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2014-12-20 Audio Systems - Old Kenwood Rcvr to use for surround sound:

Let's make it simple:  The 105VR is an analog stereo receiver. It will not connect directly to any digital signals such as HDMI, coax or 5.1 or 7.1 digital undecoded signal paths.    If you obtain a surround

2014-12-19 Electric Power & Utilities - Table saw 1Hp motor sears:

First,unplug the saw, then take a air hose and blow out the motor. Sometimes dust can get between the points of the start switch. If that is not the problem, then you must check the start capacitor. Look

2014-12-19 Electric Motors - Delco Thermotron Type A Rattling:

Roberto,   we had four booster fan motors go bad within one year, on a Carrier system.    As odit is a booster fan, it is OEM to the manufacturer of the furnace,   as critical as this motor is,   you will

2014-12-18 Chimney & Fireplaces - Need a vent-pipe solution...:

Hello Micheal, I looked on the National Chimney sweep guild web site (over 400 owners manuals) and could not find that unit listed, so I do not know if there are parts available for that unit, you can

2014-12-17 Nuclear Power - radiation on flights:

Pilots aren't just "frequent flyers," they fly pretty much several times a day, every day.  They are also one of the most studied populations on the planet.  Take your antioxidants, they're supposed to


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