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2015-07-23 Interviewing Tips - Job:

Jack,    This is a difficult subject; however, it is not illegal to avoid disclosing an illness during a job search.     See the link below for more on the topic.    "The risk for not disclosing an illness

2015-07-17 Human Resources - Relieving letter:

Dear Abhijeet  Thanks. This info helps. If what you are saying is correct, I am hoping you have the documents to prove it (including a communication saying that they will look into it). In that case there

2015-07-17 Human Resources - Relieving letter:

Oh boy! That is a tough spot to be in.    Please share with me in detail the following & I may then be able to guide better:  a. What are the exact terms of your employment letter in terms of resignation

2015-07-16 Human Resources - Relieving letter:

Dear Abhijeet  It is indeed unfortunate that you chose to leave without serving your notice period. Most organizations do not see this behavior favorably and the consequences are that they hold back settlement

2015-07-10 Human Resources - background check:

NO  COMPANY  WOULD  SELECT.    What are the background check guidelines  For  misdemeanor charges   I. CRIMINAL BACKGROUND SCREENING GUIDELINES & PROCEDURES A.   Criminal Background Screening      1. General


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