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2014-04-23 English as a Second Language - sentences:

Oppo,    if you insist on rephrasing that sentence, please see below. The sentences above sound awkward to me. We don't say "Jean has characteristics/attributes/traits etc" we simply list those attributes

2014-04-23 English as a Second Language - sentences:

1.If you want to renew your membership, please do so before it expires.  The bank will send you a new credit card before it expires.    Are both sentences grammatically correct? Yes  (1.) In the first

2014-04-23 English as a Second Language - sentences:

1.Earthquakes and tsunamis often lead to terrible consequences that people canít imagine.  A terrible earthquake and a consequent tsunami shook Japan, causing serious damage and casualties.    Are both

2014-04-23 Immigration Issues - Wife on F2 with H1b under process:

Hi,    Your wife will receive an I-94 at the port of entry valid until your OPT expiration date (June), but her F2 status will be extended assuming that your H1B petition is selected in the visa cap (and

2014-04-22 Immigration Issues - Reentry permit multiple usage:

Yes, a reentry permit is valid for multiple entries during the 2 year validity period. In fact, it is recommended that you travel multiple times if possible rather than staying outside the U.S. continuously


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