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2016-10-24 Psychics - Love and Future?:

Dear Carlye  this can end in a heart brake and I was not so sure he is in love with you to begin with the second this is the obstacles that his family will put and succeed in stoping this relationship

2016-10-22 Astrology - Financial situation:

Hi Pankaj,    This is a paid service as Guru Dakshina.    Chart solution and analysis - 5 USD  One question - 5 USD    Payable through PayPal.    Solution, Remedies, Timing using NadiAmsa, Pujas and Temple

2016-10-22 Scientology - Beauty:

I'll quote from page 42 of "Scientology 0-8."    "DO NOT GET BEAUTY entangled here with LOVE or anything else but beauty. Beauty is a wavelength closely resembling theta or a harmony approximating theta

2016-10-21 Seventh-Day Adventists - Are Christians now Israel?:

Dear Brother Mike:    Thank you for the question. I do not find a valid scriptural basis for the theory that the Christian Church is "Israel". There are some scriptures employed by those who promote the

2016-10-21 Jehovah`s Witness - Did paul think we had an immortal soul?:

Hello Frank,    I already discussed those in bulk as the Bible has the same theme, it doesnt teach contradictions because its a different scripture.  Paul did not teach immortal soul lie to the people


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