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2014-07-31 U.S. Politics - law suit:

Joyce,    No, the reason is not that President Obama is not executing the laws of our Nation.  The House of Representatives voted to sue President Obama for Executive Branch overreach by using too many

2014-07-30 Psychology - memory based on time:

Rick, this is not my area of expertise, but what you are describing sounds to me like an attention problem.  You are being easily distracted.  Ask one of the clinicians on the AllExperts panel - a psychologist

2014-07-29 Psychology - Forgetting details of traumatic events:

Dear David:     Thank you for the question. Repression of traumatic events is a very real phenomena, in fact this acts as a defense mechanism. Freud believed that (Sdorow & Rickabaugh, 2002), "a person

2014-07-28 Writing Plays/Screenwriting - Transitions:

Hi Dave,    Never use SMASH CUT: It's not the job of the writer to tell the cinematographer how to shoot.  Leave that kind of thing to the professionals on the film set.    As to DISSOLVE TO: my recommendation

2014-07-27 General Writing and Grammar Help - Need opinion on article buying.:

I'm not sure I understand the intended distinction you are making between "original" and "unique". Anything that is original would have been produced/written by the author, and since they are the only


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