store?  W: There was none left.    (1.) In the conversation, does it mean the same if I say “They were sold out”? yes    M: Was your flight on time?

2015-08-24 Immigration Issues - How to change my status to h4 visa:

Hi,    Form I-539 should be properly filed with the USCIS no later than the effective validity date (probably October 01) of your spouse's H1B approval notice. Please follow the USCIS instructions or seek

2015-08-24 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1. People pack their bags before traveling and then unpack them after arriving at their destination.    (1.) May I leave out “at their destination” in the sentence? I wouldn't leave it out, or the sentence

2015-08-19 Immigration Issues - Convert H-1 to H-4 without recent 2 ay stubs:

Hello,    As you have no pay stubs after June 2015, you will not be able to prove that you have been in full-time H-1B status. Thus, you have to go home for the visa stamp. If you remain in the USA, you

2015-08-19 Immigration Issues - Converting H-1 to H-4:

Dear Vandana:  Before answering, I would strongly recommend that you consult with an experienced immigration attorney immediately because this might take detail discussion with evidence regarding your


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