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2016-09-30 Literature - Hamlet:

Hello Stephanie,    You can only really do a perfect analysis if you have a very high level of knowledge. One of the crucial bits of knowledge is that the idea of "purgatory" was done away with in Protestantism

2016-09-28 Picture Framing and Art Preservation - mats discoloring along the top:

Jacqui,     Ok, I think we may have gotten to the heart of the problem. Just be warned: long explanation ahead.     You say that the mats are described as pH neutral, which is more or less the same as

2016-09-28 Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing - Stage name in Sweden or after:

If you have the chance, perhaps you could ask a few people from a couple different areas in the U.S. to read out loud your last name.  Of course they shouldn't have heard it before.  If they do well, no

2016-09-27 Careers: Acting, Performing, Directing - follow up:

That fee ($53,360) is for the NY campus, and includes your meals, housing and personal expenses.  Their LA campus all-inclusive is $48,040.  As you mentioned, financial aid is available, and a payment

2016-09-27 Careers: Arts - research for suitable musical dramatic school:

 Hi Ahmed,    In my last message I told you that your questions are beyond my range of expertise, and I gave you a link to the experts who specialize in educational grants.    I can't do anything more


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