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2016-08-23 Wyoming - GT & Yellowstone:

You are asking a hard question.  I just spent two weeks in Jackson, The Tetons and Yellowstone.  One thing that may influence your time is the weather.  Be aware that it will be chilly at night. There

2016-07-22 Canada - Government Information - Spouse got pregnant after trv got stamped:

Hello Varkey;    Being pregnant at the time of travel has no effect on your status and is not a consideration as far as Immigration is concerned.     The Border officer may question the motive of travel

2016-06-27 Colorado - Relocating to Colorado:

I would have told you 8-9 years ago that Denver is not too expensive. However it seems that recently we have become one of the highest priced areas in the Nation. Not that we are more expensive, just that

2016-06-18 Honolulu - Moving to Oahu in the fall:

Aloha Chris,    As far as shipping your items, you may want to look into a moving company. This is beyond my area of expertise.     Check Craigslist, AirBnB or VROB. You can also look into a long-term

2016-06-14 Canada - Government Information - Immigration to Canada:

Hello Ryan    Thank you for your question.    In order for us to advise you on your chances of meeting the selection criteria for a Canadian Immigration program, please complete the Online Assessment Form


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