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2016-05-24 German Law - Adoption / Citizenship Question:

Dear Brianna,    the first question is if your mother was ever German in the first place. That depends on whether her parents were married.    If her parents were married, your mother did not receive German

2016-05-23 Bankruptcy Law - Chapter 7 bankruptsy:

OK -- here's a non-bankruptcy option.  First to answer your homestead question, the exemption in Ill is $30,000 last time I checked.    That said, with $10k of credit card debt, I would hold off filing

2016-05-22 Bankruptcy Law - Chapter 7 bankruptsy:

If all you have is $10,000 in debts I'm not sure bankruptcy is a good idea.  Please advise - are these all credit cards?  What types of debts are they? I'll be glad to answer with a bit more info.    

2016-05-21 Indian Law - interview call based on advance copy of application.:

If the advertisement specifically provided for applying through proper channel,it would be necessary to show NOC during the interview.Normally your certificates,testimonials and NOC are verified in Govt

2016-05-21 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - State tax rates:

You missed the point.    99% of your question was readily available even if you had no business backgroud.  Your statement that you have 2 (two, for emphasis) masters in busines is totally scary.  I stand


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