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2016-08-23 Cricket - I want to become an Umpire:

Dear Vishal,    Its a good thought to become an umpire. You have been a bit late and I am afraid if you ever achieve your goal. The reason is that you are already 38, besides that BCCI level 1 exam was

2016-08-23 Pro Wrestling - Specific muscles:

Firstly, good to hear that you're working hard, Jess. Second, I am glad some of my advice has been useful.    In regards to back bumping, I have learned there is never a good way to just fall on your back

2016-08-22 Olympics - Mallakhamb - Gymnastics Exercise Form.:

All sports entering the Olympics must have a well organized international federation with national federations in 45 nations or more.  In addition they must have world championships that are drug tested

2016-08-21 Cricket - Getting out on a beamer:

Law 42.6(b) says that a beamer is a No Ball.    Unless there is some extremely unusual situation (eg umpire has made a mistake or the bails have fallen off prior to receipt - in which case ball is Daed)

2016-08-21 Cricket - Cricket Scoring:

Dear Akshay,    Its a great work on your part which inspired you to take up cricket scoring. I appreciate your love for the game and that you have done a good thing to the sports. By doing scoring in college


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