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2014-11-25 Pottery - Sealing The Base Of Glazed Mugs:

Dear Brenda,    Thank you for your recent question. Since the cup has been glazed and fired, the easiest way to protect furniture from seepage staining is to paint enamel paint on the footing of the cup

2014-11-25 Fine Art - oil painting "Portrait of a Colourful Lady":

Dear Sharon,    In regards to your "Lady" the image did not bring anything back in my research of help and as it has no signature on it, the work will be nearly impossible to track down as many artists

2014-11-23 Fine Art - Georges Braque print lithograph:

Dear Keith,    Your work is a lithograph that was created in 1952, as Braque specifically created it for the publication. Usually these types of artworks would accompany poems or stories by famous writers

2014-11-22 Fine Art - Albrecht Durer:

Dear Alisa,    The work is titled "Great Piece of Turf" by Albrecht Dürer and unfortunately the one you have is some sort of reproduction worth "decorative value" which is a nice art world way of saying

2014-11-22 Fine Art - Catalda framed print:

Dear Alisa,    The work is a reproduction of "In the Meadow" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Catalda Fine Arts produced reproductions of famous paintings or paintings by famous artists during the mid-twentieth


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