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2014-07-21 English as a Second Language - sentences:

1. It is difficult for the naked eye to discern the crater Langrenus on the moon.   He recognized that stress plays a very significant role in the development of all types of diseases.    (1.) In the

2014-07-20 English as a Second Language - sentences:

1. The lower prices are more in line with the expectations of cost-conscious customers.  Rita is happy at her job because her company offers her a salary in line with her qualifications and experience

2014-07-20 Immigration Issues - F1 visa:

Dear Samia,    There are more hurdles with obtaining an F1 visa than with B1/B2. I recommend applying again for B1/B2 visa at a U.S. Consulate, being careful to state (if asked) at the consular interview

2014-07-20 English as a Second Language - sentences:

1. He made his son the sole heir to his entire business empire.   Artists were attracted to Harlerm by its unique and dynamic culture.     (1.) In the first sentence, what is a substitute for “sole”?

2014-07-19 English as a Second Language - follow-up:

Oppo,    the entire sentence is correct as written. Not sure what is the "second part" that you're confused about.    Since the temperature dropped to minus one degree, stores and businesses only opened


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