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2015-06-20 Real Estate: California - agent question:

There are four potential answers to your question:    1. Contractually; you will need to look at the original agreement you have with the agent that provided the lease agreement.  If it is in writing,

2015-06-11 New York City for Visitors - subway travel:

The #1 goes directly to TriBeCa but it is a local which means that it makes more stops. Depending on where you get on, you could take the #2 or 3, which are express, and then change to the #1 to make faster

2015-06-11 New York City for Visitors - subway travel:

Hi Danielle,    What stop will you be getting on and what train will you be taking?    Best,    Jill

2015-06-05 Real Estate: California - basics of land purchase:

Thank you for your patience, Sonya.    You do indeed have a large planning project ahead of you. Your best ally is going to be a Realtor in the area you are searching to buy land. They will have the most

2015-06-04 Arkansas - Must do and see in Fayetteville, AR:

Here are a few ideas for you:    Crystal Bridges in Bentonville is an awesome   experience! In addition to the wonderful art,   the walking trails and dining are terrific.  Nearby, the Bentonville square


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