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2015-10-06 Softball - Play at second base:

Hi Chuck,    without a specific play there are just too many variables to give you an answer on this.  If R1 is so close to 2nd how can there be any play at 1st?  The defense and the offense can arrive

2015-10-06 Cricket - Replacement:

Law 1.2 says  Each captain shall nominate his players in writing to one of the umpires before the toss. No player may be changed after the nomination without the consent of the opposing captain.    In

2015-10-04 College Football - Non-Player Conduct:

THe College rules are different from the high school rules.   Under the NCAA rules there following rules permits the disqualification of coaches per rule.9-2-7 Tobacco use, 9-2-4 contacting an official

2015-10-04 Softball - Play at second base:

Hi Chuck,    You are 1/2 way correct and this is a question that comes up every now and then as players, (and some umpires) misunderstand the responsibilities of both the offense and the defense, and the

2015-10-03 Hockey - hockey game records:

Not stupid --  it's a very good one....    Some leagues will do stats differently ...    So if there was no actual TIE - which normally that would be the number to represent that -- it could then be either


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