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2015-01-24 Human Resources - Write up for missing a mandatory meeting:

Thanks for your question Lachelle!     I would say without any communication on company policy, having a good work record / performance record and the fact that the meetings usually show on a schedule

2015-01-13 Human Resources - Mandatory Volunteering.:

Marci  Thanks for your question.  When you use the term volunteer, does that mean to show up to the office to cover phones etc?  When you are in the office, you're getting paid for the time but you are

2015-01-09 Competency Mapping and Modeling - workmen relations:

 Overtime must be avoided as it tends to form its own culture of workmen attempting to work-slow to generate overtime hours. If the management wants to stop this, they can increase manpower, so that the

2015-01-09 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - What state do I file a Medical Malpractice lawsuit in, if I live in a different state than the doctors/hospital I'm filing against?:

Sorry for the confusion. There must have been a mix-up somewhere.  So go ahead and give me some details as to what you think the medical malpractice was, was the damage was, and what product you are referring

2015-01-07 Interviewing Tips - nose piercing and interviews:

Dear Sara:    If you can take it out, it is best to do so for the interview.  If you do get the position, you will have to ask their policy on nose piercings.    If you cannot take it out, ask their policy


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