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2014-08-26 Management Consulting - ms 05:

3.What are the major techniques of work measurement? Discuss two important techniques with suitable examples.    Work measurement is the application of techniques designed to establish the time for a qualified

2014-08-25 Human Resources - Pay for stress leave:

The employer does not have to provide sick pay.  You would have to file a claim an qualify for payment under EI (Employment Insurance). Than you would receive a payment for up to 52 weeks at a rate of

2014-08-19 Management Consulting - Operations Management:

PLEASE  SEE  THE  ANSWER  FOR   Q1    BALANCE  ANSWER  FOR  Q1   AND  Q2  ANSWER  WILL  BE  SENT  ASAP        OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT    A Framework for Managing Operations  Managing operations can be enclosed

2014-08-14 Management Consulting - MBA Answers:


2014-08-11 Personal Injury Law (Accidents/Slip & - Grocery slip and fall:

You have a 2 year statute of limitations.    See if your injury is more serious than a strain and I may be able to help. Which Winco?    Any witnesses besides store employees.    Ed Smith  1900 Point West


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