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2015-02-28 Construction Law - Contract Law:

Hi Samarasinghe  The best solution is for the parties to reach a supplementary agreement to allow another contractor to complete the works.  The Employer is in a strong bargaining position because he can

2015-02-27 Construction Law - Performance Bond and Retention second half:

Hi Samarasinghe    When the contractor does not attend to rectification of genuine defects then the employer may recover the costs of the repair works from the retention fund or from the performance bond

2015-02-26 Satellite Communications - How to calculate video bit rate not total bit rate?:

Bit Rate Calculations  26 February 2015  Dear AbdulRab:    Bits    There are three principal frame rate standards in the TV and digital cinema business: 24p, 25p, and 30p. However, there are many variations

2015-02-25 Building Homes or Extensions - county assessor:

Hi Sonya,    Again, start with a proviso:  every city, county, state has its own rules, regulations and laws relative to real estate, thus anything I comment on may or may not apply in this specific case

2015-02-25 Construction Law - Claim issue under Sub-Clause 13.7:

Your opinion is correct.    You made a correct action in submitting a notice on time of your claim under Sub-clause 20.1    Next thing you need is to submit your detailed particulars within the time frame


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