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2017-04-15 Olympics - Horse riding racing in Olympics games.:

The Olympics currently have horse riding in the form of the Three Day Eventing Team and Individual Events (where as well as dressage, there is a cross country element and a show jumping element). If you

2017-04-14 Boston Red Sox - Foul pole distances:

In 1976, metric distances were added to the conventionally stated distances because it was thought that the United States would adopt the metric system. Today, few American ballparks have metric distances

2017-04-14 Softball - THROWING THE BAT::

Hi Derek    I had my left patella broken by an idiot who threw his bat backwards on his 2nd bat of the game after I warned him on his 1st bat where he almost took off the catcher's head with it.    We

2017-04-10 Football: UK - Football game legends.:

Hi again Prashant,    Yes, indeed.  This is even more common than football fathers and sons.  Here is a list of some of the most successful brothers in football.    Bobby & Jack Charlton - Biggest accomplishment

2017-04-09 Football Instruction - Football game legends.:

Yes there are many father/son reputed American Football players:    Player Father  Charlie Whitehurst QB David Whitehurst QB  Chase Coffman TE Paul Coffman TE  Matthew Slater S Jackie Slater OT  Bennie


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