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2016-12-05 Building Homes or Extensions - Looking for an advisor:

Hi Jeff- I do what you are talking about and have been a Construction Consultant For 12 years. I have 30+ years of experience in the design and build field. As well I like to help people succeed...  Mostly

2016-12-03 TV Industry - question about actors/models and their publicists:

Hi, Danielle.    If you read anything about the REAL history of Hollywood, you'll see a gazillion stories about fake stories being planted to gain publicity, cover up something, or generally distract attention

2016-12-02 Audio Systems - Home Audio Ignorant:

A good place to start is which carries reviews of all kinds.  You can search it for stereo receivers.  Another good place to study is which has many helps and hints for starting

2016-12-02 Construction Law - Agreement:

Dear Sudantha,    Thanks once again.    It depends on the terms of the contract and the wordings (content with interpretation) of the LOA. Where the wordings position it to create a contractual commitment

2016-12-01 Oil/Gas - BPO & APO:

First, let me say that you aren't clear on the terms of the farmout. Based on what you say here, the ORI reserved by CHK is not convertible, meaning they keep it APO even if they elect to back-in.  If


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