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2014-09-18 German Law - Ancestral visa:

I would need to know the exact family tree (including naturalizations in South Africa or any other country) in order to determine whether you have German citizenship or not.    You will find plenty of

2014-09-18 Business Communication - Introduction to business:

Iím not sure I understand your question, but I'll try and answer what it sounds like.     Communication is a core problem business people face in a competitive economy. There's the basic question: How

2014-09-17 Careers: Business - career:

MBA in International business or Masters in International Business.   MBA  INTERNATIONAL    -IS  THE  BETTER   OPTION.  -IT  IS  VERY  PRACICAL  AND  BUSINESS  ORIENTED.  -IT  IS  IN DEMAND  INTERNATIONALLY

2014-09-17 Negotiating Business Deals - New startup product advice -5:

Hi Mourad    Thank you for your question.     I haven't had time to study your system or how exactly it works, but my initial reaction is that the percentage agreement seems to be more inviting to potential

2014-09-16 German Law - German living in the Philippines:

a) You would need to ask an expert on Philippine law where you need to apply for Philippine residence. There are no repercussions on your German citizenship. German citizenship does not expire, regardless


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