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2014-04-17 Construction Law - Tendering issues:

Dear Jaison,      Thank you for your question.    If it is the fault of the Tenderer for having failed to incorporate that change in his bid, he should bear the consequences.    If it is the Employer that

2014-04-17 Construction Law - Application for Final Payment Certificates:

Dear Umer Shabbir    Thanks for the question. I have checked in detail but could not find any provision in Clause 14 like the one stated in Sub Clause 20.1 (If the contractor fails to give notice of a

2014-04-16 Building Homes or Extensions - wet pressure treated wood:

Hi bob, if it's sopping wet I'd let it dry out a bit but it doesn't have to be bone dry.  A little moisture will help keep it from splitting when you drive nails into it.  If you are just adding collar

2014-04-16 Computed Tomography or CAT Scans - Data Acqusition:

The voltage level or the current measured would let us know the intensity of light transmitted. The IR through phantom would certainly be absorbed or consumed to some extent. In comparison to this the

2014-04-16 Audio Systems - tv:

Hi Amanda,    The primary issue is that the single RCA output from the TV, labelled "coaxial digital" is sending a digital audio signal, and the RF headphone unit requires an analog audio input (the two


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