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2015-03-03 Careers: Police - soliciting a prostitute:

Jimmy,    As I have told countless others I have no way of knowing if a certain incident will disqualify you from employment.  That is because each agency, police department, and others have their own

2015-02-27 Immigration Issues - Recapture the priority date from denied i130:

Unfortunately, since it was not a USCIS error, the I-130 petition must be filed again in the 4th family preference category. A new priority date will be established upon receipt; you will not be able to

2015-02-26 English as a Second Language - grammar:

Jack,    thank you for your question.     I am sorry to say that neither one of the two sentences you're asking about are correct. I don't really know what you're trying to say so I can't make them right

2015-02-25 English as a Second Language - 2 questions:

Hello again Dev,        I have a fever (Is it correct to say this in present tense) Yes    How a third person can tell to others that someone has got fever.He has had a fever last night.(Is it correct)

2015-02-24 Immigration Issues - Gay marriage/immigration follow-up:

Hi,    It is important to file the advance parole document application along with the I-485 adjustment of status application. Issuance of the advance parole document (about 2 to 3 months after filing)


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