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2015-07-05 Careers: Writing - Blogging:

Hi William -   What is the address of your blog so I can take a look?  I don't know how to advise you on your archiving question, but I would be happy to address your second question about how to position

2015-07-05 General Writing and Grammar Help - Obscure word:

Well - you've got me on that one Tony    I can't think of a specific term     But I know what you mean    You might do a bit of research starting from the terms - synechdoche and metonymy    http://www

2015-07-04 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - What happens when a:

Should any person walk into a US Embassy in a foreign country and wish to provide information, they would most likely be thoroughly debriefed and their information would be 'vetted' by the Station Chief

2015-07-04 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Is it a crime under US law for a US citizen to report information:

To our knowledge, it is not a 'crime' for any US citizen to report a crime to MI5 in the United Kingdom. However, in saying so, we are assuming that the criminal activity being reported is occurring in

2015-07-04 General Writing and Grammar Help - additional part:

1. This is poor English    2. The construction of the sentence obscures its meaning    3. It does not follow the pattern of good English syntax


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