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2016-10-21 College Football - Establishing yourself on line of scrimmage.:

Kevin,    Great question. By rule, to be on the line of scrimmage, an offensive player must (1) face his opponent's goal line with the line of his shoulders approximately parallel thereto, and (2) have

2016-10-17 Cricket - Boundary fielding:

Law 32.3 talks about "whose final contact with the ground before touching the ball <for the first time> was entirely within the boundary."    I am not clear from your question as to whether your left foot

2016-10-17 Cricket - job regarding statician:

Dear Ashish,    It's interesting that you have a desire to be a statistician in the field of cricket. It's a very tough job and for that you can approach BCCI Mumbai who may need a person to take care

2016-10-13 Cricket - Career as an umpire:

Dear Manin,    Playing cricket should be the top priority, subject to your performance and consistency in matches you play. Once you stop playing cricket you can opt for umpiring career in future. There

2016-10-11 Cricket - about umpires exam:

Respected Vineet,      Thanks for your query for which you need to contact your local cricket association which can only help you to attend the seminar and exam. You are just required to contact your association


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