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2014-11-21 Building Codes and Inspections - Room ID signs - What needs Braille:

According to the U.S. Access Board, only one of the methods of identification needs to be tactile including both raised characters and braille. That could be either the room number OR the room "function

2014-11-21 Electric Power & Utilities - Air condition circuit:

Reiley,     Yes you can have 2 AC units on the same circuit as long as its sized correctly. Regardless of what type of load(s)it is the circuit must be able to support it.     The utility has no input

2014-11-21 Construction Industry - Standards Query.:

 Dear Sir,     Good evening from Bangalore, India.       Many thanks for your email / query.     Your queries are very interesting. I hope to revert in a few days after a bit of research on the same.

2014-11-21 Building Codes and Inspections - Query..:

Land development is not really my area of expertise, but whenever I compare or need equipment standard references I go to the website of Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, or the ASTM information

2014-11-21 Building Codes and Inspections - Query:

I think I can only give you a little information, hopefully of some use. I myself am a member of one standards writing body, the American National Standards Institute A117.1 Committee that writes standards


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