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2014-09-28 Psychics - Lockout:

Lenormand cards - Tree, Dog, Mice - this 'issue' feels long-standing, but the cards are saying your friends will have what needs to happen for their highest good happen (I can't tell you exactly what this

2014-09-28 Orthodox Judaism - Free Will:

Hi Glen and thanks for the question.     Human free will is defined as the right to choose between good and evil.   God's will may intervene should He feel it is appropriate.   For example, a terrorist

2014-09-28 Conservative Judaism - Rabbi judments:

Dear Andre,    Thank you for writing. Shanah Tovah.    My challenge is the phrase "rabbi judgement" as you quote it.    The first problem or challenge is that it comes from a piece of fiction, which may

2014-09-28 Catholics - understanding the Faith:

I disagree there were no "Old Testament Theologians."  The Jewish people had scholars of the law.  We see Jesus encountering them in his ministry. While it is true that he criticizes them along with the

2014-09-28 Jehovah`s Witness - no bible verse is out of date?:

 It's very interesting that not only do you agree with Derrick Holland that we get to pick and choose which bible verses are logical and which one's are not you also agree with Derrick that some bible


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