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2014-10-23 Building Homes or Extensions - Insulation under cement:

Bob, you didn't share with me where you are.  Perimeter insulation of the vertical wall surfaces, especially at frost depth elevations gives lots of bang for the bucks.  Rigid foam under slab yields less

2014-10-23 Construction Law - Contractor's claim:

Dear Stanislav,     Clause 4.12 is the relevant clause in this case.  The important criteria is what would an experienced international contractor expect to find?  Given the quality of the Employer's information

2014-10-23 Construction Law - Interpretation of Clause:

Hi Georges  The way I read it is:  Contract Signature 0 month  Expected construction Permit 8 months  Project delivery 8 months + 28 months = 36 months max  Start date of LD's = 36 months + 3 months =

2014-10-22 Oil/Gas - 3-D geophysical survey:

I doubt the land will be damaged, but the noise may be bothersome. I would ask the for a date range and have them include it in the agreement. $10/acre is probably a standard rate, though in some cases

2014-10-22 Food Service Equipment & Supplies - Food truck:

Jade:  All primary cooking has to be done in a health department approved "facility". If you have a health department approved food truck your cooking would have to be done there.   I have no suggestions


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