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2014-11-23 Dr. Who - doctor who:

Actually, most of the people with whom I've spoken really like/love him. Many (not all) of those who have only followed the series from 2005 onward are put off by his acerbity, having become used to the

2014-11-06 Internet Television / Video Streaming - Viewing TV programs on computer:

Hi Art    You are wise to be cautious. Not doing so is how people get computer viruses and get their system hijacked for ransom. Yes, that really happens.     There is a safe way to make sure your source

2014-10-30 Bonanza - Bonanza:

Hi Ken,    No sorry - not 1902.  Bonanza was actually set around 1860 - when the great silver mines were starting in the west and very close to the start of the Civil War. There were a number of episodes

2014-10-26 Ham Radio - Ranger RCI 2970 Radio:

It's not a CB radio, Mark.  It covers the 10 and 12 meter Ham bands.  It does not transmit in the CB band.    CW stands for "carrier wave" and is used for Morse Code transmissions.  Many Hams use it but

2014-10-15 General Hospital - show a picture of courtney:

Courtney's real name is Alicia Leigh Willis.    If you type her name into Google your husband can see more pictures of her.    Hope this helps,    Vanessa    ***note: the picture didn't seem to work.


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