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2015-01-06 Ally McBeal - Take me home?:

Hello Jane,    I believe the song you are looking for is, in fact, called "Take me Home" and it was originally written by Tom Waits.  He has the lyrics on his website here:

2015-01-02 Law & Order - SVU question:

There are probably a fair number of Law & Order fan sites that could help. Looking up the L&O shows on TV Tropes could provide some interesting information as well.    Also, thank you for reminding me

2014-11-23 Dr. Who - doctor who:

Actually, most of the people with whom I've spoken really like/love him. Many (not all) of those who have only followed the series from 2005 onward are put off by his acerbity, having become used to the

2014-11-06 Internet Television / Video Streaming - Viewing TV programs on computer:

Hi Art    You are wise to be cautious. Not doing so is how people get computer viruses and get their system hijacked for ransom. Yes, that really happens.     There is a safe way to make sure your source

2014-10-30 Bonanza - Bonanza:

Hi Ken,    No sorry - not 1902.  Bonanza was actually set around 1860 - when the great silver mines were starting in the west and very close to the start of the Civil War. There were a number of episodes


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