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2014-08-29 Football Instruction - Ejections:

Thank you for your question. There are several ways a player can be ejected from agape under NFHS rules - Flagrant personal fouls, fighting, two unsportsmanlike fouls,  intentionally contacting an official

2014-08-27 Softball - blocking home plate:

Hi KW,    The simple rule for the 1st 2 is in ASA and most other orgs (not all) no defensive player can block the base and hinder the runner w/out possession of the ball.  In ASA "about to receive the

2014-08-26 Boxing - speed bag set up:

Hello Robert,    From the center of the platform where the bag will hang, I would clear out 4 feet all the way around the standing area. When you get to the advanced stage of hitting the bag you will start

2014-08-26 Sports Business - Customized Sports Wear Stores:

Hi, David. I am glad you inquired about a "good customized apparel store in New Jersey" because it gave me a chance to uncover some resources that I think you'll find useful. Additionally, I uncovered

2014-08-25 Cricket - age limit associated with cricket:

Hi Abhishek,    Thanks for your question.     You are already 19 and how do you dream to play U-15/u-17? Anyhow, you are at such a age that you can play and perform in cricket. Always be positive, work


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