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2014-04-19 Horse Racing - 470kg thoroughbred nutrition:

HI i do not use bran in the daily feed unless they run a hard race, and then it is used as a bran mash. i would feed 4 quarts of oats and 4 quarts of sweet feed in the evening meal. i would feed 2 quarts

2014-04-18 Boxing - Making weigth for a figth:

Hello, During 8 hours of sleep the average person loses 1 to 2 pounds.   As for the other pound or so I would suggest getting on a treadmill for about 45 minutes of running if you happen to be a member

2014-04-17 Softball - HR:

Hi Greg,    I answered this a couple days ago, it might have went to your spam box.    By rule in both cases the the ball is dead and runners are awarded 2 bases from the time of the pitch. (sometimes

2014-04-16 Cricket - wide rule in reverse sweeping:

Dear Manesh,      Striker's stance is considered from the moment the ball comes into play and thereafter he cannot change stance. So as far as reverse sweep is concerned, you must not change the side just

2014-04-16 Horse Racing - aggressive fillies.:

hi  fillies are very hard to train inthe first place. so if you get a very high strung aggrssive fillie, then you most likely have a very good running fillie. it is just born in the horse to be competitive


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