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2015-03-27 Fine Art - Arthur Hickman:

Dear Jane,    In doing research, there is no particular market for Arthur Hickman works, but he is an artist known for his paintings, not works on paper. In doing my research I came across a very interesting

2015-03-27 Pottery - E-1 Error on Olympic Electric S18E Kiln with Model V6-CF Series 700 Controller:

Dear Lea,    Thank you for your recent question. The following information may help you in determining what may be wrong with the kiln.    Error 1 is a problem with the kiln heating, not a controller problem

2015-03-26 Fine Art Restoration - Conserving a bronze sculpture:

Hi Larry,    From the photo, the sculpture and surface appears to be in excellent condition.  It looks to me as an intentionally applied artificial patina, and not oxidation or corrosion from poor handling

2015-03-26 General Writing and Grammar Help - example of problem:

The above sentence is a lousy one.  It is way too long!  (I hope you didn't write it, and I am insulting you!).    ~~    When I look at a confusing sentence and try to figure it out, I find what I call

2015-03-25 Photography - Protecting Old Photographs:

Hi again!    Please, there's no need to apologise. It's wiser to seek expertise than to inadvertently destroy a print that has sentimental value.   Yes, I'd say leave it be. If its only covered on one


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