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2017-01-14 Jehovah`s Witness - Other sheep:

Thank you for your question, 1935 was not a date of prophecy but an Epiphany after the fact.  We know it, however the world is oblivious to this undergoing fulfilment of scripture.  The following scriptures

2017-01-14 Psychics - strong emotions:

Dear Jessica  you and Marian are not so great together because there are many differences between the two of you you are more emotional child like but very caring toward other people and how they feel

2017-01-13 Christianity--Church History - Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ:

The usual Catholic argument is that Mary was declared as "full of grace," but his could simply be a statement about the degree of divine favour to be chosen, not a statement about her sinlessness.    

2017-01-13 Tarot Card Readings - message:

Hi Laura    Thank you! After a week of people asking me to predict their future, your question is a breath of fresh air. I'm thinking a Pathway reading is the way to go. If intuition leads we can add more

2017-01-12 Astrology - Sri Gurubhyom Namaha:

This is Steve Hora - Vedic Astrologer, responding to your email.    Ask specific life question.    Kindly confirm for Guru Dakshina and respond to this mail so that we can proceed further.    My Guru Dakshina


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