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2015-07-23 Colorado - Sept/Oct. Visit to Colorado:

Sorry for the delay in answering--I did not receive the original e-mail........    Honestly, with only 6 days, there is plenty to do in Aspen itself to keep you busy.  If you want to explore some other

2015-07-17 Real Estate: Maryland - selling existing house to buy new one:

Hi Jeff  Best idea is to sell your home first with a contract that stipulates its final acceptance is subject to you finding another home and making a succeful purchase.  Then have settlements coincide

2015-06-28 Canada - Government Information - PR visa on old passport:

Hello Prabhu,    It would be best to get your visa transferred to your new passport. Although the Canada border officer would accept the visa in the old passport, the problem will be with the airlines

2015-06-20 Real Estate: California - agent question:

There are four potential answers to your question:    1. Contractually; you will need to look at the original agreement you have with the agent that provided the lease agreement.  If it is in writing,

2015-06-13 Canada - Government Information - Regarding ECA:

Hello Manpreet,    Distance education can be recognized, but you should be sure that the program you are following will have value from an immigration point of view. You should also ensure that you will


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