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2014-10-23 Minor League Baseball - Only live once:

Aaron,     You want to know if t's worth it? But really, it's up to you. If you still have that desire itching inside you, if you take dry swings while brushing your teeth and if you dream about playing

2014-10-20 College Football - Offensive Pass Interferance:

John,    No.  It is OPI. The offensive player is not making an attempt to get into a route.  It is clear his intention is to block the defender.  Again, focus on the experts who have no dog in this race

2014-10-20 Gymnastics - Non-dominant side cartwheels:

Hello Sarah,          I am very happy to help you.  Usually the bad side cartwheel starts off as a mental thing.  After enough repetitions the athlete begins to figure out the technique they learned

2014-10-20 College Football - Offensive Pass Interferance:

John,    Thank you for the question.  Unfortunately for Notre Dame, it was absolutely the right call, and a fairly easy one to make, other than for the game situation.  Takes guts to make that call, and

2014-10-20 Cricket - fielding:

Law 41.8 ...   (b) In the outfield, fielders are permitted to move towards the striker or the strikerís wicket ... Anything other than slight movement off line or away from the striker is to be considered


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