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2016-05-28 Canada - Government Information - enquiring:

Hello Sofia    Thank you for your question    The passport is usually issued within 2-4 weeks. However, the application will have to be supported with the Canadian Birth certificate for the child, which

2016-04-08 New York City for Visitors - NYC Taxi question:

Regarding taxis, I'd stick with the yellow ones simply for safety.  The others cannot be guaranteed as they are 'gypsy' cabs.    There are other options besides taxis though if you'd like to save money

2016-03-23 Real Estate: Maryland - Becoming a Part-Time Real Estate Agent:

Selling real estate is more about social skills than technical skills so be aware that its easier to learn the real estate technology than it is to naturally relate to people and develop report and trust

2016-03-10 California - trip to CA:

Hi Tangi,    There are a number of things you can do like that:    If you take PCH from world Famous Santa Monica Pier and drive north about 40 miles, you come to Mugu Rock where you can jump off of a

2016-03-09 Canada - Government Information - Wife Pregnant - Cannot travel:

Hello Tanuj;    Thank you for your question.    The PR Visa validity will most likely be not extended, as it's very rare if at all done.    If you do not land within the validity, you will be required


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