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2015-04-20 Participating in the Political Process - multiple elected positions:

Dear Leo,    The simple answer is "it depends." It depends on which state it is in (since state elections are governed by state law in most respects) and it depends on the offices in question. For example

2015-04-19 General Writing and Grammar Help - A strange sentence.:

"Be happy being busy" doesn't make any sense using present and past tense adjectives and verbs.    "Being busy is being happy" is the correct English tenses, or "Be happy while being busy." Or, "Be happy

2015-04-19 Writing Plays/Screenwriting - HOW LONG TO GO NOW 3:

Cameron,    In motion pictures, each page of screenplay is worth one minute of screen time.  In other words, if you have a 97 page screenplay then the resultant movie is going to be about 97 minutes long

2015-04-17 Business & Technical Writing - Connotations:

Den,    I think that no god worthy of being called a god would have to scheme against the enemies of his people. He wouldn't have to be cunning or crafty, he'd just zap them and be done with it. That we

2015-04-17 General Writing and Grammar Help - Connotations:

Den,    The two Jamie sentences both show the positive side of craftiness. By his stealth, he achieved a positive result (escaping from harm).    In the last quote, the words "schemed against the enemies"


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