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2015-11-28 Audio Systems - Connectivity of smart tv:

You'll need this type of cable:  These can be found at dollar stores, Walmart, Amazon, as well as the link I sent... Shop for price on an item like

2015-11-28 Audio Systems - Connectivity of smart tv:

I'll need some more specific information...     What is the specific model of the Samsung TV, and what is the brand/model of the CD player/speaker/subwoofer unit you're trying to connect to.     I need

2015-11-27 Industrial Health and Safety - ladder-related injuries:

Ethan,    The ladder safety belt has been done before (just Google "ladder safety belt"), but maybe you have an idea for an alternate design.  One problem with a feature like a belt is getting people to

2015-11-25 TV Industry - television studio question:

Hello again    The Master Control Room (MCR) has an operator which is nothing more than the "master control room operator"    As I explained before, the machine it goes in, if you are using video tape

2015-11-25 Construction Law - Problems with access to site:

Hi, Colin,  It depends on the circumstances: on where the Contractor put his method statement - if it is in the Offer and the Offer was accepted, or if it was submitted after the Contract was awarded and


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