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2014-08-29 Psychics - love:

Lenormand cards - Stars, Snake, Book - There's new beginnings in the works of your life Kaamini, the cards are stating that nothing is set in stone (i.e. soulmate/ marriage) this leads me to think that

2014-08-29 Psychics - Hope?:

I am sorry to hear that you are not in good condition and hope it will be termporary and pass fast sometimes when we cant change the circumstances we can try and change out attitude about it and enjoy

2014-08-28 Psychics - Support:

according to your numerology you need a job of traveling verity and people communication I doubt real estate will be it because as you said yourself it takes long time before you will licensed to make

2014-08-28 Seventh-Day Adventists - Sanctuary in Heaven:

Dear Haddock:    In my answer, "Investigative Judgement" (7/23/14), I did not want to go into the question of whether the sanctuary in heaven is literal or not because that would have made a lengthy answer

2014-08-28 Psychics - Job opportunities:

dear Alexandre  as for you this is a great time to look for a job but I am afraid until Nov there will be no steady good job because this year is a year of study and it will be great if you spend the time


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