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2016-07-25 Softball - ASA mechanics:

Hi Peter,    A verbal "foul" is not used if the ball is caught.  As soon as the ball is touched point with your left arm foul and then verbally call the out with an out sign.  You point first in case the

2016-07-24 Olympics - one of the 1st Olympics basketball teams:

Basketball was a demonstration sport at the St. Louis Olympics of 1904 and then introduced to the Olympic programme in Berlin in 1936, therefore if any of those names became known for basketball before

2016-07-19 Softball - 12u fastpitch softball:

Todd,    There is no good answer to your question.  Nothing in the rules of any association covers this.  Sounds like the umpires did the best they could with the mess they created.      Like I said there

2016-07-18 Softball - dead ball on over throw:

Hi Arlen,    In ASA play if R1 was between 2nd and 3rd at the time of the throw the award would be home if the throw went out of play.  That's the rule plus see RS 38    Now the mechanics are to call a

2016-07-17 Softball - ASA Girls 16 U Fast pitch - pitcher reentry rules:

Ho Douglas,    If they leave the game players can re-enter once, pitchers are no exception. However if the pitch, play somewhere else on the field w/out leaving the game they can go back and forth from


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