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2015-11-27 Toronto - Are you able to watch most local TV stations from Buffalo New York in Toronto if you do not have cable or Satellite?:

Hi. Your question is an interesting one, given the monopoly the cable and satellite companies have.     With a good antenna (or in some cases, simple wires have done the job), you can certainly pull in

2015-11-25 Real Estate: California - Buying real estate:

Hi Rachel.    You are certainly facing some big concerns. As you might expect, the best I can do is provide some fairly general answers as I do not have all the necessary facts and do not know you personally

2015-11-16 Real Estate: Texas - Houston:

Depending on your goals and objectives, Houston is an excellent market for real estate investing. Houston was recently ranked one of the top real estate investing markets worldwide. Our investors look

2015-11-10 Real Estate: Texas - Community Property, Mortgage, Housing?:

I do not practice family law but I would urge you to make two telephone calls:    1. Divorce attorney and ask about divorcing an individual that has abandoned the marriage and you have no further contact

2015-11-08 Chicago - Best way from O'Hare:

My apologies for getting back to you so late I had a lot of questions coming in. The best way to get to Naperville is by cab. American Taxi I believe has a flat rate to go between Chicago and Naperville


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