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2015-05-25 Audio Systems - No sound from subwoofer:

Nice to hear from Finland!  One of my favorite places in the world.    Since this is a powered sub (amplifier built into the box) the best check is to feed a signal directly into the low level audio inputs

2015-05-25 Construction Law - Contract law:

Dear Mututantree  Hello!  I am taking this opportunity to reply your question. In this circumstances, Engineer has to evaluate the payment as per provisions of subclause 12.3 FIDIC contract Harmonised

2015-05-24 Construction Law - FIDIC FOURTH EDITION 1987 - Post Taking Over Cert Instructions:

Dear Sean,     My understanding of FIDIC 4 is that the Engineer can issue instruction during the defects notification period only for remedial works.  The same restriction would apply to a subcontract

2015-05-23 Electric Motors - Delco a7956 attic fan 1/3 hp 1 cycle:

Rhonda     The clue might be in the reason and or  condition of the old belt    Did it break?   Was it frayed badly?    What method tightens the belt?    Do you know there are different sizes of belts

2015-05-22 Welding - aluminium welding:

Push-pull systems are for production welding aluminum on a large scale.  The systems are very expensive, even used, and if they break the parts are equally expensive.  When they are happy, they run great


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