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2014-11-25 Wyoming - Yellowstone:

Sounds like a winter wonderland.  You should be aware that due to weather some of the roads might be closed and your plans should be flexible.  Often you have to take snow mobiles as a means of transportation

2014-09-19 Colorado - Colorado Vacation:

The hike up to the Maroon Bells is GORGEOUS--especially this time of year.  I BELIEVE you will also be able to drive up to Maroon Lake (instead of having to take the bus up from town) as long as you are

2014-09-17 Canada - Government Information - IMM 5669E Schedule A question 6 clarification:

Hello Ram,    I thought that my answer was clear.    When dealing with CIC all information must be answered correctly and clearly.    If your spouse was denied entry to Canada, you must state so, no matter

2014-09-15 Canada - Government Information - Questions about employment:

Hi Ram,    #1) Just list the employment start date and end date.  Then on a plane separate sheet write the details of the positions, I.E call the sheet addendum to question #....... etc. then attach it

2014-09-14 Canada - Government Information - My return to Canada and application for residency for my husband who is a US citizen:

Hello Irene,  As a Canadian Citizen, make sure that you have a current Canadian Passport, to obtain this you need to have your birth certificate and apply on line to Passport Canada, you will never be


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