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2014-07-19 Real Estate: California - We were told our offer was accepted but they continued to take offers.:

Hi Kim.    'Sorry for the delay. It's just after 8 in the morning in CA.  Deception should not be standard business practice regardless of the area you live in! I absolutely agree with your points!  It's

2014-06-29 Minneapolis - Prospect Park:

Hi Joan,    Thanks for all this information!   ll have a look at the houses you referred to.  I'm assuming you are referring to Roy Thorshov when you said "Thorshov" bought your empty lot -- YES?  If so

2014-06-24 Minneapolis - Prospect Park:

Hi Joan,    Thanks for your question.  Coincidentally, I was just in Prospect Park on Tuesday.  I was leading an architecture tour, and I brought the people on the tour into the Frank Lloyd Wright house

2014-06-06 Louisiana - New Orleans french quarter.:

First, will you have a car? Or plan to rent a car? Jean Lafitte swamp is very interesting and easy to get to . . . but without a car you need a tour.( Plantations

2014-05-21 Toronto - Is Toronto like New York?:

Hi again, David,    In Canada, we have the CRTC, the Canada Radio and Television Commission, which mandates that a certain percentage of our programming must be Canadian content (or frankly, everything


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