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2016-12-07 Architecture - Circulation Space Percentage:

Quinn,    No, there is not a hard and fast rule about circulation space.  Theoretically, you could design a one-story building with zero circulation space and a lot of exterior doors around the perimeter

2016-12-07 Sculpture - Wood face carving:

Hi Judy,  yes. Oil can help to preserve your carving and also bring out the beauty of the figure and grain of the wood.  You want to use boiled linseed oil or walnut oil available at most hardware or art

2016-12-05 Writing Plays/Screenwriting - adaptation from a novel:

Hi Chuck,  Please send me this last question to my e-mail. I can deal with it faster that way.    Having the latest info about yourself, I would put you in the "sincere writer" category. I'm always amenable

2016-12-05 Polish Language - Follow-up to Rønne / Rynne:

Dear Tom,    I have to admit, that I see no reason for that. Were he Dutch, I would say this is the letter "ij" (see: ). I was thinking that maybe this is

2016-12-04 General Writing and Grammar Help - Peter must not leave until having fixed the motors issue.:

Dear Leonardo:    Please indicate if the following sentence is grammatically correct. If it is not then, then please re-phrase it.  Sentence:  “Peter must not leave until having fixed the motors issue


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