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2015-01-22 College Football - Muffs:

William,    You are correct.  A muff is NOT a fumble, by rule.  For instance, by rule on a fourth down, if a player fumbles the ball, only he can recover that fumble and advance it.  If, however, the ball

2015-01-22 College Football - Muffs:

Thanks for the question, William.    Announcers and others talk about a "live" ball meaning one that may be recovered by either team.  Don't get caught up in the belief that announcers know the rules.

2015-01-22 Cricket - Query:

Dear Jatin,    Your interpretation is true, but mine is a different scenario. Read here.    This was a sheer case of deliberate padding where the Law says there will be no penalty runs from a deliberate

2015-01-21 Cricket - Points of team:

Dear Ankit,    Is it that you are a brother of Actress Manisha Koirala?     Thanks for your question. Net Run Rate is calculated when there are more than two teams  are involved in a tournament and when

2015-01-19 Gymnastics - Thank you for all the great advice:

Hello Mark,          First of all….congratulations to your daughter!!....and thanks for the generous tip. :) I am glad the owner of the gym recognized her hard work and sincerity towards


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