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2014-04-23 Chimney & Fireplaces - 6 or 8 in flue:

Welcome back John, ok so   1st it is not a brick and mortar chimney, (then it is a PreFab, not all will let you install a stove into them and you must have that manual also)   2nd, you must check with

2014-04-23 Chimney & Fireplaces - 6 or 8 in flue:

Hello John, it seems like an 8" with those dimensions (start with an 8" circle and subtract 4" one way and add 4" the other, the oval) and you get basically the same dimensions you gave me (4x12), what

2014-04-23 Oil/Gas - w-9:

An IRS Form W-9 will not renew, extend, or modify any existing, valid lease in any way.  A W-9 form is printed by the IRS and used by payers only for the purpose of verifying the tax identification number

2014-04-22 Telephony--Clecs, Long Distance - Voice mail:

Art,    The cheapest Voice Mail option is usually the one provided by your carrier.  Of course, that's limited to only one line, and may not fit your needs.    I service the Merlin Legend/Magix telephone

2014-04-22 Construction Law - Final Payment Certificate:

Dear Umer,    Unlike clause 20.1, I see nothing to suggest that clause 14.10 is a condition precedent or time bar to settlement of clause 14.14.  However, the later the submission, the more difficult it


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