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2016-04-25 Softball - Pitcher - present the ball:

The word present does not appear in the high school rule book in regards to pitching.  This question pops up here once a year or so.    The pitcher steps on the pitching plate with hands separated.  The

2016-04-23 Softball - Umpire talking on his phone during live play.:

Hi Ricky,    Well I think this umpire's behavior is extremely unprofessional and his comments beyond the pale.      If you are playing in a sanctioned league such as ASA you can go to the district commish

2016-04-23 Cricket - need advice for goal:

Dear Muzzaffar,    I am not sure whether Viramgam comes under Baroda's jurisdiction. I know the place Mehsana comes under Baroda's jurisdiction. So confirm it should come under Gujarat Cricket Association

2016-04-22 Boxing - Boxing:

Hello Daniel,      You are right. She is doing the opposite of what she should be doing inside. Young boxers develop this idea that clinching is a good strategy. Usually from watching pro boxers, getting

2016-04-21 Softball - fastpitchdroppedball:

Hi Randy,    Because she had not yet "started" the pitch (per your OP)it is nothing, but a live ball and the LBR is off if runners are on base until she regains possession of the ball.    If she had started


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