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2015-09-01 Psychics - Re: Pregnancy:

Hi Tanya  I do not answer pregnancy question and I was about to put into pool but I did get a message for you so I hope you accept the messages even though I will not be answering your pregnancy question:

2015-09-01 Psychics - love:

Hello  Well it seems you have a few energies that comes up for you I get Gemini/Aquarius/Taurus/Cancer and a Pisces so from what I am shown the strongest for your question in "serious relationship" they

2015-09-01 Psychics - Long distance relationship:

in fact youa re better when in distance from each other and not when together daily so if you can maintain the space between each other and see each other only periodically this can be a a very long term

2015-09-01 Astrology - Carrer:

I have positive reply for you. Be care full, when you call for interview or anything.  I have work out on your question. Try to give you an answer as much detail I can give on As a policy

2015-08-31 Methodists - Communion:

Dear John:         Greetings from Jacksonville, FL, where we had 1 1/2 inches of rain in an hour and a half yesterday. Hope your area is not flooded!         The basic answer to all of your procedural


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