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2014-10-30 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Taxable ???:

first of all, sorry for your loss!    not if you structure it properly    how much? where do you live?     what sort of business?    what was the business?     do you know if it was corporate, partnership?

2014-10-30 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Taxable..???:

Alex,    Thanks for your question.    Yes, it is taxable, but you may not have a gain.  When you inherited his portion of the business, your basis in the business is the fair market value of his portion

2014-10-30 Employment Law - Minimum compensation for a commission job:

If you are working on a 1099 commission only basis than you are not an employee and are not subject to the employment law of the minimum wage. You are an indendent contractor running your own business

2014-10-30 Mexican Law - Problema con apellidos:

Estimada Lilliana,    Yo soy americano y mexicano a la vez. Tengo mi Credencial de Elector con tan solo un apellido, así que el INE equivoque al decir que es imposible expedir un credencial sin el apellido

2014-10-29 Employment Law - exempt salry payment:

it is illegal to reduce an exempt employee's wages for less than a full day off for personal reasons. This is a federal law under the Fair Labor Standards Act. You should not have been docked for those


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