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2014-08-21 General Writing and Grammar Help - Question: Are these sentences incorrect?:

Dear Den:    How are you? I hope that you are fine. I am very delighted that you welcomed me to ask questions.     *** I am happy that you have contacted me.  It is good to hear from you once again.  

2014-08-20 General Writing and Grammar Help - Literary writing (2):

Dear Ted,  Many thanks for your kind help.  Here is the revised version of the writing as far as my knowledge could follow your suggestions.    **** Bob, mamnoon for sending your message to the "writing

2014-08-20 Getting Published or E-published - citing references:

Pete,     My understanding is that the questions asked and answers given here are copyrighted to AllExperts. They may not be referenced or used without both the permission of the individual giving the

2014-08-20 General Writing and Grammar Help - Which is correct?:

Dear Walden/Cheng Chang:      How are you?    *** I have been sad, because you haven't been sending me questions!    I would like to ask you a question:    Guest: Excuse me, waiter?  Waiter:__________________

2014-08-20 Writing Books - using old company material:

Thanks for your inquiry, Eric.    You must get permission from the copyright owner of the photos, documents, prototypes and information to use them in your book. Contact Mattel's public information officer


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