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2015-10-07 Advertising - commission structure:

Kimmie,    This commission thing is DEAD (for the most part). I don't know where you are living so comments may not be relevant. In the US, Canada and most of Western Europe the agency commission is 15%

2015-09-30 Careers: Medical & Psychiatry - information:

You can get a PhD in medical physics, and of course be entitled to the title of Doctor.  However, the majority of medical physicists are likely to have a medical degree M.D. with additional post graduate

2015-09-24 Management Consulting - ignou MS-01(management functions and behavior):

1. How does MIS affect the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation? Explain and discuss with the help of the organisational example you have come across or, known to you. Briefly describe the essential

2015-09-17 Human Resources - My salary issue:

To get married or not is a personal decision and HR or company for that matter will intervene in this.    Since you are working in software mnc ensure that you are available in case of need even after

2015-09-11 Human Resources - How to respond to Follow Up email:

Hi Jeff  Nice gesture from your end and a way to stay connected. The MD has also been courteous in his response. Hopefully he does intend getting back.    If it is recent & not yet Tue, I would respond


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