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2015-10-07 Economics - Comparative advantage among Nations:

Thank you for your query. It is theoretically possible.  As an example, The Roman Empire. Any such country that could attain such production function and efficiency in every and all goods and services

2015-10-06 Fine Art - Durer engraving:

Dear Maximiliano,    Although watermarks are a great indication in determining the age of Old Master etchings and woodcuts, it is also necessary to know the state of the work which depends on minute details

2015-10-05 US Government Information - file and suspend while drawing on spouses social security record:

Your understanding is correct. If you choose to file an application restricting benefits to a spouse benefit, and change your mind, Social Security will allow you to request up to six months of retirement

2015-10-05 Writing Plays/Screenwriting - Screenwriting Agent:

Rick,    The short answer is no.  However, an agent that is listed or works with one of the agencies listed on the WGA-W site as guild signatory at least guarantees you that that agent or agency adheres

2015-10-05 Fine Art - Oil painting:

Dear Donna,    I am not familiar with this artist but in doing some research, your work appears to be an early 19th century print, as there are multiple copies that exist:   https://www.liveauctioneers


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