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2015-01-28 Canada - Government Information - Sending PR card outside Canada:

Michael,    I am surprised by the tone of your question.  I informed you that it is illegal to try to mail cards outside of the country   CIC do not approve of that, nor do they do it themselves.    Here

2015-01-23 Canada - Government Information - immigration or other kind of visa:

Aos,    Please check again whether you are eligible to enter for the Express Entry draw.    Check the requirements regarding an English Language or French language examination.    Yes a job offer is important

2015-01-10 Canada - Government Information - can i correct mistake in 5669E form?:

Yes, you can always make a change to your situation i.e. marriage , new baby, change of address etc, just use the File # that was allocated to you and send CIC a letter or  " case specific request" electronically

2015-01-04 Canada - Government Information - Pregnancy after Visa Issued:

Hello Mandeep    Thank you for your question.    Congratulations on your visa and wife's pregnancy    There's no requirement to inform the Immigration department of pregnancy, till the birth of the child

2014-12-31 New York - Gustav Lindental bridge drawing:

Hi Max,    As you may know, Gustav designed many bridges in his lifetime. Some were in NYC and  others were in PA. Does the painting appear like it is in NYC? Skyline or other landmarks?  If so, my guess


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