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2017-01-22 Audio Systems - Music program for computer:    According to the above link MMJB is compatible with Windows10.  You didn't say what PC you are using but if you have a W10 you should be okey.    Also

2017-01-22 Construction Law - EOT - Warranty Period:

Hello Alemu,      Welcome back, thank you for the new details.    1. Each Contract must be understood as a separate matter and any issue must be dealt with separately, as per provision of that specific

2017-01-22 Construction Law - Escalation:

Dear Shahid,  Thanks for the question  I can give my general thoughts 0nly in response as follows  1.with no appendix C,it is duration alone of the the contract that can give a basis for entitlement of

2017-01-22 Construction Law - Escalation:

Thanks Shahid for the kind words and appreciation.   Regarding your question, the "Factor C" of "Appendix C" is only applicable on individual resources and not the structural (or any) deliverable of the

2017-01-22 Construction Law - Escalation:

Dear Muhammad    Thanks for the question. I would like to know which form of contract is being used on your project. Please also inform if there is any such clause saying that in case there is no mention


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