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2016-10-20 Online Marketing - language-light and original videos:

Hashem,    Let me make sure I understand.    You want a search engine or search program that will allow you to find original content videos that you can use for marketing purposes that will not get you

2016-10-19 Employment Law - Exempt employee and tips:

Skye,    The answer to your questions is - as an exempt managerial level employee you should probably not be sharing in tips, particularly if this is a one-off type of event. By doing so, you are creating

2016-10-19 Mexican Law - trabajo:

Hola de nuevo!    Si, es posible obtener una copia. Hay que hacer un tramite ante la SEP para conseguirlos.    Yo recuerdo que son dos documentos: Secundaria y Preparatoria. Usted digame si necesita ambos

2016-10-18 German Law - German Passport for non-EU citizens:

Hello Sami,    no, there is really no chance to obtain German citizenship by naturalization before you have fulfilled 6 years of residence (unless you are married to a German).    I hope that the remaining

2016-10-17 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Taxes after death:

Michael,    Thanks for your question.    Any assets owned by the deceased would go to help pay the debt, including any life insurance, retirement plans or the like. If any assets had been recently transferred


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