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2016-08-23 Mexican Law - Divorcio:

Hola, conforme a la ley mexicana, solo un juez mexicano puede conocer de una demanda de divorcio, si en México, establecieron su domicilio conyugal, aquí vivieron?, en algún momento, vivieron juntos en

2016-08-22 Indian Law - Notice period during technical resignation:

You can resign subject to the termination clause contained in your letter of engagement.If you are selected in another Govt. post by applying through proper channel,even then you shall have to resign by

2016-08-22 German Law - Secondment counting towards naturalisation:

Dear Matt,    the 8 years (which are only 6 years if you speak German at B2 level) do not need to be consecutive. Up to 5 years of a previous stay can be recognised (§ 12b II StAG), so only the last 1-3

2016-08-22 German Law - Secondment to Germany from UK:

I cannot tell you if it would turn out to be a win-win scenario for you because I do not know the British system.    As you said, under certain conditions EU citizens can stay in the health insurance of

2016-08-22 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - calculation question:

Hi  If you are in the USA, you need to file a form 1065 partnership tax return and then report the income on your individual returns - including depreciation and other important facets such as original


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