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2015-08-01 Indian Law - employment bond enforceability:

Even if your son has executed a service-bond,he should not agree to pay any amount.Such type of bond is one sided contract executed under compulsion and it has no validity in the eye of law.As per section

2015-07-31 Arbitration/Mediation - shareholders:

The Committee may be non-shareholders.  But remember that they may then only make recommendations to the shareholders, and then an additional vote and action must be taken by the Shareholders themselves

2015-07-31 Arbitration/Mediation - shareholders:

Normally shareholders will not vote on such a proposition directly.      Typically shareholders will elect directors, who then are obliged to direct the company per the constraints of the Bylaws.  The

2015-07-30 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Auto:

Yes    Look on irs how to report auto miles.    Either actual cash paid expenses or miles per business miles.  99% of the time miles results in better outcome     Maintain impeccable records pertaining

2015-07-30 Starting a Small Business - What should I do?:

You are like a lot of people in that you want to run your own business but do not know what to do. Have a look at this gig on fiverr:


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