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2014-04-21 General Hospital - Spencer Casidine:

Hello  You are correct. Spencer's dad Nik is Luke's stepson.  Nik's bone marrow saved his sister Lulu when she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Nik was devastated when everyone thought that Lucky had

2014-04-13 The Twilight Zone - Dust:

I'm not sure why you never saw this episode.  It was included in the original syndication package, and I remember seeing it several times on a station out of Houston when I was younger.  The only five

2014-03-28 MASH - guitar player:

Hello again Pat!    I actually have the answer for you!   The episode was Five O'Clock Charlie, and the guitar player was the dentist.  Cardozo. This episode marks the only appearance of Captain Phil Cardozo

2014-03-19 MASH - MASH:

Hi Allen!    The beginning scene of MASH is used throughout the entire series.   It was indeed filmed in California, at what is now Malibu State Park, where all of the true outdoor scenes of MASH were

2014-02-15 JAG - Suits or True Detective:

Hi Peter,    Unfortunately, I've never seen either of these shows, so I can't comment on them.  I can suggest Rizzoli and Isles as a show I really enjoy.  I haven't seen every episode, but I've never seen


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