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2014-11-24 Orthodox Judaism - idolatry/christianity:

Luke,    I don't see where you see in my response anything about punishment?    Regarding your question whether a convert out of the religion is part of the eternal contempt, I believe Maimonides is of

2014-11-24 Psychics - Move:

emma   I actually do, even though this is riddled with confusion and there are many loose ends to tie up the move abroad is extremely strong in your future and I can see it being an absolutely brilliant

2014-11-24 Psychics - Moving abroad:

I cannot offer that detailed type of reading here, but what I can tell to you is that you or your husband has a female in your lives, one who has moved and she knows of your hopes to also move. She has

2014-11-24 Jehovah`s Witness - Bible Tools & Translations (cont'd):

Hello Jay,    I already responded to this, All Experts has been acting funny.     But at any rate, like I mentioned before, man made credentials really hold no weight.  JW's did not insert Jehovah's name

2014-11-24 Orthodox Judaism - ghost:

Lisa,    Judaism believes in the afterlife, meaning that the soul continues to exist long after the body is gone. There has indeed been incidences recorded in Jewish History where a soul has come back


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