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2016-02-06 Psychics - trying:

Hi there.    - Thank you for writing in.    Yes, you will have another baby, a boy. I see a male child. I am seeing you getting pregnant this June, of this year. And so you will have him next year, of

2016-02-05 Catholics - Beauty and God:

Actually, this statement is not from Plato, but from at least a century later.  The statement is false.  The statement is an expression of the notion that beauty is subjective, not objective.  This was

2016-02-05 Catholics - nature or the supernatural?:

Quite frankly because the truths of Christianity are so different from what we would expect.    When you look at the pagan gods, you find they are really little more than human beings with super powers

2016-02-05 Psychics - job:

I would easily recommend you to the fashion industry but this is up to you what type of job you want to do and its good you will know it so you can look in that direction , you have entered a new beginning

2016-02-05 Psychics - obsession:

if by the words obsessed you are aiming to say she has some romantic attraction there it did not look like this there were signs of a bit of physical attraction but generally speaking she looked more like


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