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2015-05-27 Mexican Law - Will:

Hi Martha,    I assume that the land in question is in Mexico. Land acquired by donation or inheritance is exempt from the Federal Impuesto Sobre la Renta (ISR). In any case, it is the estate that pays

2015-05-27 German Law - how to obtain a resident permit after having a deutsch baby:

As long as you will have at least shared custody of your child and the child remain in Germany, you will be entitled to a residence permit based on that. You do not need to live together with the child's

2015-05-26 Collections Law - process to get a return of money from wages garnished before filing for bankruptcy:

Hello Breeze.    Yes it is true that you may be able to get some of that money back that was garnished before you filed, but whether you can or not depends on several factors you donít state in your question

2015-05-25 German Law - Acquiring German or British Visa Being a foreigner and Married with a British girl:

Hello Salim,    you cannot get a British visa because nobody lives in the UK.    Whether you can get a spouse visa depends on your wife's visa status.  If she is protected under EU regulation 2004/38 (which

2015-05-24 How to Deal With Relationships - what should she do now?:

Dear Cher,    Yes, she messed up.  It will be very difficult for them to start over as friends now that they have shared a sexual relationship.      My opinion:  She needs to end any relationship but for


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