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2014-10-28 Construction Law - Claims:

Dear Jackie,      Thank you for coming back.    Firstly, I would strongly suggest you read the Red FIDIC Book '99, so you understand what are the rules. Do not simply rely on these answers, they will not

2014-10-27 Construction Law - JCT DB 2011 - EoT:

Hi Gary  Your instinct is probably correct but it all hinges on whether the delay was caused by the Statutory Obligation part of the sub-contract work.  I am currently employed by a contractor in an adjudication

2014-10-27 Construction Law - Actual Sense of Priority of Documents:

Dear Basil,  Thank you for your question and like to explain my view point as follow in general:  The primary purpose and guideline in interpreting an ambiguity in a contract is basically to establish

2014-10-27 Construction Law - Counterclaims:

Dear Jackie,      If your subcontracting agreement is based on 1999 Fidic (Red Book, just read the Conditions of Contract by understanding that your Main Contractor is actually "the Employer" and you are

2014-10-27 Construction Law - counterclaims:

Dear Jackie,      I just answered your other query, please read this answer, also in the light of that one.    To answer your points:    1. Since they are, as far as you are concerned, "the Employer",


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