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2016-09-26 Cricket - non striker:

Law 41.6 prevents a fielder from encroaching on the pitch - which may be rather close to the normal line of a batsman running.  Apart from that the umpire has no authority.    Law 42.14 talks about AVOIDABLE

2016-09-25 Softball - Coed walk rule:

Hi Chuck,    ASA does include a rule book to every team that plays registered ASA ball.    In coed if a male is walked with less than 2 out, (he is placed on 2nd (by way of 1st)and she must bat.  With

2016-09-25 College Football - football timeclock:

Tim,    The answer depends on whether the run ended inbounds or out of bounds.  If the run ended inbounds, the clock would start on the ready for play.  If the run ended out of bounds, it would start on

2016-09-25 Cricket - Catch:

MCC Laws make no specific mention of this situation.    However, if I thought it was wilful/deliberate, I would apply Law 42.2 and deem the action to be unfair, calling Dead Ball.  I would not award any

2016-09-24 Cricket - about umpiring:

Law 16.8 (b) requires two calculations:    (c) Calculation based on overs remaining.  16.2 overs remain - round up to 17  deduct 3 overs for interval, makes 14 overs    (d) Calculation based on time remaining


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