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2014-12-19 General Writing and Grammar Help - Favorite novel.:

Hi Prashant,     Summarizing all of Shakespeare's works and picking a single "best" work is a daunting task. Of all of the books, Romeo & Juliet is certainly a good book, yes, but I am not necessarily

2014-12-19 General Writing and Grammar Help - Favorite novel.:

"Romeo and Juliet" is a PLAY - not a novel.    It is a romantic drama - but it is not generally thought of as his greatest work.    Most people would argue that the tragedies are his best work    With

2014-12-18 Architecture - master suite question:

Hi Danielle,    Thanks for the question. We find that most buyers of a new home do expect a walk-in closet in the master suite unless the house is small. Can't think of a new house we've designed recently

2014-12-18 Parliamentary Procedure - Signing minutes:

The submitted minutes are a 'report'      While the secretary has the duty to take notes, write up, and present the minutes to the organization -- if the secretary does not do the minutes

2014-12-18 Horror Books - Young adults Horror story anthology:

This could be any of a number of books.  Many of them may be out of print.  You might try typing "horror collections (or compilations)" into a search engine.  It may have been an Alfred Hitchcock book


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