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2015-02-27 Bankruptcy Law - Modificaion after Chapter 7:

It's best to get back with your attorney on this modification/debt revival question.  I don't think you'd have liability but with having cranked cash out that may be different.  Is the loan mod a really

2015-02-27 Bankruptcy Law - can i add new debt:

You cannot add debt incurred after the filing of a bankruptcy case to a previously filed bankruptcy.      There is no documentation that I'm aware of that you can show.  Bankruptcy only affects debts owed

2015-02-27 Managing a Business - Employer - Employee Role.:

Dear Prashant,    I do not have any statistic about the figure. But, it looks like that the situation in HRM, Recruitment, may be concerned.    Usually the employee or staff member is younger than the

2015-02-26 Bankruptcy Law - Modificaion after Chapter 7:

You should be ok here unless you cranked a lot of money out of the house then refinanced then modified the re-fi;  there is some question in CA whether a residential loan that is part purchase money and

2015-02-25 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - capital gains tax on a credit shelter trust:

Deanna,    Thanks for your question.    A tax return should have been filed each year for the trust, with losses taken in the year incurred. If the losses were of such a nature that they could be carried


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