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2014-07-22 Construction Industry - Fire Inccident:

22nd July 2014, 4:30 pm, India Time.       Dear Sir,      This is to acknowledge receipt of your trailing question / statement.     Firstly, it is needless to mention that we would be happy to be of assistance

2014-07-22 Construction Law - Additional Works:

Dear Mohamad  It all depends on the subcontractor agreement. if such agreement is for limited scope of works and it does not provide for addition works condition, then such subcontractor has the right

2014-07-21 Oil/Gas - pooling unit:

Bonnie, the best place to start is with Jay-Bee, and talk to the in-house landman assigned to Tyler County, WV wells.  Landmen understand how important it is to maintain good business relationships with

2014-07-20 Construction Law - Payment applictation:

Dear Aries,    This really depend on what form of contract you are using, type of contract and some provisions included in your contract which relates to variations, valuation, payment and measurement

2014-07-20 Building Homes or Extensions - Detailed house plans:

Rick,    Unfortunately the underground utility runs in residential construction are often not well documented.  The builder may have a plan, but that does not mean that it was precisely followed.    The


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