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2016-05-21 Economics - “Petrodollars”:

It is a convention.  The US Dollar has been the currency of reference since WWII due to the strength of the economy and the fact it is a hard currency, previously convertible into gold, and subject to

2016-05-20 Polish Language - Polish expressions:

Dear Kit,    > Your answers have been so helpful, and even impressed the copy editor at my publisher.      I am very glad that I have been of help. I hope I am again. Should I expect now a letter from

2016-05-19 Writing Books - Breaking up book into chapters:

If it were me, I would list the sections in the table of contents and then under each section list the titles of each item that appears in that section and the page numbers that start those items, be they

2016-05-19 Writing Books - Breaking up book into chapters:

As you have probably learned, no rules exist for breaking books into chapters. The only thing that applies is that information should flow in a logical manner. Does this mean it has to be chronological?

2016-05-17 Writing Plays/Screenwriting - research:

Accented dialogue can be tricky, especially for beginning writers, who often overdo the accented words, and thus annoy the reader. I have been guilty of doing that myself.    The ideal is to establish


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