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2014-09-13 Human Resources - Payroll under HR & Accounting:

Dear Redwan,    Hope you're doing fine.    The HR depends on the size of the Organisation these days. If the company is smaller the basic job of HR such as payroll etc. may be looked after by Accounts

2014-09-13 Human Resources - Master roll employee related:

Dear Redwan,    Hope you're doing fine.    It's called muster roll; which is basically an attendance register of employees employed in a factory/office. It's prescribed by specific state Government. It

2014-09-11 Management Consulting - Management Question:

3. Describe the approaches and methods of evaluating change. Illustrate few examples of evaluation of organizational change.       approaches and methods of evaluating change     The aim of many  innovation

2014-09-10 Management Consulting - MBA Answers:

3. Critically analyze the SEBI Regulations on “Merchant Bankers”.        WHAT  IS  THE  Role of Merchant Banker  The role of merchant banker is dynamic in the wake of diverse nature of merchant banking

2014-09-10 Human Resources - Task of preparing Salary statement handed over from Account Section to HR Dept.:

I still say it is a companies decision where they wish the responsibility to lie.    In my company I started out in Accounting doing payroll timesheets. I am now in HR doing payroll timesheets.  I moved


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