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2016-07-21 Anthropology - humans:

Hi Crystal,    That depends in what part of the world you are speaking about.  The Egypian empire was growing and was at nearly constant war.  The Greeks were on the rise and the Empire of Alexander the

2016-07-21 Journalism (newspapers/magazines) - Political Bias:

I don't have exact figures on that, but I would have to say that ever since there have been political candidates -- in the United States and elsewhere -- there have been accusations of political bias.

2016-07-21 Science Fiction Books - Can't remember the title of the short story:

sorry,  never read this one.  the closest I can think of is Time for the Stars by Robert Heinlein.  An astronaut returns form space after many years.  He has barely aged, and his twin who remained on earth

2016-07-19 General Writing and Grammar Help - grammar:

You can use TELL in both direct and indirect speech.    The only restriction is that TELL must be (usually) followed by an object (tell whom).     You can say HE SAYS THAT HE IS WRONG / HE SAYS, "I AM

2016-07-19 General Writing and Grammar Help - sentence-clause-phrase:

Your example is indeed a sentence, and it can also be viewed as an independent clause taking up the whole sentence, but it is not a phrase. Part of the sentence or clause is an adverbial prepositional


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