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2014-09-21 Jehovah`s Witness - O.K let me wrap this thing up:

Once again there's been a lot of words written and a lot of smokescreening and a lot of distracting from a very simple point.    The point always was why does christendom think it's o.k to pick and choose

2014-09-20 Astrology - marriage guidance pls:

5th lord (love) mars and 7th lord (marriage) mercury are combined in 7th, so love, but with 8th lord sun, so failure, due to hidden enemies. After March 2021, marriage, but love will start, by around July

2014-09-20 Tarot Card Readings - regarding a relationship:

Hi Jasmine    He definitely sees you as marriage material.  He feels that you balance him out.  For you, no, I am shown you did right closing the chapter on it.     I am being told to tell you to wait

2014-09-20 Astrology - marriage:

Dear Pradeep, It was destined in her life. By happening this lot of negativity from her married life is consumed so this is not a bad event looking to her long term married life. Now after march 2015 again

2014-09-20 Jehovah`s Witness - What? Another confusing Trinity Doctrine?:

The trinity doctrine is not eternal, but evolved through Modalism.  The doctrine you are pointing out now is a Modalistic/Trinitarian view.  The view at first was rejected in the third and four centuries


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