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2014-09-17 Occupational (OSHA) and Environmental Hazards - Drinking Water:

Subject: Drinking Water    Question: Hi, I work for a small company and the employees are making complains that the water is reaching to the job site very late. Can the employer be cited for not have water

2014-09-17 Chimney & Fireplaces - Name Brand of a Wood Stove:

Hello Tammy, with out a "Manufactures Tag" I would have no idea where to start based only on a picture, (I have access to the NCSG library of manuals over 400 but still would not ID a stove by photo alone)

2014-09-17 Construction Law - termination:

Dear Soomun  Hello!  You are welcome with clarification. I am trying my best to reply to your satisfaction. If nominated contractor terminate his contract with main contractor then contractor contractor

2014-09-16 Construction Law - Contractor's Proposal:

Dear Yaw,    The Employer wrote the Employer's Requirements, which omitted the need for a lift.  The bidder saw the need for a lift and proposed one.  The Employer accepted the need for a lift and accepted

2014-09-15 Construction Law - Contractor's Proposal:

Dear Yaw,     There is a contract which specifies a 8 passenger lift.  The ER wishes to change that to a 13 passenger lift, so he must instruct and pay for any changes.  If he did not specify a lift in


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