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2015-11-26 Days of our Lives - Bo Brady:

I didn't, I am just a long time viewer.  The writers brought Bo back to close out the story of Bo and Hope, as many were unhappy with the way he just left 3 years ago.  Bo did not intend to stay with DOOL

2015-11-11 Internet Television / Video Streaming - Streaming Service questions:

Hi Cameron    There is no doubt that streaming services are becoming more popular these days. The numbers bear that out. Apple sells more Apple TV units every year. Netflix's subscriber base continues

2015-10-13 Talk Shows - station manager:

Demetrius:  Thanks so much for your TV question.  I am the Senior VP ( I make $98,000.00 per year not including my 25K BONUS at Mount Billygone TV Associates.  Now your answer: Station Manager CANNOT hire

2015-10-06 MASH - Blake and Winchester:

Hi John,    I think that's highly unlikely. Winchester was a stickler for the rules, and for order, while Blake did not take himself so seriously. They may have had a moment or two of mutual respect -

2015-09-24 Talk Shows - job duties at tv station:

Hi Demetrius    Thanks for your enquiry.    As a general rule, a station manager could certainly make changes at a television show.  They may also be involved in hiring and co hosting.    Every television


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