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2014-07-19 Cricket - D/L:

The tables were compiled using statistics from a very large number of matches over several years.    they then applied a number of very sophisticated statistical techniques, some of which i learned at

2014-07-17 Softball - Hit by fair batted ball:

Hi Ben,    The runner is never out when hit by a fair batted ball while in contact with a base unless they intentionally interfere with it.    In ASA (other orgs are different) if the closest defensive

2014-07-15 Softball - Rain out:

Hi Darwin,    In ASA you need 4 1/2 or 5 innings for a game to be official.      Local rules are all over the place.  I would assume local rules permitted the umpires to go to the end of 4, and give the

2014-07-13 Cricket - About exam material...:

Hi Swapnil,    Thanks again. Thousands of questions you will come across yourself while reading and understanding the laws.    For example: LAW:1, How many players can play in a match?  All 15 listed players

2014-07-13 Cricket - Duckworth Lewis Method:

Hi Swapnil,    Thanks for getting back to me.      If you would like to follow the Duckworth Lewis  table manually then you have to calculate for different stage intervals. What are the sources available


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