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2015-11-28 Reincarnation - question:

Dear Filomena,    I believe that it is impossible to form this kind of attachment to someone, whether you have physically met them or not, without a past-life connection. Beyond that, I can't say anything

2015-11-28 Catholics - Stubborn Faith:

And you inadvertently touched upon why Jesus has little good things to say about riches and the rich.  Jesus glorifies poverty not for the sake of poverty but because the more we have the more we run the

2015-11-28 Astrology - Love marriage or arrange:

Hi  I have read your question. Sorry to say ‘NO’. I do not see chance of marriage in your life.   I have read your question in detail, your question require more personal attention as well as to answer

2015-11-28 Psychics - Love ??:

Dear Rose,     I don't have the feeling you'll get back with him, but I'm glad you got to see him again because it feels to me nothing ever really had a chance to "end," and now's your time.     In other

2015-11-27 Astrology - Work permit:

Dear Mia,    Chanted Saturn mantra up to 43 days and start from coming Saturday. You will surely get your permit with in this durations.      God Bless  Acharya V Shastri    Pls ensure you have to rating


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