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2015-01-23 Writing Books - adverb placement:

While experts say it is okay to split an infinitive now and then, especially when the sentence would become awkward if rewritten to avoid the split infinitive. In this case it is quite easy to avoid the

2015-01-23 Polish Language - First Name Question:

Dear Clyde,    I seriously doubt if this is what is written in the wedding licence. There are obvious errors in Both the first and the last names. Such spellings are impossible in Polish. There is no given

2015-01-22 Literature - Canterbury Tales: Religious Criticism:

Amy    Great question - and a common one!    You are correct.  Chaucer was a new-intellectual of his age, and was able to take the common man's experience and use it as a tool against what he saw as corruption

2015-01-22 US Government Information - Social Security Earnings:

The AIME is the amount used to calcite a primary insurance amount (PIA).  The PIA is the amount paid at full retirement age.  If benefits begin earlier the amount is age reduced and if it begins later

2015-01-22 Economics - Fiscal & Monetary Policy During Great Recession:

Thank you for your query. It is a long and complicated issue. In my opinion the policies were not right.  Neither the stimulus nor the stabilization act were the proper measures.  Keynesian and Marxist


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