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2014-04-19 Psychics - My boyfriends mother:

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." Carl Jung, famous Swiss psychologist    card 1 Dawn, new beginnings; a new day is dawning in your life (pregnant

2014-04-18 Catholics - Easter Obligation:

Of course!  In fact not only CAN you fulfill your Easter Obligation by attending the Easter Vigil it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for you to do so!    Holy Week (which began with Palm Sunday) is the most sacred

2014-04-18 Baptists - losing salvation:

Hi Ray,     You are correct that Christians cannot lose their salvation.  Go to to read several articles that show what the Bible teaches about the security

2014-04-18 Astrology - Job:

Dear Mr.Shah,    First I am advising you, Please take the blessings of you mother (As soon as you can). Otherwise you lose the job. The good time will come from last quarter of this year but after the

2014-04-18 Psychics - long distance relationship:

Dear Makayla,     Thank you for writing. I wish I didn't get this right away, but I did -- I feel like he's not going to settle down or even see anyone seriously for quite some time -- I mean he feels


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