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2014-07-29 Astrology - health:

Dear Rekha ,    While I see some health issues to continue , I do not see major problems after October 2014.Somebody may have created big fear about your chart.      To help you more , I need to know more

2014-07-29 Tarot Card Readings - Love anywhere near:

He believes in time taking its course. he is going through a period of soul searching and/or self analysis. The decision needs to come 100% from him,  and not because its forced upon him. And according

2014-07-29 Astrology - marriage:

Hi  I have received your question. I give answer to questioner only. One can not ask me on behalf of any one. For more detail read my profile on or read my web page www.shubhlabhjyotish

2014-07-29 Psychics - Love and happiness:

Lenormand cards : Scythe, Clover, Ship - there's a feeling that you entered this relationship too quickly, was love even given a chance to develop before all the 'meant to be together' was pondered on

2014-07-29 Astrology - kindly give me insight into my chart:

Dear Chennai Born ,    In absence of any background data about yourself to confirm your chart, it is incorrect to predict or suggest any remedial measures or advice.    I suggest to go for professional


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