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  1. Travel Abroad


  1. Africa for Visitors
  2. Middle East for Visitors


  1. Australia/New Zealand for Visitors
  2. Central Asia
  3. China for Visitors
  4. Hawaii/South Pacific for Visitors
  5. Japan for Visitors
  6. South Asia for Visitors
  7. Southeast Asia for Visitors
  8. Travel: Asia
  9. Travel: The Pacific


  1. California for Visitors
  2. Canada for Visitors
  3. Florida for Visitors
  4. Las Vegas for Visitors
  5. Mid-Atlantic for Visitors
  6. New England for Visitors
  7. New York City for Visitors
  8. Northwest U.S. for Visitors
  9. Orlando for Visitors
  10. Rocky Mountains for Visitors
  11. Southeast U.S. for Visitors
  12. Southwest U.S. for Visitors
  13. Texas for Visitors
  14. Travel: The United States

Caribbean/Latin America

  1. Caribbean for Visitors
  2. Mexico/Central America for Visitors
  3. South America for Visitors


  1. Air Travel/Holidays: UK
  2. Eastern Europe for Visitors
  3. England South East
  4. England: North West
  5. Europe for Visitors
  6. France for Visitors
  7. Germany for Visitors
  8. Greece for Visitors
  9. Ireland for Visitors
  10. Italy for Visitors
  11. Russia for Visitors
  12. Scotland
  13. Spain/Portugal for Visitors
  14. Switzerland/Austria for Visitors
  15. Turkey for Visitors
  16. United Kingdom for Visitors
  17. Wales


  1. Adventure Travel
  2. Bed & Breakfasts
  3. Cruises
  4. Honeymoons/Romantic Getaways
  5. RV Travel
  6. Safari
  7. Spas
  8. Theme Parks
  9. Travel with Kids
  10. Vacation Homes/Time-Shares

Practical Traveler

  1. Air Travel
  2. Budget Travel
  3. Business Travel
  4. Hotels/Resorts/Inns
  5. Travelling Solo
  6. Weather


  1. Bicycling
  2. Birding/Wild Birds
  3. Camping
  4. Fly Fishing
  5. Freshwater Fishing
  6. Golf
  7. Hunting/Shooting
  8. Saltwater Fishing
  9. Skiing
  10. Travel: Disney
  11. Travel: Other travel topics
  12. Treasure Hunting
  13. U.S./Canadian Parks

Recent Answers

2014-09-17 Disneyland - Fastpass:

Hello, and thank you for your question!  Although DisneyWorld has switched to an online system known as Fastpass+, Disneyland continues to use paper fast passes. Fastpass eligible attractions, which are

2014-09-17 Disneyland - Character Greetings:

Hi Peggy!  First off, as soon as you walk in the Disneyland Resort gates, please pick up a Disney Park Guide Map and also a Time Guide. The time guide is an information sheet that has things like parade

2014-08-19 Portugal - Snorkeling and Property Rental:

I regret that I do not fully understand the nature of your query.    1) Who are "Algarve Experts"? Do they have a website? Do they have email?    2) Why should I receive questions from them?    3) How

2014-08-15 London - Buses in London:

Hi Roger    You are probably just as well to walk this if you can as it will take about 15 minutes. Again there is no direct bus but if you do need one then probably the 15 westbound to London Bridge and

2014-08-15 London - Buses in London:

Hi Roger,    Still no direct buses for this route but you could take a 35/40/133/343 to Elephant and Castle and it's a 10 minute stroll up to the IWM from there.     Try the London Transport route planner


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