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2016-08-24 Construction Law - Priority of Documents:

Dear Shantha,  thank u for yr interesting question  The Engineer is the person to decide/determine all such discrepencies under the contract and keeping this in view it is very difficult to agree with

2016-08-24 Construction Law - Item Show in Drawing with No BOQ Item:

Dear Mohamed,    The Employer is obviously trying to write out the basic principle of a remeasured contract, where the BoQ is indicative only, and the Employer takes full responsibility for the accuracy

2016-08-24 Construction Law - Taking Over Under 10.2, FIDIC Red 1999:

Dear Halit Özeren,     I suggest that Contractor has been negligent in his protection of the Works by allowing illegal private connections.  Think of a block of apartments where the first three floors

2016-08-24 Construction Law - Prise adjustment:

Dear Anwar,    If the individual items in the BoQ are priced in USD, then the work should be valued in USD, and you should get paid in USD, with no adjustment for devaluation.  The Employer has taken the

2016-08-24 Construction Law - Price Adjustemnt:

Dear Anar,    I am not sure that I understand your question. Are you using FIDC 4, FIDIC 99 or FIDIC MDB?  You say the currency of payment is USD, but you do not say if there is a fixed or variable rate


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