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2015-05-21 Canada - Government Information - child birth:

Hello Vicky,    I am not sure if you are speaking about a Permanent Resident (PR)visa or a Temporary "Work Permit" (WP). The solution is very simple really.    If your doctor allows you to travel and you

2015-05-04 Quebec - What happens when a:

Bonjour    No problem, a loty of people here in the province of Quebec speak English, especially people working in the public domain.  They could make mistakes :-)  but you wouldn't have any problems understanding

2015-04-27 Canada - Government Information - about Qualification of certificate and full-time job offer:

Hello,  There is a comprehensive ranking system associated with the Express entry system.    You can try on line to see if you are qualified and then you can see how your results relate to the requirements

2015-03-19 Canada - Government Information - giving birth in canada for temporary resident:

Hello Sarah,    There are no immigration impediments to giving birth in Canada, but you will want to ensure that you have proper medical care (doctor and hospital), and medical insurance coverage that

2015-03-09 New York City for Visitors - Transportation to/from Cooperstown:

You can take a bus from the port authority   bus terminal on 42nd street in NYC to   Cooperstown via Pine Hills  or Adrionack  Trailways.    You can also take a train to a Utica,   which is 40 miles away


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