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2014-10-18 College Football - touchback or not:

Don  Thank you for your question.  The key to understanding your question is that for a touchback to occur the ball must break the plane of the goal line.  I assume in your question the player downing

2014-10-17 Cricket - Catch or Six:

The critical words are in 19.4 catch ends when "... complete control both over the ball and over his own movement."     In the scenario described, the fielder appears to have had complete control over

2014-10-16 Gymnastics - goals:

Hello Lina,          I am very glad to help you.  Lina, you are working very hard and it appears you will meet your goal as you continue on the path you have chosen.  I would add some handstand push

2014-10-15 Squash & Racquetball - Returning a Z serve:

Sorry for the delay - was out of town.    On your Q - you have two options with Z serves (to either side): i) let it hit the side wall and HOPE it doesn't bounce funny or it gives you enough space between

2014-10-13 Dallas Cowboys - The Dallas Cowboy Restaurant, NYC:

Philippe:    How awesome to have a dad that took you to a game when you were a kid!  My family couldn't afford tickets when I was kid, so I listened on the radio and watched them on the TV when a game


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