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2014-07-21 Selling or Buying a Small - Why do people sell their business?:

Thank you for contacting AllExperts.     Why a person wants to sell a business is always something to find out and look into. The "best" reasons are retirement, sickness or death, divorce and partnership

2014-07-21 Dealing with Bosses and Coworkers - Sorry.. again..:

Monica,    Thank you!  That makes the situation much clearer.  Based on what you are telling me, it sounds like this store has a high-school like set of groups. One group is likely in your sister's camp

2014-07-21 Arbitration/Mediation - Owner stole from renter???:

Thank you for your question!    If you have looked at some of my previous answers you may know that I always advise questioners that mediators act as neutral third parties to disputes and never "get involved"

2014-07-20 Collections Law - debts:

If you owe enough money to someone (credit card or student loan) then can sue you.  If they get a judgment, they'll file a lien against your house.  Your house (if it is your home and not a rental property)

2014-07-20 Arbitration/Mediation - Owner stole from renter???:

Hi Suzanne,    I am somewhat unclear. Is the person selling the item the owner of the craft mall, or the customer who purchased the item on layaway?    Timmy


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