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2015-01-30 Bible Studies - belief and practice of exorcism and discernment of spirits:

Things as discernment of spirits is part of charismatic belief and practice, both Catholic and Protestant    This is because of their teaching on the operation of spiritual gifts, which includes discernment

2015-01-29 Jehovah`s Witness - Holland running out of Holy Ghost?:

Hello and thanks for writing,    When the Bible speaks of "animalistic men" (it is referring to those who like unreasoning animals, brute beasts, can't reason but act on instinct).  Therefore, that helps

2015-01-29 Astrology - Astrology:

Ask me again    Hi    Sorry, I can not reply you answer for the following resinous.  1st you have not given me 1st.number come in your mind. As you have not read the Instructions from the Expert:  GUIDELINE

2015-01-29 Churches Of Christ - Husband says we are in an adulterous marriage because I was married before.:

Julie, I'm so sad to hear what you are going through. This is indeed a doctrine of demons which can be argued and debated from many, many different perspectives. But in this case .... fortunately ....

2015-01-29 Psychics - Thoughts:

Hi,   Rick seems absolutely angry and upset by something you did. I feel like he felt hurt by you, in recent months, something might have happened that you did like said something he felt was rude or made


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