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2016-04-27 Copyright & Patents - Game Patent:

Read "Patent It Yourself" by David Pressman, published by Nolo Press of Berkley, California. It is available direct or from the local bookstores for $42. Or, an older edition, the 13th has been available

2016-04-27 Employment Law - Late pay:

Hello Russell,    This link will answer your question...    Also, if you were the only one that didn;t get paid it could be a red  flag for discrimination

2016-04-25 Managing a Business - eBooks Designing for Publishers.:

Hello Prashant,    As an author (my new business book, "Business Brainfood" will be published in the near future) I can tell you this is a very crowded market space. There are a number of very well known

2016-04-25 Running a Restaurant - Food Kiosk in Food Court:

Hi Steve,    Well, each location requires a different approach. A location in a mall is relatively simple in that you simply have to contact the mall management office and they will provide all the options

2016-04-25 Running a Restaurant - Food Kiosk in Food Court:

Steve,  Here is a good start in salt Lake city...    If you go to each of the names that I just sent you and go to their


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