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2015-05-17 Ham Radio - Hamstick antenna:

Unfortunately, for this type of antenna, the length is not a good indication of band. The wire windings around the shaft make it electrically longer than its physical length. For instance if it were an

2015-05-16 Ham Radio - Hamstick antenna:

Very popular style, inexpensive antenna.  The Lakeview company went out of business but the antenna is still sold as "Hamstick style".  They are single band antennas with replaceable rods to change bands

2015-05-09 JAG - Why did Admiral Chegwidden retire?:

Hi Pete - As depicted on the show, he'd been reunited with his daughter after a long estrangement and then gotten engaged and caught his girlfriend in bed with someone else. So there had been some major

2015-05-03 MASH - Oh Tokyo chords:

Hi Jo,    You can get the chords at... Just put Oh, Tokyo in the search field. This is an easy song to play.    Have fun!    Ed Solomonson    I tried searching for the guitar tab

2015-04-23 MASH - MASH:

Hi Brandon & Ann,    First of all how great is your Mom for turning you onto the greatest show ever on TV??    Now for your question.  There are 71 VHS tapes of M*A*S*H episodes that were sold by Columbia


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