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2015-05-23 English as a Second Language - Word choice:

1. M: All the hotels near the conference site will be full by now.    W: Yes. I guess I’ll have to book a hotel further out and take the train in. At least, it will be cheaper.    What can be taken in

2015-05-23 English as a Second Language - Question:

Street by street, the old touchstones of identity loomed large - which church a family went to, which school the children attended, which soccer jersey they wore, which street they walked down, at which

2015-05-22 Careers: Police - background check:

Hello Jonathan,  Prophecy is not one of my gifts, and I am reluctant to respond to such matters.    But in passing, I'll offer you some things to ponder.  Maybe he found something so awful about you, that

2015-05-21 Immigration Issues - H4 conversion and EAD:

Hi,    Since H1B (I-129) can be filed no earlier than 180 days prior to I-94 expiration, your husband should file H4 (I-539) instead of filing H1B and H4 together. H4 can be filed concurrently with EAD

2015-05-20 English as a Second Language - Word choice:

1.M: What are some of your characteristics?   W: I am outgoing, passionate and helpful.    What is a different way to ask the same question? “What is your personality”or “how would you describe your personality/


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