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2017-03-21 Mexican Law - Qué papeles necesito para casarme a mitad de puente?:

Saludos!    Bueno, desafortunadamente la menor edad no permite un matrimonio valido.    De acuerdo con la ultima jurisprudencia dictada en Mexico, es requisito tanto para hombre como para mujer tener 18

2017-03-20 Employment Law - Employees Not Paid:

If you are not paid on time and there is not a good response at the meeting to explain you can contact your local Department of Labor and  file a claim for unpaid wages.    Here is the New York law on

2017-03-20 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Housing allowance.:

Randy,    Thanks for your question.     If you are ordained, your housing allowance is limited to actual amounts spent for housing or the fair market rental value. It must be designated in advance by n

2017-03-19 Dealing with Employees - Moslems want hallal meat at social events?:

Dear Bud:    Thank you for your question.  Have you heard the expression "Giv'em an inch, and they'll take a mile."  That's what you are dealing with in this situation.  Really doesn't matter what select

2017-03-19 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Earned Income Credit:

Jeff,    I wouldn't say it disqualifies her, but one of the due diligence requirements askscif income is sufficient to support her. You would have to answer that with a no, and explain the answer. Could


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