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2016-05-19 Interviewing Tips - Offer rescinded after GPA drop?:

T fish,    Each organization has it own unique protocols.  If they have already accepted you to their program, in many cases, hiring managers do not want to go back through the interview process or follow-up

2016-05-13 Human Resources - Interviewing question:

Hi Melody,    I would wait a few more days, then follow up again.  It appears as if they are touching all the bases. Based on their reliable responses to your follow-ups to date, sounds like you will be

2016-05-11 Human Resources - phone recording:

Tammy,    Thank you for the question.  It is more a legal question than Human Resources, but although I am not a lawyer, I can try to help.    So it sounds like you used the notes from the private meeting

2016-05-09 Human Resources - Changing resignation date:

Cheryl,    Thank you for the question.  You use the term  "legally they need two weeks" -  why?  How do you feel there is any legal obligation on your part?    Do you have a written employment contract

2016-05-03 Human Resources - college:

Hello John,    Thanks for your question!    One good way to assure yourself that you have made a good choice is to do some web research to collect data that supports your topic.  Here are a couple of things


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