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2015-03-25 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - deduction for sewer damage:

Julie,    Thanks for your question.    The loss may be deductible, but it might not do you any good. First, any loss covered by insurance is not deductible to the extent the insurance would cover the loss

2015-03-25 German Law - Residency permit as mother of German child:

It depends on how old your daughter is.    If she is a minor, you can derive a right to a residence permit in Germany from her, if you have at least shared custody and will live with her in Germany (

2015-03-25 German Law - Requirements for German Passport in South Africa:

These are the kind of stories which drive me crazy.     Nobody needs your birth certificate at all, whether abridged or unabridged, because your daughter's German citizenship does not derive from you,

2015-03-25 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Sale of home:

The basis of the condo as a rental is $199,400 minus the value of the common areas minus any depreciation allowed or allowable. He has a taxable gain.  Depreciation does not exclude gain. Any depreciation

2015-03-25 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Sale of home:

Jeff,    Several issues here, some of which are too complex to address in this volunteer forum.    If he sold it at a loss, there is no depreciation recapture. But remember that the basis is reduced by


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