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2016-05-03 Privacy of Medical Data - general message on virtual voicemail:

Best thing is to talk to hospital's HIPAA Compliance officer. Perhaps they can give you a designated person that your dad can call.  That is better than they trying to call him especially with the time

2016-05-02 Construction Law - Concurrent Delay:

Dear Anwar,     These types of clause are becoming more common.  I would ask the Employer to justify his rejection as required by clause 20.1.  Then, you would have a chance to reject his thinking.   

2016-05-01 Construction Law - same item twice in BOQ:

Dear Anwar  As i Understand it, you are required to supply one microscope and one treatment unit that include a microscope. The Employer does not require the first microscope which is quite contractual

2016-04-30 Electric Power & Utilities - ITS OPEN:

You should treat any exposed wire as if it is "Hot", with current flowing through it. You should disconnect it from the power source, and insulate the bare spot. such as electrical tape. Without being

2016-04-29 Construction Law - Financial Charges on Late Release of Retention:

Dear ISHAQ,      Thank you for your question.    1. I am not sure I understand the entitlement you are referring to, as I have the feeling you were expecting to receive 50% of the Retention Money at the


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