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2015-11-25 General Writing and Grammar Help - Size:

Dear Paolo:    It's good to hear from you.  I have missed you and your questions.    ****    If you canít get to a spin class, try this solo workout on for size either on a stationary bike or on the real

2015-11-25 Careers: Writing - Freelancing in the 1970s:

Hi, Lucy!    I don't know who told you that on the writer forum, but they're wrong. Freelance journalism has existed for at least a hundred years. In the trade, the writer or photographer is called a "stringer

2015-11-24 General Writing and Grammar Help - My essay about pedestrian:

Dear Thi:     Here is my essay about Pedestrian:    In my opinion, I fully support the idea of opening pedestrian areas in the town centre. Pedestrian zones have a [remove the "a"] vital roles in the cities

2015-11-24 General Writing and Grammar Help - Ditransitive Verbs:

Dear Karen:    The term "ditransitive verb" is rarely used in English grammar.  In English, we commonly say that such verbs require both a direct object and an indirect object.  There MUST be two objects

2015-11-24 General Writing and Grammar Help - Essay corrections - Urbanisation:

Dear Thi:    First, I want to say how happy I am that you have contacted me.  You are the fifth Vietnamese person who sends me questions.  About two years ago, I worked with a young lady from your country


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