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2015-04-26 Cricket - Stump Out:

Until the ball has passed you (or you have made contact with it), the Keeper is restricted by Law 40.4 (significant movement) - also 40.3 (encroachment).    After the ball has reached you, he (and other

2015-04-23 Cricket - Cricket Fielding Rules:

MCC Law 41.5 specify not more than 2 behind Popping Crease on Legside.  No restriction anywhere else.    ICC and other governing bodies my make special regulations applying to particular competitions /

2015-04-23 Cricket - cricket:

In the unlikely event that the umpire considers that the short run was deliberate, he should intervene immediately under Law 18.5    In the normal situation, for this purpose, he would take the view that

2015-04-22 Cricket - Fielder Absent:

Law 2.5(c) talks about absence during playing time.  If play is suspended through unscheduled interruption it scheduled interval, then that is NOT playing time.    Calculations need to be done for each

2015-04-21 Softball - Batters feet in box:

Hi Brad,    The batter is out when an entire foot is touching the ground completely outside the lines of the batter's box at the time the ball makes contact with the bat. Anytime any part of the foot is


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