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2015-10-03 Astrology - New:

I have study your question. Still 2 years you will have struggle. What ever you get during this time, you do. During these 2 years I advise you to Pray Rahu Durga Mata & Hanuman.  Rahu  For Rahu related

2015-10-02 Psychics - No promotion.:

numerology wise this is indeed a year that does not contribute much to your finance but it does make you wiser and more experienced about life what you will be able to use around March 2016 and on- however

2015-10-02 Jehovah`s Witness - 'TREE OF LIFE':

The "tree of life" symbolizes Jehovah's Life Force since he is the giver of life and the source of life.  Jehovah is eternal, meaning that he always existed, therefore, he has no beginning or end.  Before

2015-10-02 Astrology - Marraige:

Dear,    Pls mail me ur query to my mail id at    God Bless  Acharya V Shastri    (M) +91-9013165252 & +91-9013165454  For More Details log on to

2015-10-02 Astrology - advice:

Ask me again    Hi    Sorry, I can not reply you answer for the following resinous.  1st you have not given me 1st.number come in your mind. As you have not read the Instructions from the Expert:  GUIDELINE


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