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2015-01-24 Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines - Help:

Sanaa,  I've only heard of this in the government of India and Pakistan.  It's like a civil service job with their government.  Mate (ssk) is just an assistant or helper to the engineeer.  Hopefully that's

2015-01-23 Criminal Law - larceny? forgery? What will happen to me?:

Roger:    First order of business, if you have not been charged and this case has not been adjudicated, you shoud NOT BE DISCUSSING YOUR CASE OVER THE INTERNET. Get an attorney!!    With respect to your

2015-01-21 Careers: Police - Background check for civilian job at the police:

Hi,    As I tell everyone there are no "yes" or "no" answers to this kind of question.  The reason is because there are thousands of police departments and all have their own hiring standards.    Having

2015-01-21 Careers: Police - confused background:

Ok let me explain this again.  If you were applying for the FBI or the army where there are set rules I could better answer your question.  But you aren't.  You are applying for one agency and the key

2015-01-21 English as a Second Language - background...:

There are several different thoughts about what should be in an introductory paragraph and what should be in the body of the essay and it is usually up to the instructor to inform the student what he or


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