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2015-09-01 Fine Art - norman rockwell:

Dear Jamie,    Though a famous Rockwell image, your piece unfortunately has no market value as it not a hand-signed edition. It is common place for art dealers to give out certificates along with the art

2015-08-31 General Writing and Grammar Help - "even":

Hi Patty    It's not QUITE right    "There was not a single flower by your side ...    "Not a single flower was ...    "There were no flowers ...    'even' just isn't used in the sense you are suggesting

2015-08-31 General Writing and Grammar Help - one adjective describing several nouns:

Not being an entire sentence.... which is required when asking the question;    It could be all three are time sensitive, but impossible to say without the entire sentence. And, time sensitive is not hyphenated

2015-08-31 Photography - Hybrid Digital Camera Waterproof:

Hi,    Waterproofing cameras is definitely possible, in fact you can now purchase cameras which are already waterproof.   alternatively, you can purchase rigs to waterproof your existing camera.  This

2015-08-31 Photography - Hybrid Digital Camera Waterproofing.:

Many kinds of cameras have waterproof housings made specifically for that model.  These can be found at B&H Photo Video.  I think there are also vinyl bags made that allow for small cameras to be used


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