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2014-07-29 Audio Systems - Car Audio:    Look no further, even if you only want to see what size. ♥  These guys will make sure you have the proper adapters for a perfect fit.  

2014-07-28 Oil/Gas - swabbing:

First off this should not be used as advices of any sort.    I personally would not use a crane as I do not think you will achieve the necessary down hole pressures to accomplish the purging of the well

2014-07-28 Construction Law - Interim Payment (Fidic Section 14.3):

Dear Ricardo,  Thank you for the question though I could not asses what axact problem you are facing as a contractor or client.Anyway I have following to comment on your three questions.  a)your interpretation

2014-07-26 Construction Law - Additional Works:

Dear Mujtaba,    Thank you for your question and I apologize for the delay in responding. I was in transit for few days.    Even though, I do not know the form of contract conditions you are using on your

2014-07-24 Welding - Welding:

Hi Mike,    As a general guide, I prefer to use a stainless bonding or filler rod & I try to keep 60% of the weld puddle in the 'plain' steel material. Make sure you have a bit of a bevel on the tube piece


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