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2015-05-19 Human Resources - Can You Help Me Write A Rehire Letter To My Former Boss:

Robert,    Thanks, that's an interesting question.   I can only assume if you wrote this question, you took 5 minutes to do so, and in return, I'll spend 5 minutes to reply.  So, our time is equally vetted

2015-05-19 Public Relations - telecommuting:

First use a free resume service such as to get organized. Then, contact either a TEMP Agency or TEMP To PERM agency and they review resumes and skill sets at no charge. They might even find

2015-05-19 Public Relations - telecommute:

Hello-  Your question pertains to telecommuting. Are you referring to freelance? Many companies hire freelance professionals and use online sites like coworks to recruit talent.    If you are asking about

2015-05-19 Public Relations - telecommuting:

I telecommute. I found my current opportunity on Craiglist. Because so many people are skeptical of this excellent source of jobs, there are usually more to choose from - if you are super fast at responding

2015-05-14 Management Consulting - organizational behaviour:

Question: Do the core values, really influence and have an impact on organizational development/ Explain.      What Are Core Values?  Core values are part of a company’s DNA. They define what an organization


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