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2015-09-24 Talk Shows - job duties at tv station:

Hi Demetrius    Thanks for your enquiry.    As a general rule, a station manager could certainly make changes at a television show.  They may also be involved in hiring and co hosting.    Every television

2015-09-11 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - Larry Sellers:

Hello Jackie,    It's easy to get stuck watching the episodes, and easy to get addicted. Good thing you can do so in a marathon style instead of having to wait for 1 episode each week as it was when the

2015-09-05 Knots Landing - Knots landing:

Hi Karen,    LOL I agree. A lot of KL fans are older and we definitely would like to see our show on DVD in our lifetime. I do know that two petitions were started within the last 7-10 years of memory

2015-07-10 Bonanza - Complete Bonanza Series:

There is no complete set of the series currently offered. Right now only seasons 1 - 8 are available on DVD.  Those can be purchased on Amazon and through other channels I am sure.     You could buy your


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