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2015-07-26 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Knowing about a crime:

Becky,    Again, if she did not participate in the criminal activity, she should have nothing to worry about. Secondly, he cannot testify against her and she cannot be forced to testify against him if

2015-07-25 Pottery - Pricing a Blues Diamond Kiln to sell:

Dear Susie    Thank you for your recent question. Selling a kiln depends very much on the condition. Primarily, the kiln brick and elements. Begin by examining the kiln inside and out. Note any defects

2015-07-25 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Knowing about a crime:

Becky-    The short version - it would depend on how you came to be in possession of the information - was it inadvertent or were you a participant (accessory).    The offense you mention is very serious

2015-07-24 Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing - 12 year-old daughter cast in heavy political bullying film:

Your daughter is already at the age where she has probably already seen, heard, or experienced some type of bullying - either in her normal, everyday life, or on TV and in films.  Generally speaking, most

2015-07-24 Fine Art - Unknown Artist:

Hello Gary,   I read the signature as Reseguier. I don't see the names you have listed so maybe you have more information than what is in the photos. He may have remained a local artist who is still well


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