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2014-10-17 English as a Second Language - Question:

Hi again Hossein,    one at a time:    1. endured = continued, went on, survived    2. resource curse - see here:    3. One of the people was Ai Weiwei, an artist

2014-10-15 Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines - Conditional Release:

So much of the warrant program can be waived.  keep in mind, you will need the feeder MOS for the warrant program, but they can take other service related experience as well.  You will need to meet with

2014-10-14 English as a Second Language - Question:

Hi Hossein,    past here means passing by    "larger land mass than any other in history" means an area of land larger than any other such area in history. In other words, Genghis Khan's empire was the

2014-10-11 Interracial Relationships - CONTROL FREAK:

Cameron,    Thank you for writing and my apologies for the delay I needed time to really think about the answer I wanted to give you. To give you a real clear explanation as to why some people are control

2014-10-09 English as a Second Language - Question:

Hossein,    "a full seat at the table" means a full participant, a member with full rights    In this case, India is seen as a large democracy that van serve as a role model for other countries.    I hope


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