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2015-07-03 Construction Law - Loss of OH & P:

Hello Rohana,      Thank you for your question.    The two categories should have been claimed and should be dealt with separately:    1. for change in Contract Price, you should rely on Sub-Clause 12

2015-07-02 Construction Law - Adjustment for change in Cost:

Dear Umer,      Thank you for your question.    As you can see, Sub-Clause 14.3 does not indicate any repercussion on the Contractor if they submit their Statements after longer periods.    Moreover, it

2015-07-02 Construction Law - Price Adjustment:

Dear Umer Shabbir,    1. The Contractor can choose any period that suits him, provided that it is greater than one month.  Often there is a minimum value for the IPC and it can be hard to reach this minimum

2015-07-01 Metallurgy - Metallurgy:

Dear Musa,    Copper rich ores are relatively rare, so very valuable, so production costs are quite high.  Copper ores are concentrated by a technique known as froth flotation.  The ores are roasted to

2015-07-01 Audio Systems - Turntable/Receiver/Speaker setup:

According to the following specifications from Yamaha the receiver you suggested will drive a 4 ohm load:


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