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2016-12-27 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - dances:

Kristen,    Are you referring to the dances performed by the townsfolk or by the Cheyenne Indians? Or are you looking for the ones Michaela danced in Boston and in formal settings? There is a lot of dancing

2016-12-27 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - Riding astride:

Hello Kristen,    Actually, riding astride would be MORE common in the untamed western territories than in the more "civilized" towns and cities further east. The western territories were the first to

2016-12-02 Internet Television / Video Streaming - What type of TV to buy:

Hi Brenda    My primary piece of advice is to buy the TV for the features of the TV itself, with no consideration of its streaming capabilities. Why? Because usually the built-in streaming on TVs is so

2016-10-30 Young and the Restless - Cricket:

I am sorry for the delay. As far as I know, Lauralee Bell has been the only actress to ever play Cricket. I don't believe there was another actress playing Cricket.  However you could check to

2016-09-09 Internet Television / Video Streaming - Best Streaming equipment and companies:

Hi Lisa    Here is my setup, and it works well for me.    Equipment:  Apple TV  Roku  My TV also has internet connectivity and apps, but I don't use these, because the user interfaces are mostly horrible


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