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2015-10-05 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.  You should not have any trouble finding us. We are next to the station.    (1.)In the sentence, does it mean the same if I say , “You should find us with no problems.”? yes but it doesn't sound natural

2015-10-01 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.      The woman’s computer is faulty.    (1.)    What is another way to say the sentence? “The woman’s computer doesn’t work properly” yes  or “The woman’s computer is broken.” depends on the context

2015-09-30 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.  Monthly statements are provided on demand.  Passengers must show their tickets on demand.    (1.) Does it mean the same if I replace “on demand” with “by request” in each of the sentences? Yes   

2015-09-30 Immigration Issues - H1 to H4 in Process and getting H1 back:

Hi,    There will be a problem only if the change of status to H4 is granted after approval of H1B transfer. Therefore, it is prudent to withdraw the pending H4 application when the H1B transfer petition

2015-09-30 Criminal Law - Stalking and Harassment law:

Meghan,    There is a lot of information you have left out but the first thing to do is to screen the friends you accept into your social media accounts and to limit the amount of information you share


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