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2016-10-24 Construction Law - Employer's Risks:

Hello Alemu,      Welcome back, thank you for your new question. Indeed long time since I did not hear from you.    In which country is the project?    What do you mean "The Main Contract has also been

2016-10-23 Construction Law - Lump sum and works by piece:

Dear Khalid,     You do not mention the form of contract, so the following comments are generic.      You treat it as a normal variation, instructing the Contractor to adjust the number of units to be

2016-10-23 Construction Law - Cost saving in case of Lump sum:

Dear Khaled,      Thank you for your new question, I am glad if I can help.    According to the Contract, the Contractor had to supply certain items, as described in the Contract, regardless how many staff

2016-10-23 Construction Law - The Use of Prioritisation of Contract Documents:

Dear Shantha,      Thank you for your question.    Not sure where did you come from with that interpretation, Sub-Clause 1.5 states it cristal clear: "the priority of the documents shall be in accordance

2016-10-22 Satellite Communications - direct/inverted spectrum:

The spectrum generated at transmitter after modulation depends on the LO frequency to generate carrier. It can be higher than the Uplink frequency or lower.   In one case the carrier frequency generates


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