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2015-04-27 Legal Ethics - Web camera in a office area:

Adam,    I cannot tell you if it is legal for an employer in Missouri to set up a cam to watch employees since I am not licensed to practice law in Missouri.  An employer may want to survey its employees

2015-04-26 Management Consulting - Please Provide answers:

5. Explain various cultural aspects of employment relations. Discuss the recent developments in employment relations. How power and authority would play a role in industrial relations? Explain.    Factors

2015-04-26 Management Consulting - Please Provide answers:

Evolution Of Indian Labour Legislations    The Indian Labour Legislations owe its existence to the British Raj. Most of the labour legislations were enacted prior to India’s independence. The post independence

2015-04-25 Management Consulting - ms 11:

5. Explain as to how the quality strategic decisions are affected with the change in leadership. Illustrate your answer with the help of a real world example    Rare is the business leader who can articulate

2015-04-24 Management Consulting - Pls Help with these qstns...:

3. Discuss the factors responsible for the future of participative schemes in India. What suggestions would you like to offer to make the participative schemes work effectively?      OBJECTIVES  OF  WORKERS’


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