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2014-10-23 Picture Framing and Art Preservation - linen matting:

Hi Karen,     Thanks for the question. It's not really a big deal for your question, but I'd like to clarify that what you have is most likely not a mat, but probably what we call a liner. It's basically

2014-10-23 General Writing and Grammar Help - Direct & Indirect Object:

It's not necessarily understood that she baked somebody else a cake - - unless you mean that =somebody= would also include the baker herself.  If you want to specify that she is not included in the list

2014-10-23 Literature - hello tue:

Hello Val,    Well, no one remembers *everything*. I wasn't super-motivated in high school (if that's what you are referring to), and I didn't have great teachers, so I'd say I probably remembered no more

2014-10-21 General Writing and Grammar Help - use of "who" and "whom:":

Dear Rich:    For example, should I always try to be proper and say -  “For whom did you make lunch?” or should I say -  “Whom did you make lunch for?   Or, should I be completely colloquial and say -

2014-10-18 Polish Language - Polish diminuitive nickname "Bubush":

Dear Karen,    The word your gandmother uses is most probably "bubuś" and its meaning is "little baby". It belongs to those private words, used mostly within family and among close friends and relatives


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