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2016-01-29 New York - NYC Tap Water:

The water from the Croton reservoir in Westchester County, New York provides delicious and fresh water to all of New York City.  An elaborate aqueduct and water system was built in the mid 19th century

2016-01-08 Canada - Government Information - Query:

Hello Mamta;    Thank you for your question.    Work experience accumulated thru' self-employment or Free-lance work may be counted towards qualifying work, provided you can support it with appropriate

2016-01-01 Canada - Government Information - Re-issue of FSW Payment Refund by CIC:

Hello Rajkumar;    Thank you for your question.    Normally, your representative should assist you in obtaining refund or by providing you information to do so.    You may consult the following page on

2015-12-14 Real Estate: Texas - How to transfer house dead after both parents death:

You have done as much as you can do without spending money.  The complete way to finalize the process is to hire an attorney to open a case in the probate court there in Harris County (or the county where

2015-12-11 Canada - Government Information - Return of Visa Processing Fee - Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Canada Migration:

Rajkuma,    This question is out of my area of expertise, however below is a link to a number of CIC websites which may help you.


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