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2015-03-03 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - witness:

Howard,    I don't know where you live but generally a landowner does not have a duty to provide an incident report until litigation.  It is common practice for a landowner to refuse to provide the incident

2015-03-02 Management Consulting - MS 22, IGNOU Assignment:


2015-03-02 Human Resources - need your inputs.:

Hi Shruthi  Unlikely that the company will go the legal way for this amount. They may however, at some stage choose to share with your current employer if they do want to get vindictive. It depends on

2015-02-28 Human Resources - need your inputs.:

Hi Shruthi  It is sad that you chose to take the action you took. I do not know what your compulsions were to take this step. What I do know is that absconding is a behaviour that most employers are likely

2015-02-28 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - slip and fall:

Where did this happen, Billy. You may well have a good case. Hotels and Motels in most states have a duty to keep premises free of ice and frost if they can.  What were your total medical bills?  Did you


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