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2015-08-31 Softball - Mercy Rule:

Hi Jen,    In your league it means you must play 4 1/2 innings no matter what the score is. If the visitors bat 5 or more times and are behind by 15+ the game is over.  If the home team bats 5 or more

2015-08-30 Softball - Adding a 10th player in a suspended game:

Hi David,    ASA does not publish an authorized version of it's rule book online.  If you are an ASA sanctioned team your manager should have a rule book as they are sent out with sanctioning.  I missed

2015-08-28 Softball - Adding a 10th player in a suspended game:

Hi David,    I assume this is SP. In the continuation of the 2nd game they must play with 10 if they have them.  Because they were playing under the shorthanded rule (playing 9) where they were taking

2015-08-27 Softball - slow pitch:

Hi Greg,      It's easy to understand this play if you understand the the rule.    By rule a runner passing a base is considered to have touched the base, so a runner missing a base but ahead of the throw

2015-08-26 Cricket - Wide:

Law 21.6 makes it clear that once the batters have scored (or been awarded) sufficient runs to win, then the game is at an end and nothing else counts.    In your case, as soon as the umpire has called


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