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2014-10-24 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Distributions:

Kenneth,    You might want to structure the whole thing as an investment club. IRS Publication 550 has some information on Investment Clubs.

2014-10-22 Employment Law - Yard Signs placed on at intersections:

Okay, this is not employment law, but I looked up some references for you.    It appears that each city has it's own city ordinance and rules on yard sales. You need to contact either the city council


P.S. Please read this version.    1. If an employment contract stipulates exact monthly working hours and the monthly wage it can be concluded that the payment is related to the agreed working hours only

2014-10-22 German Law - Asylum seeker getting marrying:

Dear Waqas,    I got married to my American husband in Germany. It involved a lot of paperwork and my husband had to provide many documents. I am not sure if it easier to get married in Denmark. Normally

2014-10-22 Employment Law - Employment suspension:

Sherry - You have not been terminated, so unemployment should not yet be a concern.  When and if you are terminated, you should file for UC benefits immediately.  If you are out of work for longer than


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