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2015-03-19 Days of our Lives - Clyde:

Hi Linda,     They showed a new flashback to show what happened. Clyde's henchman, Jeremiah, found him in the snowpile shortly after Damon had shot him (even though we didn't know it at the time), and

2015-03-15 The Brady Bunch - narrator Hawaii episodes:

Hi Linnie    Though I have never seen a name formally attributed to those narrations, I always assumed it was John Causier.  A well-established announcer for ABC at the time, his voice could often be heard

2015-03-04 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - Zach:

Hello Marianne,    There really isn't much known about Zach beyond him being sent to that art school in Denver to further develop his skills. Hank mentioned visiting him later in the series, but we never

2015-02-15 Ham Radio - Question on what is discussed by operators:

Sounds like you've been reading some boring stuff. The only conversations that are NOT permitted are those of a commercial nature. You just can't use Ham Radio to conduct business.    You can discuss just

2015-02-14 Dr. Who - DWB/DWM:

Hi Ali,    Sadly I can't help you with this - have you tried putting out a request on Gallifrey Base Forum? Or there are various Facebook groups that may be able to help?    Thanks for your kind words


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