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2014-08-30 Construction Law - Measurement-Payment:

Dear Alemu,      Thank you for coming back.    That is quite weird and I would suggest you thoroughly check again if that is indeed correct. Tender Drawings should definitely be part of the Contract.

2014-08-30 Construction Law - Rejection of Contractor's Notice to the Engineer:

Dear Mohammad ,    Thank you for asking the question.  This question needs much more info regarding circumstances as linked with contemporary record maintained and failing which i can not answer the question

2014-08-29 Construction Law - FIDIC Red Book 1999_Clause 18. Insurance:

Dear James,    I think that the answer to this question has more to do with insurance law and practicalities than FIDIC Conditions of Contract.  I presume that the partners want separate insurance to reduce

2014-08-29 Construction Law - Measurement-Payment:

Dear Alemu,    You do not mention the form of contract, the applicable law, nor if the contract is remeasurable or lump sum so my comments will be pragmatic rather than contractual.      All participants

2014-08-28 Occupational (OSHA) and Environmental Hazards - Feces traces left by workers in the workplace:

Subject: Feces traces left by workers in the workplace    Question: What rights do I have as an individual to complain about an employee/coworker with disabilities when individuals have clearly messed


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