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2015-02-15 Ham Radio - Question on what is discussed by operators:

Sounds like you've been reading some boring stuff. The only conversations that are NOT permitted are those of a commercial nature. You just can't use Ham Radio to conduct business.    You can discuss just

2015-02-14 Dr. Who - DWB/DWM:

Hi Ali,    Sadly I can't help you with this - have you tried putting out a request on Gallifrey Base Forum? Or there are various Facebook groups that may be able to help?    Thanks for your kind words

2015-02-11 JAG - JAG Background:

Hi Laurie -     Harm had minor surgery that restored his ability to see at night.  That allowed him to go back to flying.  It was in the Season 4 episode "Second Sight."  As for Brumby, he is part of the

2015-02-09 Days of our Lives - hope brady:

Hi Eva,     Hope's son (with Bo) is Shawn Douglas Brady. He was born on the show in April 1987 and was aged to a teenager in 1999 (with Jason Cook and later Brandon Beemer playing him). He married Belle

2015-01-06 Ally McBeal - Take me home?:

Hello Jane,    I believe the song you are looking for is, in fact, called "Take me Home" and it was originally written by Tom Waits.  He has the lyrics on his website here:


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