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2015-08-26 Oil/Gas - pooling:

The terms of the forced pooling order prevail.  However, your lease was a pre-existing contract, so the forced pooling order can't serve to alter the terms of your lease.  If it expires on January 21,

2015-08-25 Automotive - tv tire size:

Jacob,     I'm not a tire expert. I will hopefully give you some direction that may help you. If you go to this web site:, you may be able to figure

2015-08-25 Electric Power & Utilities - Delta Shaper motor # 82-006:

My bad, I didn't catch the last part of your question. The only thing I can think of, without being there to check, is that the 2 pole on/off switch has been replaced with a single pole, or the switch

2015-08-25 Quality Control - TQM, Six - Logistics & Supply Chain:

Evaluating aspects in a facility location must include all areas.  I do not believe there are any non-economic factors in any facility.  Everything has a cost.  The costs of a business regardless if it

2015-08-25 Quality Control - TQM, Six - Logistics & Supply Chain:

Logistics is involved with any business function whether it is a book publisher or a manufacturing facility.  Book publishers who have print editions must have not only the material to publish a book they


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