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2014-07-06 JAG - coin:

Hi,    Sorry it took so long to reply... "JAG" has been off the air for so many years now, I rarely get questions anymore.    As for the coin toss in the final episode "Fair Winds and Following Seas,"

2014-06-25 Internet Television / Video Streaming - Roku:

If you don't do any gaming, then the Roku 2 should serve you just fine. I would recommend just getting two of those. They're not that expensive and it will quickly become a pain to swap the stick between

2014-06-24 Internet Television / Video Streaming - Roku:

Yes, that router should do the job just fine. There are some routers that are specifically designed to optimize streaming video, but the difference in quality is hardly noticeable. HDMI stands for High

2014-06-24 Internet Television / Video Streaming - Roku:

You don't even need a computer to use Roku. It will attach directly to your TV via HDMI connection. The Roku does not come with an HDMI cable, though, so you would need to buy that separately. Also, I'm

2014-06-23 Internet Television / Video Streaming - Roku and Internet:

Hi Barb    No, you don't have to have either cable or Direct TV to use Roku. It serves more as a replacement for either of those. It is basically a way to stream content (movies, TV shows, concerts, short


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