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2016-05-01 Hindi - Help please!:

Hi    Thanks for your quick reply. I am herewith attaching a JPEG  file "Translations.jpg" which has both the translations you desire.  I hope you like it.    Feel free to post a follow up to this reply

2016-05-01 Writing Books - fiction based on real people:

Hi Jim,     You could potentially face legal issues, yes. For example, if you wrote a parody book of Former President Clinton and you called him President Clinton in the book, then it really becomes tricky

2016-05-01 Writing Books - fiction based on real people:

That's not a simple question to answer. A lot depends on who the people are and how you portray them.     In general, broadly speaking, you can use real people in fiction. Celebrities often show up on

2016-05-01 Hindi - Help please!:

Hello    Thanks for the question. Can you kindly confirm whether you require a  translation or transliteration of the above phrase in Hindi ?    eg: The hindi word for Fall is Girna.    Do you wish me

2016-04-30 General Writing and Grammar Help - which is correct:

There is tons of humor... is incorrect. There are tons of humor... is correct. (You could also correctly say There is a ton of humor...) The reasoning is as given in my previous answer


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