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2015-03-27 Human Resources - California:Salary Reduction, Change from Exempt to Non-Exempt, Reevaluation of Job Description:

Shannon  While I have not seen your complete position description I cannot arbitrarily give you the final answer as to whether you should be exempt or Non-exempt.  However this sounds like a load of crap

2015-03-27 Management Consulting - ms 95:

 PLEASE  SEND  THE  Q5  TO MY  EMAIL  ID      AS  THE  ANSWER  IS  IN  EXCEL  FORMAT--COULD  NOT  BE  ATTACHED.          4. Assume a research topic of your choice and give the

2015-03-26 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - Demand letter:

Wow Bobby, your question is not very clear.  Can the insurance company use the letter HOW?  Do you mean that you sent a demand letter for some amount of money to settle the claim and stating that the offer

2015-03-26 Human Resources - Workers comp:

Workers compensation is designed to pay any medical bills incurred as a result of a work related injury and to insure you dont get terminated during your disability.  If you are medically able to work

2015-03-26 Management Consulting - strategic managent:



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