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2014-10-29 Dallas Cowboys - For sale:

Thanx for the kind offer.    Even if I were interested, your contact info is missing from your question.  I suggest you post your offer on Craigslist or ebay (I hear there is a new auction service called

2014-10-29 Minor League Baseball - does ge play a factor?:

Jim    If you're already playing ball for your college don't think your age will be a factor. I'd ask your coach to make sure. You may want to try out for an independent team in your area. Half way through

2014-10-27 Gymnastics - Giants on low bar:

Hello Mick,          I am very glad to help you.  I understand your concern.  In my opinion…..relating to technique…the bend of the bar plays an important role in aiding the gymnast to achieve a

2014-10-26 Cricket - how to join in baroda cricket association:

Hi Aftab,    Thanks for your question.    It is not important which association you like to join. Since you are in Bharuch, you can join any club in Bharuch at GNFC Cricket ground. You attend regular practice

2014-10-26 Horse Racing - salary of an assistant trainer:

Hi Rohit,          This would depend on what other benefits/costs were associated with the job. If the assistant is provided with a house and a vehicle the salary may be lower. If the assistant trainer


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