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2015-01-28 Building Homes or Extensions - Building ladder-stairs:

Hi again Judy, I'm sorry, I don't quite follow your first question regarding the backer board.  If you could email me a picture I might be able to see what you are referring to.  And yes it is normal to

2015-01-28 Construction Law - site instruction:

Dear Ibrahim,      Thank you for your question.    You did not indicate which Conditions of Contract you are using, but as a general principle, an instruction is a communication from the Engineer to the

2015-01-28 Building Homes or Extensions - Building ladder-stairs:

Hi Judy, I almost exclusively use screws anymore.  They hold better than nails and the coated deck screws last longer.  To minimize any splitting and torquing screw heads off I predrill a hole slightly

2015-01-27 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - Medicare when living in Canada:

Hi Benni, in my opinion, if you will be filing taxes in the U.S., then you will need to provide proof of Canadian insurance so you won't be penalized under the Affordable Care Act.  As far as Medicare

2015-01-27 Energy Industry (Oil & Gas) - How do I get Devon to honor TX Muniment of Title?:

If MAP, in good faith (i.e. not knowing the cousins may not have had legal title to the minerals at the time of the sale) bought from them, it may be unreasonable to expect MAP to pay back any royalties


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