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2016-02-01 Human Resources - 6months in and my job is a nightmare:

Lerin  There is not much more I can say.  The article sort of spells it out.  Why are you surprised that any City Government is dysfunctional management wise?  The shame of it is, the manager you refer

2016-02-01 Human Resources - New job nightmare:

Lerin,    That is a mess if it is as you describe.    So in 1990 I was offered a promotion to a great HR job; 3000 people, 13 plants, 3 countries.  The job reported to the Division General Manager.  It

2016-01-28 Human Resources - hrm assignment:

Question: 1."Empirical research in India creates so many problems for researchers".state the problems that are usually faced by young researcher.    Problems Faced By Researcher  What is a Research Problem?

2016-01-28 Human Resources - MBA HRM:

Question: plz help with the following assignment topics    1.Distinguish between E-business,E-commerce and E-marketing.what is the role of internet in the development of E-business?Explain.    E-business

2016-01-28 Human Resources - Remote worker asked to come back into office.:

Colby,    I'm glad to help if I can.    You need to know why the company made the change.  The reason for their decision has much to do with your options, if any, with respect to recourse.    For example:


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