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2015-05-24 Bible Studies - providence:

Peter,    Sin was never part of the purpose of God. Sin is rebellion against God, and therefore there is no way that God would endorse sin as part of His plan. However, God did know that man would sin

2015-05-24 Anglicans - providence:

There is more to it than that but it needs a book - or at least some trawling the net.    From John Calvin comes the idea that may not "cause" sin but may "ordain" it. "Calvinist" may be shorthand for

2015-05-24 Catholics - Religion and science are different:

Human science and divine revelation are two different ways to obtain knowledge.  God is the source of revelation and the cause of the existence of the universe with its scientific laws.  Science [astrophysics]

2015-05-24 Astrology - civil:

I have study your question. I see the result will come as per your wish. More I see, you are suffering of Pitru Doesh. If you still problem, come on line to talk with me.  Pitra Dosha   It is believed

2015-05-24 Jehovah`s Witness - assembly:

Hello and thank you so much for writing!    Thanks for sharing how honest hearted ones have chosen a course of life!  Yes we are a people from all tongues,  nations, and races, true unity and one goal


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