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2016-05-03 Human Resources - college:

Hello John,    Thanks for your question!    One good way to assure yourself that you have made a good choice is to do some web research to collect data that supports your topic.  Here are a couple of things

2016-05-03 Human Resources - college:

John,    U of P is a great school.  I visited there myself while a student at another University. I have never hired anyone based on the school they attended.  I'm sure there are HR people who will in

2016-04-26 Interviewing Tips - UPENN:

Mr. Taylor,     It is hard to say; however, this may help you determine the answer to your question.  Keep in mind that most resumes, unless provided in hard copy form by request or referral, are "read"

2016-04-10 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - Accident at Sam's Club:

Kelly,    My experience with Walmart is that they are somewhat difficult to deal with.  You should document everything, including the reason the sign knocked you to the ground.  For instance, it was not

2016-04-07 Interviewing Tips - hello:

Yes, employ your father's guidance. One option is that he may ask for a team change on your behalf; and then you can determine next steps based on the feedback.    If the feedback does not allow for a


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