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2014-09-16 Cricket - umpire question:

Dear Suneel,    Thanks for your question.    If you call No ball, the runs scored from the bat, will be divided in two sections. 1-Run No ball Extra and whatever runs scored of the bat will go to the credit

2014-09-14 Gymnastics - Making a Swedish ladder:

Hi Louisa,  I'd never heard the term 'swedish ladder' before so I had to google it to find that you're talking about wall bars (which is the term I'm familiar with).  I've never seen any attachments but

2014-09-12 Softball - ASA Fastpitch Girls -Ball out of play:

Hi Douglas,    Sorry for the delay I was at a family wedding out of town.     The rule is 2 bases from the time of the throw, not when it went out of play.  Attempting to advance has nothing to do with

2014-09-11 Boxing - ali vs lewis:

Val,    It would be interesting. Lewis is much bigger than Ali and has some boxing skills. But he is much slower. If Ali was in top shape he may be able to stick and move his way to a win. But he would

2014-09-10 Boxing - tyson and lewis:

Hello Val,    I think it would go very similar to the fight in 2002. A healthy 35 year old boxer is pretty close to being prime, not to mention you are much more relaxed and mature in the ring than you


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