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2016-05-26 English as a Second Language - Poor:

Hi Hamed,     the two words "poor" and "indigent" are synonyms so you can use either one of them.     If you are trying to be politically correct, you may want to use "indigent" but in all honesty that's

2016-05-26 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.Curve A is the steepest. Curve D is the least steep.    (1.) May I say also, “Curve A has the most slope” and “Curve D has the least slope”? You could but it would sound odd    It is a privilege to have

2016-05-25 Criminal Law - Fugitive from Justice:

Tina-    On its face, you should not sign this document if there is a charge as a "Fugitive from Justice" that is either unwarranted or inaccurate. Such a charge can have serious repercussions with a bail/bond

2016-05-23 Immigration Issues - H1B to F1 change of status I-140 in process:

Hi,    Change of status to F1 is not likely to be successful, as either a pending or approved I-140 petition shows an intention to immigrate to the U.S., and that is incompatible with F1 nonimmigrant visa

2016-05-23 Women`s Issues - Abortion rights:

Dear Karen:    My last name is  Fuentes, not Pressman Fuentes; Pressman is my middle, and maiden, name.    You can read about  Roe v. Wade here:    I share your


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