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2016-07-26 Psychics - Love and Romance:

Hello Patty, thanks for contacting me with your question (I'm focusing on Ron, as I only offer one free question if you took the time to read my profile), the Universal World of the Divine Spirit is showing

2016-07-26 Psychics - Letting him go:

Chloe--  There are so many paths for moving forward.  Your first move is to keeping breathing,eat well, take care of your body and walk or do some kind of exercise daily. Keep living, stay calm, take a

2016-07-26 Jehovah`s Witness - Why was John killed?:

John's birth and ministry was fulfillment of prophecy and many witnessed this.  We do know that Herod Antipas, nominally a Jewish proselyte accountable to the Law, was afraid of John, knowing him to be

2016-07-26 Psychics - Relationship:

Dear Mark,    I know you feel like this may be your last chance for great love. It is not.  You have been living in a state of hope and fear, that is you hope for a magical and balanced love and you fear

2016-07-26 Astrology - marriage:

R0li.. in Nov or Dec 2016  ....mostly, marriage will be confirmed. They will lead a happy married life. A match relating to financial sector ( Computers)...or its linked may come. They will lead a happy


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