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2016-11-16 Human Resources - company shutdowns:

Christopher,    Thanks for the question.    Read this for California wage payment on last payroll when work ends:      This is not a normal situation with the

2016-11-14 Human Resources - Decuctions from pay:

Traci,    I don't think it is fraud.  I am guessing it is inept administration and/or poor communications between HR and Payroll administration.  You just need to keep at it until they get it right.  

2016-10-24 Human Resources - Resignation:

Hi Michelle,    It depends not on what's  "customary"  but rather what is required by law...  California has specific laws pertaining to sick leave and vacation time.  This , of course, is different if

2016-10-24 Human Resources - Resignation:

Michelle,    Thanks for your question.    Company policies vary somewhat on unused sick days and voluntary and involuntary separations. So your best bet is to review the employee manual on vacation/personal/sick

2016-10-11 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - Uncashed workers comp. check.:

Jerry, you know the answer to that.  A photocopy of course.  If they agree, in writing, to replace the check then they would probably want the original back at which time you can provide it to them...


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