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2014-09-29 Cricket - Selection for Association:

Dear Swapnil,    I read the contents and would like to advise as under.    Its a great idea to m/ake a career in cricket Umpiring and that will keep you all time in touch with cricket. I hope you must

2014-09-26 Cricket - regarding umpire exam:

Dear Anvesh,    Thanks for your question.    Everybody is eager to know what is asked in the level-1 exam. But I would tell you, you need to read all the 42 Laws by using Law No43 Common Sense. Always

2014-09-25 Boxing - boxing:

Hello Daniel,    Definitely keep pressure on her, but she needs to come in with control. Letting your daughter be the aggressor is giving you half the fight before it even starts.    She needs to do two

2014-09-25 Horse Racing - racing workouts details:

Are you talking about the services that publish descriptions of morning workouts, like the Handicapper's Report publication? If you are, you want to find maidens that show speed without being asked for

2014-09-25 Horse Racing - racehorse trainer career:

Doesn't India have a horse racing industry? One of earliest books I read on breeding thoroughbreds was written by an Indian and discussed horses that had raced in India. The key is going to be learning


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