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2014-09-21 Creative Writing - Light novel idea, what are your thought on it?:

Hi Misty!    Honestly, I would say overall it sounds like a pretty interesting story.  However, I see a couple minor issues that I would like to point out.  You may be able to tweak some of them, but you

2014-09-20 US Government Information - Reconsideration step for SSI claim:

They work like robots, instead of humans.  I would not send copies of what you previously submitted.  You want to show something different and worse than as it was shown on the previous form.  If there

2014-09-19 General Writing and Grammar Help - Sentence Structure:

No. This is not a fragmented sentence.    http://grammar

2014-09-19 Anthropology - Culrtural realtivism:

Tigest,    Cultural relativisim is a view that each culture is unique and its moral and ethical perspective is correct for that culture.  In a broader view there is no "good" or "bad"; "right or wrong"

2014-09-19 Fine Art - MAURICE URILLO:

Utrillo is one of the most printed of all artists, I see posters everywhere. What tends to show up online are low end decorative works, sounds like that's what you have but I have not examined so I cannot


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