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2016-09-23 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - health insurance:

Hi John, thank you for the question.  It appears you've done a marvelous job of navigating the website as well as your goals and intentions!  Good job.  The only other thing I would advise is to talk with

2016-09-23 Construction Law - Sub- Contractor Insurances:

Dear Sachin  Hello!  If the work has been delayed due to fault of client the all liabilities and claim will be govern by the main contractor. Sub contractor has the right to receive all claims through

2016-09-23 Satellite Communications - Data Loss / bandwidth limitation:

You are correct. Try with roll of factor. And check your data rate measurement, the band width setting does not change data rates at receiver, but distortion at low C/N results in that type of results

2016-09-22 Hospital Administration - Multispecialty group:

Hi Joyce,  NC has 4 large health systems aka multispecialty health care systems, that I am aware of that offer financial assistance to its patients. I am not sure if it is free at both the hospital and

2016-09-22 Audio Systems - Hum and OVER LEVEL:

Is it something just now happening and it was okey before? Or is it a condition upon first installing and hooking up the system?    Hum is usually caused when the ground is open circuit or incomplete.


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