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2016-05-22 Construction Industry - Rebuild cost:

dear lisa    it appears that you are a novice in building a new house 1. find a lot or property in an area you would like to live in  the size of the lot, city's building codes need to be followed  as

2016-05-20 Construction Law - Retention Money:

Dear Sudantha    Consider a scenario: You have a contract to build a store room for 5000$ at a 35% of work done the client asks you to change the flooring from concrete pavers to ceramic tiles to which

2016-05-20 Hospital Administration - hospital billing:

Hi Lee, I am so sorry for your loss. In some states, the hospital can only bill a spouse for medical bills. Since you are her son, unless you added yourself as the guarantor at the hospital, you are not

2016-05-20 Construction Law - Retention Money:

Hi Sudantha     Legally speaking "THE CONTRACT PRICE" includes all up to date variations to the contract. Hence why the Limit to Ret Money will apply on the price of initial contract + all the variations

2016-05-20 Construction Law - Re measurement/Lumpsum:

Dear Sudatha  17.3 is the SCL that identifies what are the risks associated with the Employer. You need to use this scl when claiming. Ie your case should be identified with such risks.  SCL 19.1 is the


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