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2016-05-27 Denver Broncos - football and hand cast:

Angie:    Firstly, I must say that I am not familiar with these, nor could I find any information on them.  Secondly, if they are indeed one of a kind, it would be impractical for me (and useless to you)

2016-05-25 Softball - Dead ball:

Travis,    This sounds like a mess.      I am assuming the batter bunted the ball and it came to rest on home plate, then the batter made contact with the ball according to the plate umpire as the batter

2016-05-24 Cricket - Penalty runs:

Dear Gurunath,    Your question reminded me of my practical exam during 1991 and thereby players were told to create as many problems as they can by the examiner. But I am of the opinion that at a time

2016-05-23 Cricket - Field position:

Dear Gurunath,      Thanks for your question.  What is permitted and what is not should be governed by MCC Laws, and that we have to just use common sense for such trifle issues. And there is no Law which

2016-05-22 Cricket - Out Caught by spectator:

Unfortunately MCC Laws do not specifically cover this situation.    You could consider Law 2.6 - if he could be deemed to be a substitute fielder.     However I would probably apply 42.2, call Dead Ball


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