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2015-08-21 Management Consulting - ms-45:


2015-08-21 Management Consulting - ms-44:

Financial risk is an umbrella term for any risk associated with any form of financing. Risk may be taken as downside risk, the difference between the actual return and the expected return (when the actual

2015-08-17 Human Resources - Request to provide answer:

Hello Sankar !    Thanks for you question.    If you really need the letter from the first firm, you should call someone in Human Resources there, or in adminstration, or visit, or call the supervisor

2015-08-14 Human Resources - FMLA:

Suzanne,    Without being there, of course it is hard to say why the question came up or what could have been said.   So, let me offer a few different perspectives.    1-  FMLA only protects job and employment

2015-08-11 Human Resources - Exit Interview after Termination:

Bethany,    Attached is a bit of information for you about what is referred to as "Employment At-Will".  Basically is means that without a contract, ANY person can be fired or laid off with no reason at


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