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2014-04-24 Psychics - Relationship:

numerology suggests a relationship filled with emotion but not with much logic, and the tarot did not show him being completely in love with you but neither show a big harm for you and him to be together

2014-04-24 Psychics - trusting...:

Using Lenormand cards - Coffin, Clouds, Birds - one/both of you have not been very honest in the way you have been communicating to each other, this has led to stale negative energies lurking around -

2014-04-24 Psychics - Love:

Using Lenormand cards - Lily, Clouds, Fox - there's uncertainty within the relationship now, energies of not communicating honestly to each other... but this is an ongoing issue, so is there feelings of

2014-04-24 Psychics - Relationship:

Dear Bryony,     You and Harry: First, I feel you're a very contained person emotionally, but within that certain, stable space, you're bursting with ideas, plans - I don't know why but politics comes

2014-04-23 Psychics - Tarot Reading:

Using my Tarot deck - Card 1. Three of Pentacles; people appreciate you but you are just at the beginning stages of what it is you're trying to achieve. You cannot pursue a career yet because the seed


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