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2015-05-20 Cricket - Law 19.7 of Laws of Cricket:

The earliest reference I can find is 1947 code Law 20 although the excellent book "Next Man In" by Gerald Brodribb (1953 edition) does refer to a possible incident with W G Grace.  However there was nothing

2015-05-18 Soccer (American), Football (European) - Is it too late for me to start soccer?:

Hello Vanessa, I hope you are well?     Soccer is a great game that can be played at any age whether experienced or not.    First of all, I would seek medical advice from a doctor about your asthma before

2015-05-14 Boxing - Potential Boxing Career:

Ryan,      Your goal is one that many boxers have sought. There are plenty of guys that just want to accomplish the goal winning a few pro fights and not looking for fame and fortune. It's a personal thing

2015-05-12 Dallas Cowboys - Irvin blue apex jersey:

Hi Joseph,    To answer your question, Apex One officially outfitted the Dallas Cowboys for the 1993, 1994, and parts of the 1995 season.  While off the top of my head, in that span of 2-3 years, I believe

2015-05-09 Horse Racing - consuming oats:

hi   you feed accordingly to the size of the horse and the amount of training you plan on doing.  so i would feed a horse a mixture of oats and sweetfeed about 6 quarts of oats and 4 quarts of sweetfeed


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