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2014-04-09 Canada - Government Information - help with refusal of study permit:

Dear Bristy,    When an application for a study permit is refused, the visa officer considers a host of factors including whether undertaking studies in Canada is a legitimate objective and whether the

2014-04-08 Canada - Government Information - Accompanying Family Member:

Dear Ana,    There is no risk in indicating that your husband is NOT accompanying you to Canada at this time. Your proposed plan is very sound. He can apply for a visa later, once you are ready. When he

2014-04-03 Canada - Government Information - Student visa dependent - Increasing chances:

G.S.    I do not think that you have anything to worry about.     Here is the link for Study permits.

2014-04-02 Real Estate: California - size of home purchase:

Hi Cindy - The East Bay is a big area with many neighborhoods that are great places to buy.  There are also a lot of areas that have low prices and are not likely to appreciate for many years - if ever

2014-03-26 Canada - Government Information - IELTS waiver:

Sunil,  As I stated the affidavits are good evidence and I suggest that you attach a copy of the company's charter, to prove that it is a legitimate organization etc.   All evidence of this nature should


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