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2014-04-22 Employment Law - Rounding Rule In Canada:

am aware of nothing in Employment Standards Act that governs this. I believe it is more of a company or management or union policy that states what the tolerance and rounding levels are. This would be

2014-04-22 Careers: Business - Associates Degree Office Administration:

I don't believe it would be a waste of time for her because at least she is getting a college education for her future career.  With this degree, she can work or do just about anything that includes office

2014-04-21 Indian Law - Regarding : Contracts and agreements:

Dear Hitesh Sharma  You have not stated the terms and conditions of the agreement entered too between your sister and the institute. Hence I am not in a position to give a conclusive reply. Having said

2014-04-21 Running a Restaurant - buying a pizzeria:

Vincenzo, there are so many more questions to ask before I can answer you appropriately. How much is the rent? How many years left on the lease? are there any lease options left? What is being offered

2014-04-21 German Law - Marriage - Citizenship - House - Timing:

Shalom Ofir,    thank you very much for your friendly message and your wishes. Chag sameach! Since I live in Italy, I do indeed have more sunny days than I used to in Germany. I would really miss Israel


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