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2016-07-19 Indian Law - cntract agreement:

Dissolution has to be made as per the provisions of the Partnership act,1932.Moreover,after dissolution,settlement of accounts have to be made as per the provisions of the said Act.  In the instant case

2016-07-18 German Law - Is there still an inheritance?:

Upon the deathof an individual his successor diectly steps into the shoes of the deceased in regard to his/ her ownership titles andliabilities unless the inheritance has been waived by declaration to

2016-07-16 Employment Law - Forced time card alteration.:

The only thing you can do is talk to the department of employment about it.  They will investigate and yes it is illegal. However, you are correct in what you say.  They cannot fire you for this, but they

2016-07-12 German Law - 14 StAG: strong ties and the public interest:

Hello Matt,    while you do have considerable ties to Germany, they do not reach the level required for an application according to 14 StAG to be successful. As this application is granted by discretion

2016-07-06 German Law - Questions Regarding 14 StAG:

Dear Chris,    the cases of applicants born to German mothers prior to 1975 are usually granted because the current application of 14 StAG is in a way a restitution for past discrimination by the German


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