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2014-04-15 General Writing and Grammar Help - which sentence is correct ?:

Dear Keone:    You are now the FIFTH Vietnamese student to contact me.  That is WONDERFUL!. I have a feeling that some other Vietnamese student may have recommended my service to you.    I request only

2014-04-14 Fine Art - Richard Ansdell:

We don't want to give the impression we are promoting anyone on this site, so I cannot list contact info, but there is a dealer named Peter Villa Fine Art who is easy to find on google, he is listed as

2014-04-14 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Death penalty for the insane:

David:    As I ended my last response:    "Often, some confuse and run together the various debates about the insame, the mentally retarded and the mentally ill."    You seem to be doing that with your

2014-04-14 US Government Information - ssi waiver?:

Since I do not have information about what caused the overpayment, it is not possible for me to help with the waiver.  The biggest part of the waiver is showing why you are not at fault in causing the

2014-04-14 General Writing and Grammar Help - Dear Ted, please help me correct my essay.:

Dear Lizzie:    Good.  I will continue to add my constructive criticisms when I evaluated your essays.    NOW, since you sent this to me as a question, you will need to evaluation my response, so that


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