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2015-10-12 Building Homes or Extensions - Concrete Curing/Drying:

Hi Joe! Concrete is concrete, it behaves the way it wants to behave for various reasons.  It might take months for it to reach a consistent coloring and some areas may remain darker even longer. If the

2015-10-12 Construction Law - EOT:

Dear Sanjay,    You do not mention the form of contract nor the applicable law.  The entitlement to costs, and what kind of costs, varies from contract to contract.    As with all questions regarding delay

2015-10-12 Chimney & Fireplaces - Unused chimney:

Hello Melanie, 1st it might be easier to install a Wood Stove and reline the flue, I would have a local Certified Chimney Sweep, (there you can look up by zip code to find one near you) take

2015-10-11 General Retail Business Issues - which product sells the most?:

Chris,  If your question is number of items then Coffee and tea wins if it is dollar volume of sales then shoes wins. However, in both categories you have significant competition. In Coffee and Tea you

2015-10-10 Construction Law - Variations FIDIC 1999:

Dear Khaled,      Thank you for your questions.    1. Simple: in the first case, the Engineer issues the instructions, without asking about the time and cost implication. In the second, before issuing


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