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2014-12-21 Basketball Instruction - Basketball terms:

Hi Catherine,    for Question 1, in a basketball tournament, yes, "round" is an appropriate term to use.     For Question 2, any of those terms can be used to describe a group. A  team would probably be

2014-12-20 Hockey - help paying:

Erin,    Yes, this is what you do.  Go to your local public library and asked them to show you how to use the national data base for locating foundations that contribute to Ice Hockey Players.    This

2014-12-20 Cricket - umpiring:

Dear Vivek,    Its the right age you should start working on becoming umpire. Its a tough job and enjoyable at the same time. You have played club level cricket that is good enough for you to understand

2014-12-19 Gymnastics - straight body cat to handstand:

Hi Mia!,          I am glad to help you.  I am guessing to say yes.  You have good planche strength which is the most important ingredient.  The bar is also very important in the casting action.  You

2014-12-19 Sports Business - Sports Career:

Hi, Jade. Thanks for the question, it is a very interesting one.     I will start out by citing some of the scenarios of different sports in terms of their prize monies. You'll see it varies by team versus


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