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2015-09-02 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - medical expense reimbursement:

Larry,    Thanks for your question.     My answer is a qualified "yes." It is not important that where the funds come from, as long as it is through the church.    You do need to be certain that the reimbursement

2015-09-02 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Buying property for Sr. Parent:

No, a rental for profit is not considered a personal residence, so it does not count toward the two.    I don't hank you are on shaky ground by specifying that you are paying the interest only. I'm unaware

2015-09-02 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Buying property for Sr. Parent:

Chris,    Thanks for your question. There are several factors to consider. I can't tell you which would be best in your situation.    If you co-sign the loan, you can deduct the interest only if you pay

2015-09-02 Collections Law - Wrongly sent to collections?:

I would notify the Collection Agency in writing IMMEDIATELY by Certified Mail that this item is disputed and that if they do report it to a Credit Bureau they had better report it as disputed or they will

2015-09-01 Mexican Law - need to file a divorce:

Hi,    If your wife is agreeable you may be able to file in Texas but you would need to consult an attorney in Texas for details (many states allow you to file and then you would only need to notarize


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