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2014-08-27 English as a Second Language - Ambiguity:

Would you please explain what is the difference between roll call and acclamation ?     What does this mean: a determined group of my delegates still intended to vote for me during the roll call of the

2014-08-24 English as a Second Language - Ambiguity:

Hello again.    Let me begin by thanking you for your kind words and for the ratings you have given me for my previous answer.    1.Hillary kept modifying her speech until the last moment when her motorcade

2014-08-23 Careers: Police - Ferguson, Mo:

Hello Dick,  There is no value in commenting on an open case.  Until the facts and circumstances have been gathered, and presented for review, by competent authority...(usually a county DA, state AG or

2014-08-23 English as a Second Language - question:

Hi Nilo,    the best way to ask that question would be:  How far is this place from your work (place)?    You could say "How many kilometers are from here to his work?" but the above expression is more

2014-08-22 Criminal Law - Mike Brown killing:

Richard-    Unless I missed something when I first heard of this incident, I was under the impression that the very initial versions of what allegedly happened were somewhat incongruous to what other people


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