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2015-05-22 European Politics - Querying the EU:

I think you may find this e-book of some interest:    Many articles and essays which deal with the issues you raise:

2015-05-22 General Writing and Grammar Help - expression:

Using "victim" :    Using preposition "of" to" and "for" :    The title of "Young renters

2015-05-22 General Writing and Grammar Help - expression:

It is incorrect.    The proper is to use "to" ...........    "Jack fell victim to insulting behavior."        

2015-05-22 Fine Art - josef fellner:

Dear David,    Josef Fellner paintings have a collector following and in review I see his work of this type sells in the $500-1200 range. I could not locate sales later than 2009. A good framer can reset

2015-05-22 US Government Information - conserved funds:

Yes, you can have your son sign form SSA-1696 (link below) appointing you as his representative.  I suggest that you take the form into the local office and request that they record on his record that


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