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2014-11-21 Human Resources - PTO versus Worker's Comp:

This would have to be a company rule as the PTO time off for workman's comp injury is a company rule.     We do not have our employees take PTO for an injury covered under workman's comp. We pay the employee

2014-11-14 Personal Development - Very confused:

Hello Ignatios,    I am making this response public, because it won't identify you, and also because I think that others need to hear this as well.    I just finished writing a response to 'Greg', and

2014-11-13 Human Resources - Follow up or not follow up after submitting a resume?:

Please do not allow the unprofessionalism of this individual to keep you from communicating with Human Resources for the company for which you have applied.    Most Human Resource people are just so busy

2014-11-13 Human Resources - human resorce:

This looks like a homework question, however I'll indulge with an answer.     I disagree with the premise of the question. It supposes that they (Mngt & Ldrship) are in the same space.     Management is

2014-11-12 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - dental malpractice:

Ruth,    I wish I could help you with this complicated case.  Unfortunately, I am a lawyer in New York and am not licensed to practice law in California.    All medical malpractice cases are complicated


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