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2015-03-29 Audio Systems - diy PA-system for outside:

Sounds good to me.  But, as in all sound reinforcement systems one never knows until it has been installed and used for a few times.  So, my advice is go slow but leave the possibility that you may want

2015-03-29 Automotive - International Train Travel.:

Prashant,     By all means, YES!! I thought it was International law that you had to have a Passport to travel from one country to another. It makes NO DIFFERENCE if you are traveling by Air, Boat or Land

2015-03-28 Audio Systems - diy PA-system for outside:

The higher the wattage rating of the speakers the better.  Wattage ratings on speaker systems is somewhat fanciful anyway as there is no universally  accepted way of measuring power ratings and specifying

2015-03-28 Audio Systems - Sony DVP-999ES:

I can only give an educated guess.  There are many other strange things that could cause your problem but I'd give it an 80% likelyhood it's the optical pickup. They are known to fail with age since the

2015-03-28 Satellite Communications - Carrier Slope:

Eduardo:    Good to hear from you again. I hope that all is well apart from your lock problem.    I believe your problem is due to the fact that m-QAM modulation schemes are more efficient the m-PSK modulation


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