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2014-12-19 Baptists - Turning the other cheek:

Ashtyn,  I think the answer lies within the question. If it is in self defense I believe physical force would be justified if necessary.     As to the situation you mentioned, I think you reacted appropriately

2014-12-18 Psychics - relationship:

Hello there Karen and I am sorry to hear about your misfortune with Sidney . In fact I am a little surprised that you have been ten years together and it all worked out cause numerology suggests other

2014-12-18 Astrology - mangal bhari:

Ask me again    Hi    Sorry, I can not reply you answer for the following resinous.  1st you have not given me 1st.number come in your mind. As you have not read the Instructions from the Expert:  GUIDELINE

2014-12-18 Jehovah`s Witness - Joseph Joseph Joseph:

I believe that Brenton Hepburn is one of the finest examples of a true Jehovah's Witness on this board.  His responses are consistently the most thorough, balanced, and polite that you will see here, bar

2014-12-17 Jehovah`s Witness - From Joseph....:

Hello, Joseph. Thank you for writing back.     Unfortunately, your actions earlier today after your first writing, have complicated matters somewhat. I would have been happy to have answered this follow-up


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