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2014-08-31 Writing Books - Sequel writing:

Hello Lee:    How difficult it will be to establish flow from one book to the other depends a lot on the story. What kind of a story is it, a family saga? a historical novel? If you did not end the whole

2014-08-31 Fine Art - unusual etching:

Dear Debra,    I did some searching and Royal Art, LTD was known for low end affordable art, and as they are no longer in business you unfortunately will not be able to find them or the M. Mott who worked

2014-08-30 Writing Books - Starting sequeal:

Lee:    Let me make sure I'm clear on what you're saying.  Are you implying that this character is suddenly back in the story without you showing anything at all about his survival and escape from the

2014-08-30 Literature - a lie:

Hello Val,    Frankly, most forms of learning difficulty is a matter of bad social habits being transferred from each generation to the next. Parents understimulate their children, but this is because

2014-08-29 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Profiling ( stero typing ) vs statsiics:

Dear Don,    Good morning from New York on this fine Saturday morning. I apologize that my answer to your question will be a short one, but if I do not make it short, I could easily write a 30 page paper


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