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2014-08-30 Horse Racing - swimming - double benefit:

hi swiming a horse can help a sore horse syay fit wihout all og the trotting and galloping. it keeps the weight of the jock off the horse. you also do need to gallop or pony the horse along with swimming

2014-08-29 Football Instruction - Ejections:

Thank you for your question. There are several ways a player can be ejected from agape under NFHS rules - Flagrant personal fouls, fighting, two unsportsmanlike fouls,  intentionally contacting an official

2014-08-27 Softball - blocking home plate:

Hi KW,    The simple rule for the 1st 2 is in ASA and most other orgs (not all) no defensive player can block the base and hinder the runner w/out possession of the ball.  In ASA "about to receive the

2014-08-26 Boxing - speed bag set up:

Hello Robert,    From the center of the platform where the bag will hang, I would clear out 4 feet all the way around the standing area. When you get to the advanced stage of hitting the bag you will start

2014-08-26 Sports Business - Customized Sports Wear Stores:

Hi, David. I am glad you inquired about a "good customized apparel store in New Jersey" because it gave me a chance to uncover some resources that I think you'll find useful. Additionally, I uncovered


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