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2015-07-30 Cricket - Beamers + Bowler change in an over:

I am uncertain of Bowler B's bouncer status as this will depend on the exact wording of competition regulations.  However under MCC Laws, this would simply be considered as his first bouncer and not penalised

2015-07-28 Softball - ASA softball:

Hi Jan,    There are 3 things we do with obstruction    1) by rule the runner cannot be out out between the bases they were obstructed (interference excepted)  2) We protect them to the base they would

2015-07-27 Softball - weather delays:

Hi Leslie,    Not necessarily.  I've umpired and also UIDed many tournies from F to A, men women and coed.    In any ASA tournie I've done as either if it is at all possible we want to complete the game

2015-07-23 Cricket - cricket umpiring: has a short video which mentions it.    The thinking is that the striker is entitled to know from which side of the wicket the ball will be

2015-07-23 Softball - Tag up question:

Hi Bill,    sorry for the delay AE did not notify me of your question.    No that was absolutely NOT the correct call if R1 scored before the appeal of R2 leaving early.  This is a "timing" play and not


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