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2014-10-21 General Writing and Grammar Help - use of "who" and "whom:":

Dear Rich:    For example, should I always try to be proper and say -  “For whom did you make lunch?” or should I say -  “Whom did you make lunch for?   Or, should I be completely colloquial and say -

2014-10-18 Polish Language - Polish diminuitive nickname "Bubush":

Dear Karen,    The word your gandmother uses is most probably "bubuś" and its meaning is "little baby". It belongs to those private words, used mostly within family and among close friends and relatives

2014-10-17 Polish Language - Meaning of my husband's last name in Polish:

Dear Julie, Sorry to disappoint you but this is not true.  Look at the following map to see the distribution of this surname according to 2001 census:

2014-10-17 Digital Photography - Regarding a camera purchase:

Hi Aakash    Sorry for the late reply.    It's amazing that you've selected the best model out of all, without needing my advice. The IXUS 155 is the bestselling model as of now, with all the right features

2014-10-17 Pottery - How To Repair Antique Bisque Doll Heads:

Dear Margie,         Thank you for your recent follow up question. Yes, the plaster is fine, as long as you follow the other instructions. Plaster will develop into a hard surface that is workable as the


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