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2015-08-26 Canada - Government Information - Spouse visa:

Yes, you must fill our your application documents sign and date it and send it to your spouse, she will file it. It seems that you have not done any research yourself.    Please go on the CIC website and

2015-08-26 Canada - Government Information - Spouse visa:

First of all your wife may start the sponsorship application directly after your marriage.  She will return to Canada and apply from here.(CIC Mississauga)  You will have to wait until the application

2015-08-24 Canada - Government Information - PR application and Child birth:

Hello     In all cases if your family situation or address,changes during the application process, you must advise CIC.    Preferably by email but regular mail is possible.  Make sure it goes to the correct

2015-08-18 Canada - Government Information - Non-Resident Giving birth in Canada:

Hello MSM,    No problem here for you, there are no restrictions for you to do what you say.    It depends at which trimester that you travel, the airline may have some restrictions on that subject.  

2015-08-14 New York City for Visitors - Help!:

Hi Bud:    So for Broadway, check out this page.  It gives you loads of options and ideas for buying tickets to Broadway shows ... cheaper.


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