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2014-10-19 German Law - Alimony after divorce:

Dear Caroline,    According to German law the mother is allowed to work only part time until the child turns 12 years old if this is necessary because the child needs her care. If this is here the case

2014-10-19 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - 401k and taxes:

Lou,    Thanks for your question.    Unfortunately, a 401(k) is always tied to your employer and you can only make contribution to the plan as an employer.  As an employee, your options for a retirement

2014-10-19 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - foreign retirement package:

Eric,    Thanks for your question.    You would report that on line 16, just as you would with a domestic pension plan.  However, you need to consult a tax advisor (CPA or enrolled agent) about how much

2014-10-18 International Business - How can I keep my business running using marketing? Tips ?:

Hi Tufail Ali,    there is certainly no 'one-for-all'-solution.    I am a 'one-man-show' concentrating myself on SMEs and I am fighting since 1991 also agianst giants in my filed.    However, through my

2014-10-18 German Law - German Divorce:

Dear Dee,    I am sorry for the delay. I sent a response on 16.10.2014. I will send it out again directly from allexperts instead of just using the link what I normally do.     The splitting of the assets


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