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2015-05-05 Electric Motors - Boat Lift Motor Trips GFCI:

Mike      First motor may be just fine also,  here is why,       Motor 1 fail in lift direction only      on GFCI NOT BREAKER     Replace motor and it works fine    lift direction,      Because a GFCI

2015-05-04 Building Homes or Extensions - noise:

Hello, Helen.    From your description, it sounds like you have two distinct problems: a bad repair job on the roof over your porch, and settling of your home. Not knowing when the roof work was done,

2015-05-04 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - medicare:

You should not be paying his supplement. Now that he has Medicare and Medicaid they'll  cover it all. So sorry that you are going through this.Medicaid should ,also pick up his Medicare premium but Medicaid

2015-05-04 Construction Law - Additional works - Builder's works:

Dear George,  In FIDIC Red Book the actual quantities built are to be paid, according to the Sub-clauses 12.1 and 12.2. Therefore, if additional works are required (the new slab instructed and the necessary

2015-05-02 Audio Systems - Home amp hook up:

Sure. It is easy.  If the Hafler preamp does not have two outputs you can use a cable splitter to give input to each of the amps.  Two of these will do the job:


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