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2016-02-09 Cricket - Mistake in scoring:

In the situation described, the boundary should be recognised and then, clearly, there is no need to resume the match.    It is good practice for the umpire to ask the fielding captain if he concedes that

2016-02-06 Cricket - minimum over calculation:

Law 16 requires separate calculations for each break:    At 5:44, 16.4 overs remain  At 6:00, lost 16 minutes, lost 5 overs, 11.4 remain  At 6:01, innings ends, 11.3 remain    Law 16.8(b) requires two

2016-02-03 Softball - Dropped 3rd strike:

Hi Theresa,    This is an ASA answer, I'm sorry I'm not a NCAA umpire but I did look it up for you and it is the same as ASA....NCAA 6.1.3 No run shall be scored if the third out of an inning is the result

2016-02-03 Cricket - Valid appeal:

If the bowler appeals specifically for LBW, then the umpire must answer "Not Out".    I would suggest a quiet word after the match explaining to the bowler that he should use the more general term rather

2016-02-02 Cricket - Out bowled or not out?:

Highly unlikely.  Has it actually happened?    Law 30.1(b) covers some more likely situations.    The fact that your situation is not mentioned implies that it should be out bowled!    However I would


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