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2017-04-21 Building Homes or Extensions - Installing drip screed after bottom cutting stucco:

Hi Bob, I don't think a drip screed is the answer.  Drip screeds provide a way for water in the upper part of the wall to leech out. It sounds like you are getting water from the ground up. Your best bet

2017-04-20 Building Homes or Extensions - trying to save the siding:

Hi bob, yeah, that's a tough situation.  If your vapor barrier has been compromised it's pretty much impossible to replace it without removing the siding and replacing the vapor barrier with a house wrap

2017-04-19 Building Codes and Inspections - Residential - location of refrigerator:

Just when you think you've seen it all...    So Mandy: If a fire developed in the HVAC closet, would you be able to roll the refrigerator out of the way quickly enough to still be able to contain the fire

2017-04-18 Chimney & Fireplaces - Chimney cap:

Welcome back Doug, I have never heard that, I believe all flues should have a standard cap (screen walls minimum 10" tall, and top plate), this will keep out Animals, Rain, Snow, Leaves and such. a good

2017-04-17 Automotive - New fuels for automobiles.:

Prashant,    This is an area that I have not much knowledge. Because of your question, I have done some research and learned a lot. Instead of my trying to tell you what I have learned, I'm going to give


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