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2017-01-14 Basketball Instruction - NCAA CBB 3 Second Violation:

David,    the 3 second count starts when     #1 the ball is in the front court  #2 when 1 or both feet are in the lane.     Now there are many other factors that come into play when an official decides

2017-01-13 Softball - Coach leaving box - ASA senior slow pitch:

Hi John    So sorry about being being late, I just had open heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic and should have put I was was unavailable.      This happens usually w F5 and not the coach.  If I have to

2017-01-10 Cricket - On becoming a Cricket Umpire.:

Respected Ven Catesh,    This is a repeated question and I would give the detailed answer as under, read what is applicable to you.    STEP:1  Career in Umpiring is as tough as becoming cricketer. But

2017-01-10 Cricket - RUN OUT:

If the batsman is out of his ground at any time whilst the ball is live, then he is liable to be Run Out.      (The only exception is when the ball is taken solely by the wicket keeper which could result

2017-01-09 Cricket - cricketer:

Hi Sachin,    It is like Nursery to Graduation , i.e. equivalent to start your cricketing career at the age of 8 and to get recognised for your state team in the BCCI national Juniors tournaments. Going


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