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2014-11-19 Gymnastics - Tops Program:

Hi Ann,  The tops, excel, and other similar programs are setup to help meet the needs of gymnasts at different levels.  However unless you are at a large gym there might not be enough gymnasts to split

2014-11-16 Gymnastics - switch to a new gym or stay?:

Hello Erin,    You wrote,     "...(My daughter) recently quit gymnastics just over a month ago after complaining of feeling severely burned out."    "...summer training on those two events produced NO

2014-11-16 Gymnastics - switching gyms?:

It seems you are asking my opinion.  My opinion is this is your daughter, why would you care about disappointing FORMER coaches.  Time to move on to a positive environment.  Your daughter gets one chance

2014-11-16 Gymnastics - coaching:

Hi Ronita,    You are two separate entities. You are a parent first and a coach second. At some point both you and your daughters will likely move on to other activities, so get the most out of it you

2014-11-12 Boxing - Teaching:

Hello Fred,    There is a series of videos at that might be helpful. Just go to the website and search for instructional videos. They start at volume 1 and go from there.   I may start a you


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