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2015-03-01 Fine Art - Heywood Hardy:

The title of that work is "The Meet", you can see images online.  Your piece has  contemporary mat which leads me to think it is a print, what gives the impression it  is an original painting?    I do

2015-03-01 Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing - Difficult scene to film w/my onscreen little brother:

There are a couple things you could try that might be helpful.  You could take some time to practice "pretend" tickling with your film brother.  That is, to work out different pressure or manners of actually

2015-02-28 Fine Art - RE:Carnival Glass:

Hello Chris, and thank you for your very interesting question.  Regarding the  >>Thistle Emblem<<, today  it is not confined to any particular product, or country.  In fact, there are numerous manufactures

2015-02-28 Psychology - Question regarding IQ tests...:

I can't answer how accurate these tests are without more information.  The authors of the tests should have done some evaluation of construct validity - which basically is, does the test measure what it

2015-02-27 Careers: Arts - Painting by A. Hansen:

Sorry Mike....but I don't do to check yellow pages if you live in a large city and  check out art appraisers....for the best solution....or google if you haven't already to find the


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